Sink Bathroom

Double sinks bathroom vanities can be fixed to suit many interior styles adding texture and grace for a complete bathroom look. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, styles, themes, designs, and materials to choose from. Some sinks can be even customized when buying from big retailers which will have a personal touch to match one’s tastes. Here are a few different double sink bathroom vanities.


For a rustic or countryside look, choose double sinks that are made from traditional makes like fire clay, cast iron or even granite for a homely feel. This can blend in with modern homes and is a nostalgic choice for adults. Larger bathrooms will be a perfect choice for this setting. With the right mirrors, cabinets and counter tops, one will surely feel far and free from the busy city life and can cherish the charming farmhouse styled double sink bathroom vanity.


This material has its own variations in terms of strength and quality. They are a durable choice for a rustic or Mediterranean type of bathroom setting. The popular belief that copper is malleable and a ductile is soon vanished when it is properly treated and molded into a bathroom sink which radiates beauty. Due to their anti-bacterial properties, copper sinks have been a common choice for bathroom sinks. They require very less maintenance and change color in the course of time due to their exposure to external changes.

Stainless Steel:

For a durable and stylish double sink bathroom vanity, stainless steel will capture the desired essence needed in a bathroom. For a contemporary or traditional look, stainless steel double sink can be a visual spectacle and a joy to clean in your house. From cutting edge approaches to olden time offerings, varieties of these sinks are available to choose from.


Usually used for Vintage styled bathrooms, a porcelain double sink bathroom vanity can be a treat for the sore eyes. A common pick due to its quality, good prices and never ending styles, porcelain is a classic choice for any bathroom fixture.


For a literally clean and sleek look, glass sinks can be fitted for any modern home. Glass vessel sinks are mostly found available due to its convenience and shape. Always choose a high-quality glass for the sink and make sure they are fitted on strong counter tops with cabinets below. Maintenance and cost will also not be an issue here.

There are many more choices to choose from, even the fitting of it can have a lot of experimenting like top mount sink, undermount, wall-mounted, pedestal, semi recessed, wash plane, etc. A good amount of research and information collection can help you find the right double sink for your bathroom.

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Prefab Guest House With Bathroom

Your bathroom may not extract direct attention of the guests, but it is visited nonetheless. It is necessary to keep your bathroom in fine fettle; as it also acts as your soothing room in most cases. If you opt for a renovation, you have to keep certain things in mind.

Details to consider

Primarily, you have to consider your budget and your family size. Assess the changes you can make and whether you can place certain luxuries within the budgetary layout. The emphasis is greater if there is only one bathroom in the house. Analyze whether you will like Jacuzzi or shower enclosures installed. You have to prefigure the details with the contractor as to the supposed time it will take and the base required. You may be supposed to remove the floor tiles, appendages and clean the sink and toilet. You can opt for prefab fibreglass installations for economic renovation. Also take the measurements of the bathroom and jot down the likeable points in the existing bathroom.

Other points to moot

Bathroom offers enough scope for decoration and you can project your creative skills. The areas to try them out are:

Cabinet – This holds the toiletries, towels, bathing accessories, bath salts and cleaners. You can resort to the traditional hardwood which offers a distinct look. Fibreglass or ceramics are other options, which are durable and more water-resistant but they lack the elegance of ebony.

Lighting – Generally, people go for dirt lights or diagonal mounts. You can opt for strategic lighting placed around the mirror for general illumination and clarity required for shaving et al. Keep the lighting effect minimal and don’t go for flash.

Textures –Tiles, linoleum or bamboo flooring can be opted. Keep the wall colours muted or nude (beige is an option). However, accentuate the colour beneath the chair rails for distinct contrast. You can also go for marble or stone which reacts better to grouting.

Countertops – If you can afford them, you can also beautify them. Although traditional outlook isn’t bad, people also opt for ceramic glaze or the abrupt placement of quartz or gypsum crystals on the countertop. The hooks and frills on the sides can be used to hold miscellaneous bath and toilet items.

Door swing – Remember that if it is a small bathroom, the space for door swing has to be calibrated. Stay away from revolving or inletting doors, as they will cover a quarter of bathroom space. Sliding doors are perhaps the best option for small bathrooms.

