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1920 Bathroom

1920 Bathroom. Bathroom vanities are among the best and trendy ways for you to spice up the appearance of this part of the house. They are useful additions to your current bathroom décor. Bathroom vanities can also serves as efficient storage units or perhaps decorative pieces to impress your guests. A bathroom vanity is the cabinet that you see below a bathroom sink. The countertop offers its finishing touch. There are plenty of things that you should consider before even buying your own set of bathroom vanities. If you are planning to have one of these additions installed within the next few weeks, here are awesome bathroom vanity ideas to help you plan for this project.

Walnut colored vanities. Walnut stained alder wood or perhaps any other wood is a wonderful material that can be used for bathroom vanity. The color offers your bath a vintage 1920s appeal. Walnut cabinets also look wonderful when paired with glassy knobs that illuminate across the entire room.

‘Floor to ceiling’ cabinets. Extending your cabinet storage space from the ceiling down to bathroom floors is a nice twist for your bathroom vanity project. An extra storage space is perfect for couples and big families who want to minimize their clutter off countertops and in cabinets. The vanity becomes a freestanding hutch which allows you to store toilet paper, towels and other bathroom supplies.

Double vanities. Consider the addition of a double vanity for your next bathroom remodeling project. This is great for families and couples who have individuals who get ready together at the same time. Double vanities provide plenty of drawer and countertop space. There are double vanities that have two mirrors and a separation in between while others are made of one big framed in mirror. These double vanities also provide more counter space for other decorative items like potted flowers and plants.

Victorian style vanities. Non-traditional vanities are among the best ways for you to personalize your very own bath. A Victorian inspired vanity is something that would include rectangular sinks, marble countertops, and lots of square shaped drawers. A final addition to a Victorian inspired vanity is a nice curved-head faucet with some sparkling chrome cross handles. Victorian style vanities may be dark or light in color and usually go with light and dark colors for its countertops and drawers.

Large-framed mirror sets. Huge mirrors placed atop of your bathroom vanity can make the area look more spacious. Mirror frames can be designed according to your bathroom’s style and vanity style. A good addition to your large frame is an overhead lighting that can be easily installed. This will help create a soft glow that will keep you standing at your bathroom vanity for maybe hours.

Furniture style cabinets. Walnut-colored cabinets look fantastic with frosted glass doors. This type of cabinet works well in a bathroom that includes other furniture like chairs, couches and tables. Your vanity doesn’t have to be located in living spaces without looking out of place. These walnut furniture cabinets work well with wooden floors.

Freestanding cabinets & pedestal sinks. A pedestal sink is an awesome way for you to save space yet still gain quality style. There are small pedestal sinks that fit well with long rectangular mirrors. If the storage within the mirror isn’t enough, there are nicely designed freestanding bathroom furniture for your convenience.

These days – with a greater emphasis on personal grooming than there may have been in the past – we are spending increasing amounts of time in the bathroom. With this being the case, it makes good sense to have your bathroom be a comfortable, indeed engaging place to spend some time. Homeowners usually don’t need too much persuading that they should give some thought to decorating their bathroom, but the question that then arises is “how?” or “what bathroom decorating themes should I employ?” Below is a discussion of some of the more popular themes.

Modern (Contemporary) Bathroom Décor

Contemporary bathroom décor is best characterized by its clean lines and gleaming surfaces. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that this type of décor is more commonly found in your modern urban apartments. Stainless steel fixtures such as sinks, medicine chests, bathtubs, shower walls, faucets and spigots feature heavily in contemporary bathroom decor and are available in wide variety of shapes. Glass and ceramic fixtures will also tend to feature in the modern bathroom décor.Lighting also plays an important part in contemporary bathrooms with fixtures ranging from simple to funky and available in all colors, shapes and styles. A light dimmer can be useful to soften the light to achieve a particular mood or to brighten the light whilst applying makeup

Rustic (Country) Bathroom Décor

A country theme should be redolent of a slower pace and a relaxed atmosphere and country bathroom decors tend to be dominated by classic bathroom fixtures – with the clawfoot tub being one of the more notable examples.

Country decors in general tend to be dominated by wood, but with wood and water not mixing that well it’s best to stay away from wooden floors. However, wood can be worked in just about everywhere else. Wooden pegs and racks can be used to hang bathroom towels. Open storage cabinets – for toiletries and fragrances – look good when made of wood, and a wooden toilet seat will always look the number.

Vintage (Retro) Bathroom Décor

As with all bathroom decors, a vintage bathroom décor should fit in with the overall theme of the house. This can be one of the more difficult bathroom decors to successfully implement as finding vintage fixtures often means burrowing around salvage yards – and then there is also the question of whether they meet today’s building-code requirements.

There are however, some manufacturers who have bought back some vintage-style sinks, faucets, bathtubs and toilets whose designs were first introduced in the 1920’s. Porcelain tiles with a smooth finish are needed to finish this look.

Asian Bathroom Decors

Asian Bathroom Decors are a popular choice for anyone working within a confined space. They tend to be characterized by their simple elegance and combination of traditional bathroom design with distinctly Asiatic touches. Decoration tends to center around potted plants and the use of screens, with soft lighting also being employed.

Pursuing a bathroom decorating theme will ensure that your bathroom doesn’t turn into the poor cousin of all your house’s rooms and have it be a place that can draw favorable comment.

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