Pedestal sinks – For luxurious bathrooms, vanity sinks are among the better-off ideas. However, economic bathrooms gel best with pedestal sinks. They are a lot steeper and take less space but are equally effective. Choose them in accordance to your bathroom texture.

You can also envision the use of shower cubicles and use of frames. Overall, assess the structure and premise of your house and then plan whether you need the economy of cottage style or the grandeur of Art Nouveau. Go for bathroom renovation only when you have assured strategies.

Choice Bathrooms [] has 28 years of experience in bathroom renovation. It is Brisbane’s number one bathroom renovation company that provides high quality bathroom designs and remodeling services.

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Bathroom Accessories Target

As is true for so many things, cheap bathroom accessories cost you more over the long run. A good shower caddy or toilet tissue caddy should last you for decades, while cheap ones can only last you a few months. There are several reasons for this:

1. Rust

Rust is the big one. A Google search for “rusted bathroom accessories” yields 2.8 MILLION results. The total number of rested bathroom accessories sitting in the world’s landfills at this moment is incalculable.

Even worse, rust is absolutely preventable on all bathroom accessories. Chrome-plated steel could theoretically sit in a pool of salt water for a million years and still look shiny and new. It also doesn’t cost that much more than typical steel finishes, so there’s no excuse. A few dollars saved is worthless if your accessory will look rusted and ugly in under a year. However, chrome plating in a cheap product can also be vulnerable to rust. Chrome, of any quality, never rusts. However, a thin coat of chrome, poorly applied, can crack. Once it cracks, the steel underneath will begin rusting out.

Rust is water-soluble and gets anywhere. A crack in a shower caddy’s casing can lead to ugly, rust-colored drips that stain both skin and porcelain. A crack in a soap basket can lead to rust colouration on your soaps and skin. The smell of rust is also extremely unpleasant.

Because of this, even a small crack can mean throwing out a bathroom accessory. They usually have to be totally replaced, because of Reason #2.

2. They have no replaceable parts

Most things are cheap for a reason. Most often, the reason is that some parts, but not all, are extremely cheaply made. For example, a cheap hair dryer caddy might have a really nice-looking basket, but a poor wall mount. It doesn’t really matter how nice the basket is, because with bathroom accessories you can’t exactly swap in or out new parts.

If a bathroom accessory seems remarkably cheap, it’s likely that there is one piece that isn’t properly made. It could be a chrome seal that barely holds up. It could be a valve on a soap dispenser that’s prone to leak. It could be anything. Unless you work in industrial design, it probably isn’t something you’ll see. But it’s there. This cheap part will make you throw out the whole accessory. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

3. If plastic, they are often made of substandard plastic.

There are a lot of different types of plastic. The only person I’ve ever met who really understood the difference between all these types of plastic was a chemical engineer.

There are a lot of things to worry about with substandard plastics. They might warp. They might get discoloured. They might scratch easily. Soap or skin oil might corrode them. Fluorescent lights might degrade them. It’s a lot to keep track of.

Fortunately, companies that sell medium to high cost bathroom accessories have a reputation to maintain. Most companies won’t come out and say “non-corrosive processed type 6 plastic,” but they will know that, at their prices, customers expect all the details to be handled right.

As a result, it just isn’t worth it to buy bathroom accessories on the cheap. There are so many ways to cut corners, and all of them can lead to rusted, corroded, ugly broken products in the trash.

Better Living Products offers top-quality bathroom accessories in North America and provides bathroom organization solutions like soap and shampoo dispensers, stainless steel shower caddies, chrome toilet paper organizers, suction baskets & magnifying mirrors.

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Semi Truck With Bathroom

I was perusing an article about a huge walnut heist, where eighty-two thousand pounds of walnuts were lifted from two separate truckloads, and couldn’t believe thievery on this large of scale can still happen in these United States. I also couldn’t believe how many criminal squirrels there are out there. But in all seriousness, protecting your vehicle’s goods should be a number one priority. It creates a sense of comfort and security for you as a truck driver and your clients. If people feel their shipments will be protected they will be more inclined to continue doing business with you. There are plenty of proactive ways you can insure your shipment reaches its destination safely. We’ll start with the simple things you can do and move on to the bigger investments:

1.) Knowledge is Power – Know where you are going to be driving through, which stops are safer, and if there are any reported crimes in the area. With a little planning and research you can potentially stop a catastrophic event. Also, if you or your company has GPS tracking installed on trailer units, make sure to inform the authorities in the event your vehicle is apprehended.

2.) Pets – I understand this won’t work for all trucking companies and owner/operators, but it can be a great way to quickly let potential criminals know you don’t want to be messed with. There is a reason a home with a dog is less likely to be burglarized. The same goes for your truck. The downside is you’ll need to bring the appropriate supplies and be prepared to stop and allow for bathroom breaks. Also, make sure to keep the cabin at an appropriate temperature if you are leaving your pet for an extended period of time.

3.) Anti-Siphoning Devices and Locking Gas Caps – These are both relatively cheap ways to keep your most precious cargo (diesel) under lock and key. Locking gas caps will keep people from getting in that aren’t supposed to and anti-siphoning devices will stop anyone who has access to your tank from filching off a few gallons. Anti-siphoning devices are traditionally used on standing reserves to keep people from taking more than they are allotted. They can be easily applied to most tanks used on Class 8 trucks and can save you a lot of money if fuel theft is rampant in the areas you frequent.

4.) Concealed Weapons License – In 49 of the 50 United States, citizens can apply for a Concealed Weapons License, giving them permission to carry a firearm in public places, including the cab of their commercial vehicle with exceptions being for companies that prohibit their employee’s from carrying. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well for truckers who travel through more than one or two states. According to the federal laws, you must be certified in each state in which you are carrying a concealed firearm. So when you cross into a state where you are not certified, you gotta hid the blunderbuss.

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White Bathroom Vanity Home Depot

A really simple way to update your bathroom without doing a full remodel, and without spending a lot of money, is to replace your bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities can cost as little as $100 (depending on the size you need), up to a couple thousand depending on what your tastes and budget are. I am going to talk about several different options that are available for different budget levels to help you get the bathroom of your dreams.

RTA Bathroom Vanities or Pre-assembled vanities are a great way to get a fresh look for your bathroom without spending a lot of money to do so. Most of the building supply stores will carry their own line of pre-assembled bathroom vanities that you can take right out of the box and stick in your bathroom. While they are starting to add more design details into the vanity, these bathroom vanities traditionally are your basic cabinet with some detailing on the door that come in a wide range of door styles and finishes. There are also hundreds of companies that are selling RTA bathroom vanities on the web. These are usually a little bit better quality than what you will find in Home Depot or Lowes and they are usually less expensive, since they don’t have the huge overhead costs that the big stores have. The difference between the store bought vanities and the RTA vanities that you find on-line, is that you will have to assemble the RTA vanities yourself (which usually just requires a screwdriver). These are the same style cabinets that you will find in all newly built, mid-priced homes.

If you are looking for something a little bit more modern, one of the hottest remodeling trends is the Euro Vanity. The euro vanity is identifiable by the protruding sink bowl in the front, and downward curving doors. Most vanities are sold as a kit with the sink bowl included. These can also be found as pre-assembled units in the store, or as rta bathroom vanities on-line. While cabinet itself is usually not as deep as your traditional vanities, it still offers storage space below the sink. Most companies will offer 3 basic finishes- white, oak, and cherry, but you can occasionally find some unique finishes if you search hard enough. If you are going for a more modern look in the rest of your house, this is a great way to bring the same design features into your bathroom

Something that has become more popular in recent years with people trying to create a more custom look in their bathroom is what they call a bathroom furniture vanity. It is called a furniture vanity, because people were literally taking antique furniture and retro-fitting them to accommodate plumbing and a sink. Because of the demand for this type of vanity, manufacturers finally started creating vanities that look like antique pieces of furniture. You will find this type of vanity in a lot of the higher end homes that want to keep the custom look of the house flowing into the bathroom. The possibilities are endless when it comes to furniture vanities, and the prices can range from a couple hundred up to a couple thousand. This is a great look if you have the big budget required to have your bathroom look as nice as the vanity does!

Finally, for the ultra custom look is the artistic or decorative bathroom vanity. This type of vanity is a cross between a furniture vanity and a piece of art. They offer the style and detailing of furniture, with the artistic touches of a piece of art. For the homeowner that truly wants to make a statement with their bathroom design, or even make it a centerpiece of the house, the artistic bathroom vanity is the ultimate choice. However, this type of high design comes at a price… with most vanities starting at $1,000 and going up from there, this is no small investment. The really nice thing about the handful of companies that are selling them, is that they come as a complete kit with the vanity top, sink bowl, and matching mirror included. There are not a lot of manufacturers out there, so if you are looking for a decorative bathroom vanity, be prepared to surf the web.

Regardless of whether you are updating a powder room, or designing the bathroom for a multi-million dollar home, there are a wide range of options and price levels to meet your budget. Take the time to really shop around, both in the stores and on the web, and you will find exactly what you are looking for at a price you can afford.

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Bathroom Vanities Miami

The key to buying furniture for modern homes is quite simple – make it utilitarian, minimalistic, and space-saving. A few elegant artistic lines are an added bonus.

Bathroom vanities are no exception. You get them in all different sizes and different kinds, but you have to pick the one that’s just right. Currently, modern bathroom vanities usually have the following features:

1. Minimalistic. The age of huge, chunky ornaments and carving is over. People want to live simple lives rather than revel in their own opulence, and the most expensive of things today are often the simplest and most delicate. Go for simple one-color or bordered finishes, clean and simple lines.

2. Transparent. Glass is “in” in a big way. Your vanity could have a glass paneled door, or even a glass sink. For aesthetic purposes, tinted or stained glass works better than transparent in your sink.

3. Small. Modern homes are usually small. If you are lucky or rich enough to have a huge bathroom, make sure to utilize that space rather than clutter it with the largest possible furniture items. If you have a small bathroom, make sure that it’s friendly for emergency access. Wall-mounted vanities let you access a lot of floor space, while serving as storage units as well.

4. Vessel sinks. Vessel sinks are mounted on top of the vanity rather than embedded into it. While glass vessel sinks can look stunningly contemporary, stone vessel sinks in a variety of finishes – marble, malachite, granite etc – can serve as a pleasing vintage-y contrast to your ultra-modern bathroom.

5. Adventurous faucets. Faucets are no longer those stainless steel eyesores that have knobs to grasp and twist. Today, faucets come in stainless steel, bronze, chrome, nickel and even black finishes. Beautifully crafted in thousands of designs, they let you choose from knobs to levers to automatic infrared detection. They may be wall mounted as well as attached to your vanity. I hope you won’t take ugly faucets for granted any more after reading this.

6. Storage space. Modern homes need storage space. A classy bathroom vanity can let you store your towels and bathrobes as well as cosmetics without looking ugly. If you can afford it – which shouldn’t be tough from a factory price discounted store – this gives you more reason to buy that double vanity you know you need.

Everything I’ve said here is a mere guideline, not to be taken as gospel. The Internet is full of vanities that you can see for yourself. If you measure your bathroom, you will easily be able to tell what size of vanity you’re looking for. If you still can’t, ask someone experienced to estimate the size for you.

At the end of the day, pick the bathroom vanity that suits your idea of style and utility, within a reasonable budget. Being modern is all about choosing for yourself, and that’s all that you need to be doing.

The Turnberry Ocean Colony Condo Sunny Isles are the affluent type of real estate that is becoming popular in Miami. The condominium homes as well as the building they are situated in offer the luxurious amenities that people still seem to be wary of embracing at the moment.

Since 2010, people have been showing an interest in Miami real estate, and this building has been deeply involved in this trend. Proof that interest in these condominium homes is growing is the fact that the price per square foot is rising. Real estate in this country appears to be suggesting that the market has bottomed out, but not that prices are going up. The real estate in Miami has been ahead of other areas in the country and is even passing these other cities by with rising home prices.

A testament to the fact that the real estate market is recovering in this area is the fact that real estate agents in the area have been working very hard since 2011. During this time, some people have happily complained that they were unable to take time off for a summer vacation due to the full schedule they had of showing and selling properties. Several properties are following the trend with the Turnberry because so many have increased their prices over the past year.

As with any recession, people become very wary of how they are spending their money. Even when it appears that the country is recovering, they are still cautious before they begin to spend their money again. Although the Miami area is suffering from this phenomenon less than in other areas, it still is having an affect on people’s thinking. They are interested in purchasing the gloriously opulent real estate that is present at the Turnberry, but they are not all rushing to go along with the new trend.

This year, it appears that it will be easier for people to begin to step into the luxury real estate market again. The Turnberry is even continuing to see its price per square foot increase; currently, units are selling for the sensational price of more than $850 per square foot.

What makes this particular building so impressive is the fact that people have so many exceptional services to boast about when they reside here. The building has been created to appear to be suggestive of the old West Indies. Along with a fitness center that also contains a spa, residents have access to the best trainers and Al Fresco massage and exercise.

Residents have the option of relaxing in the swimming pool. When they get hungry, they do not have to travel very far to satisfy their hunger and their thirst. The swimming pool has a café with plenty of food and beverages for hungry and thirsty residents. If they have the need to see a hair stylist, they do not have to leave the building for this activity either. This building has a hair salon right on the premises.

People would expect the kitchens to be highly modern. These kitchens have cabinets made from imported cherry wood, countertops made from granite and an island to aid in cooking. All of the kitchen’s appliances are from the brand Miele with a refrigerator by Sub-Zero. They also have a temperature-controlled area for cooling wine and a cook top with pot filler.

The bathrooms are also spectacular versions of architectural design with marble within by Fior D Pesco. The cherry wood theme is continued into the bathrooms because every one has vanities made of cherry wood, like the cabinets in the kitchens. The bathrooms also recreate a spa experience with Jacuzzis within and steam showers. The bathrooms have a toilet as well as a bidet, both by the brand Kohler San Rafael along with a full length mirror for observing all angles from all sides.

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Large Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Just because most bathroom vanity mirrors tend to be rectangular and simplistic, doesn’t mean that you can’t bump up the look of your bathroom with a simple, decorative bathroom vanity mirror. When it comes to bathroom mirrors, you can either be simplistic or awe-inspiring-the choice is yours. By visiting your local hardware store to look at mirrored medicine cabinets and decorative-edged mirrors, you will see that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the look you are wanting to obtain in your own bathroom.

A trip to the discount store or hardware store will quickly give you ideas as to how to utilize a mirrored area above your sink and bathroom cabinets to accentuate any design and décor you already have in place in your washroom. You’ll want to make sure that any bathroom vanity mirror that you invest in matches the look and feel you have in your bathroom already. You wouldn’t want to put a clean-lined, modern mirror above a decorative, Victorian-style sink and cabinet, just as you wouldn’t want to put an intricately framed mirror above a contemporary-styled sink and faucet set. Make sure the look you are going for matches your existing décor and design.

In addition to bathroom vanity mirrors placed above your sink and cabinets, you can also go for a floor length mirror that stands up perhaps in a corner, and gives your guests the ability to dress in your washroom as well, or you could even go for a large wall mirror elsewhere in the bathroom to create the illusion of more space and luxury.

No matter what your goal is in your home, you’ll always want it to look beautiful for not only you and your family but for guests that are visiting your house. A beautiful bathroom area can set the pace for anyone’s day, and by giving your guests and your family a feeling of luxury in the bathroom in the morning, you are setting them up for having a wonderful, relaxing day. A simple way to achieve this feeling and look for your home is by adding a luxurious bathroom vanity mirror in your washroom for all to enjoy!

If you are working on remodeling your bathroom, the mirror might not be the first decorative item on your list of things to buy. However, simply changing out the mirror can have a fabulous effect on the look of your entire bathroom. In fact, the mirror above your sink is one of the strongest items that you can buy for the bathroom. This is because the vanity mirror is the very first thing most people look at when they enter a bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors are an easy way to add personality and style to your bathroom design in a simple step. Before you decided on a new piece for the room, make sure you know what style you are trying to achieve. For a contemporary look, square mirrors are great. Not only do they fit they style, but they work particularly well over a vanity. For a men’s bathroom, leather mirrors would be quite nice, for example.

For your overall design to work perfectly; the style of the mirrors, vanity, and lighting should all complement one another, but necessarily match exactly. Mirrors are very versatile, so you are sure to find something that will fit into your design nicely. Traditional mirrors are timeless and come in dark woods and hand carvings. These are usually available in oval or rectangular shapes. Contemporary mirrors are generally defined as sleek and trim with a touch of modern simplicity. These styles often have clean lines and are casual with dramatic stains or light-woods. They can be found with a round or square shape and are sometimes frameless that protrude from the outer ends of the vanity.

If you have a large bathroom to work with, then there are many additional types of mirrors you might consider. You can look into larger models, and you can also add multiple mirrors, like transitionals or even a nice full length style.

A very important factor when choosing the perfect bathroom vanity mirror is the size of your vanity. Your bathroom vanity size will ultimately establish the size. For a traditional look, the mirror should not protrude beyond the exterior edge of the vanity. If you have a double sink vanity and wish to have a contemporary theme, an unframed large single style that protrudes from the exterior edge of the vanity will keep things clean-lined. For a conventional appearance, you may incorporate two single oval mirrors installed over each bowl. To add personality, think about selecting two different mirrors to install over the individual bowls-this is a fantastic way to communicate your individuality based on which side of the vanity you utilize. If you choose to go with different mirrors, try to have them coordinate in color and theme as much as possible.

Before you start shopping for your new bath mirrors, you should first carefully measure the space. The width of the sink and counter also should be considered in your measurements. You should then measure the space between the top of the sink that touches the wall and the bottom end of the lighting on the wall.

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Bathroom Marble

Most any kitchen or bathroom floor can be made more elegant and beautiful by using marble tile. While fashions and fads may come and in for home flooring, marble tile is a classic, and it can increase the beauty and value of any home. Available in a range of subtle earth tones, marble is appropriate for both formal and casual flooring in a bathroom or kitchen. In fact, nearly any space in your home can be made more elegant and dramatic by using marble tile.

These days there are dozens of different marble tile materials, including a full range of customized patterns, and natural colors ranging from soft yellow to warm beige. With so many different choices, it is important to shop around and decide on the exact style, color and material for your kitchen and bathroom. Of course, marble tile can be a major investment, so choosing a design is not something to take lightly. After all, once it is installed, you will have to live with your choice of tile for many years.

It is also important to remember that marble is a natural material, taken directly from the earth, so there will always be a certain level of variation in the veins and color of the tiles. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. But because of marble’s natural variance, it is important to inspect the tiles themselves, and not simply order your marble tile based on a picture.

Different marble looks will be appropriate for different rooms in your home. Countertops, for example, normally require a smoother marble tile with heavier surface glazing to resist stains. On the other hand, kitchen floor marble will need to be stronger, with thicker tiles to withstand the natural wear and tear of shoes, boots and high-heels over the years. For a bathroom floor, a smaller size marble tile will often give the room a “cute” and casual appearance, though smaller marble tile can be more time-consuming to maintain.

Size is one of the most important considerations when choosing kitchen and bathroom marble tile. As a rule of thumb, a kitchen or hallway should use larger marble tile squares, while the bathroom will often look more elegant and spacious using smaller tiles. It’s also important to remember that larger marble tile squares will tend to give any room a more formal appearance. If you’re planning a more casual design for a particular room, smaller tiles are usually a better choice.

But whether you choose large or small tiles, a formal or more casual design, your kitchen and bathroom marble tile will need regular maintenance in order to maintain their classic, elegant appearance. Even the most beautiful and expensive marble tile will begin looking a little dirty around the edges without regular maintenance.

To keep your marble tile clean and in showroom condition, normally all that is required is warm water. Store-bought cleaners or other chemicals are not necessary, and these can actually damage the natural grainy surface of marble tile and are not recommended.

When properly maintained, kitchen and bathroom marble tile will add an elegant glow to your home, and provide you with trouble-free flooring that you’ll be proud of for years to

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Bathroom Sink Aerator

I didn’t think I would need divine intervention to replace a bathroom sink faucet. Instructions found on the internet suggested that even someone with less than average intelligence could do the job in 30 minutes. With my plumbing expertise I did the job in five hours; with some help from God.

Reading the instructions and the first item on the list, I was advised to cut the water off at the shut-off valves under the sink. Tackling the cold water valve first, I tried as hard as I could to twist it with my hand. That didn’t work, so I used my channel lock pliers on the handle.

Squeezing the pliers hard, I put a lot of muscle into the twisting of the handle on the cold water valve and crushed it into mangled mess that fell to the floor of the cabinet. Water spurted out of the stem, drenching me in a cold shower!

Dashing outside to the meter, I quickly shut off the water to the house. Back in the bathroom and the mangled shut-off valve, I tried the hot water and there were no leaks. I would only have to buy one and I could get the project underway again.

The super indoor lumber yard and hardware store was five miles away. After finding the items I needed I drove back home and replaced the shut-off valve. Now I could finally take off the old sink faucet and exchange it for the new one.

Taking the old faucet off the lavatory wasn’t really difficult and I had it off in 30 minutes. I also had skinned knuckles because the wrench I was using slipped off the brass fittings twice, causing me to accidentally rake my hands on the rough underside of the sink.

Now, only three hours after I began this task, it was time to replace the old bathroom sink faucet with the new one that was still in the plastic bag.

The next steps were easy. Tearing something apart is usually a lot easier than putting it back together again. This was the case with the new faucet. For some reason the ‘P’ Trap fell apart when I disconnected it from the drain pipe in the sink.

Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, because I couldn’t put it back together. Finally it made a lot more sense to run back to the hardware store again and buy a new ‘P’ Trap. When I got back home and installed the fixture, everything worked perfectly.

After installing the new faucet and connecting the water supply lines to the sink faucet, I removed the aerator as advised by the now water soaked set of instructions. Turning on the water from the road, I heard a hissing noise before I got to the bathroom.

This time I turned off the water at the sink. Instead of a drip, there had been a flood coming from the faucet itself, a place where it was impossible to leak. Since it wasn’t dripping with the water off, I gave up and went to bed, soaked and tired from the day’s effort.

Being the praying man I am, before I went to sleep I asked God to fix the leaky faucet for me while I slept. If he didn’t want to do that, He could at least send me someone who was smarter than I to show me what to do.

The next morning when I turned the water on in the sink, water blasted from the top of the sink again. My wife heard the commotion and walked into the bathroom. After turning the water off, she held out her hand and showed me the aerator I had taking off the faucet saying sweetly, “I don’t know for sure, but this might help.”

Mumbling that no one told me to put the attachment back on, I crawled out from under the sink, screwed it onto the faucet. No leak!

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Le Bain Bathroom Accessories

No one wants a small bathroom. Those with large bathrooms indulge in them, and those with small bathrooms, bang their elbows, curse excessively, and dream of fat tubs with lots of bubbles and ample floor space. Though we might dream of big bathrooms, the truth of the matter is that sometimes we just can’t afford a john the size of our bedroom, especially if you’re renting an apartment. After all, beggers can’t be choosers, and if we have to choose between feeding our families and expanding our bathrooms, the pitiful eyes at the supper table will always win out. So how does a person make the most of his teeny, tiny bathroom while avoiding bruised appendages and filthy slang?

First of all, consider how to get rid of the clutter or to hide it in the bathrooms. Some not so clever bathroom designers at one time thought they could maximize a small bathroom’s usage by including a closet near the bathroom for extra space. Unfortunately, many individuals find these to be adequate storage but poor in their placement as they have to walk out of the bathroom to get whatever makeup, hair gel, or shaver they might need.

To maximize your space, consider some of the great space savers that exist today. At the top of the list is the medicine cabinet. This isn’t a new idea, but it works great to keep unwanted clutter off the sink. Try to find a recessed one. This will give you even more space and lessen the chances of you nailing your shoulder on it and knocking it off the wall every time you turn around. A medicine cabinet has the potential to literally wipe your vanity clean of the makeup, combs, brushes, and other accessories that we deem necessary for daily survival.

Above the toilet storage units can save you a real headache as well. If you’ve got the wall space, look for the cabinets with long legs that straddle the toilet and hold up either shelves, cabinets, or both. Again, these little devices have the potential to make your bathroom clutter free.

If little hands and feet also use your bathroom and like to clutter it up with their floating boats and rubber duckies, purchase a small plastic bin for each child’s clutter. Then make sure that the clutter goes with the child and does not stay in the bathroom. You can put their shampoo, conditioner, and toys in it to keep their goodies out of the bathroom when they are not using them.

Small bathrooms are a reality, and we shouldn’t make them the Bain of our existence. Instead, we just need to reevaluate how we can best utilize the space and count our blessings in the process. After all, the less bathroom you have, the less bathroom you must clean.

A beautiful room is a well-organized room. It doesn’t matter how fabulous your design is if it’s trashed with kids’ toys, piled with papers and magazines, lost under laundry, or drowning in knick-knacks. A room must function for the way you ACTUALLY live, not for some fantasy life you think will be delivered with your new furniture, and for that to happen, the organization needs to be built in from the start.

  • If you have kids, you have stuff, and that’s ok. What’s important is that the things they have are things they USE, and that storage space is provided to accommodate them. Unless the room you’re working on is a play room, don’t try to house everything they own in one space. Rotate the toys throughout the house, and they will aways feel like they have new things to play with – giving you more mileage per item (and per dollar)! Plan some toy storage into each room, the size of which will dictate how many can be kept in a given space.
  • If papers are your demon, the best answer is to learn to handle them more efficiently: Mail and documents should be dealt with the first time you touch them. File, sign, review, shred, recycle, or pay them immediately, and you’ll never have to scramble to find them at the last minute (or worse, when they’re already late).
  • Collectors of magazines, catalogs, and newspapers, you have a little soul-searching to do:

1. Why are you hanging on to these items? Good articles? Inspiration? Things to purchase? Keep in mind that much of the information in these sources expires… that’s why they’re called periodicals.

2. When is the last time you referred back to an old issue? When you tried to refer back, were you able to find the article / recipe / ad / information you were seeking? How are you keeping track of what’s in each issue? Do you really need to keep the ENTIRE issue, or would it be more efficient to clip the items you wished to save and store them separately?

I suggest you really think about each of those questions. If you’re keeping periodicals for reference, you MUST have a system for accessing that information, because if you can’t find it, you may as well not have it! Next, assess the storage space you have available. How many issues can you reasonably store? Set a limit, and when it is reached, begin clearing from the back end, and show no mercy!

I walk my clients through this process in far greater detail (and with a lot more hand-holding), but this is the exact process for paring down – in plain English:

1.Take a look at what you own. 
2.Take a look at your available storage. 
3.Take a look at what you actually wear. 
4.Get a box and start donating, until what you own is equal to or (preferably) less than your available storage. 
5.Reorganize your storage space such that putting away your clothing on laundry day is a snap!

  • Knick-knacks. Memorabilia. Tchatchkis. Collections. Call them what you will, when they get out of control, all you have is clutter.

On the one hand, these are the personal touches that can bring a room to life, and fill it with the personality of the inhabitants. On the other, there is a right and a wrong way to use them.

I often enter homes to find surfaces covered with family photos in mismatched frames, or tiny memorabilia pieces picked up on travels, or just general STUFF with no rhyme or reason whatsoever, except that the owner didn’t know what else to do with it! Accessories are an important layer of a well-designed room. They should enhance its character and inspire curiosity or conversation. That’s a challenge when you can’t see the forest for the trees!

To solve this problem, remember the rule of 3’s and 5’s. You want to cluster object together in odd numbers, usually 3 or 5, on an individual surface. They should somehow relate to the design of the the room, and they should be of varying sizes, so each can be seen easily. If you have a group of like-sized items, raise some up by standing them on books or boxes, making them taller than their neighbors. (This is also a great way to sneak in a couple extra items without creating more clutter!) Also, try to group like items together to give your collections more power and impact.

At, beautiful accessories are included with every design, as well as instructions on how best to display them – no guesswork, and NO clutter!

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