Bathroom Stores

If you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, you will likely be making several trips to the local bathroom store. One usually stocks most everything that you will need for your bathroom remodel or construction, from flooring to fixtures and more. Let’s look at what you might consider purchasing at this specialty store in your local neighborhood or online at a bathroom supplies specialty shop.

Bathroom Flooring

The floor that you choose for your bathroom must be sturdy, durable, and above all, resistant to moisture. You might also be concerned with slips and falls in the bathroom, which makes buying your bathroom flooring from specialty bathroom retailers a good idea; store staff can always help you choose the safest flooring option. Most of these specialty bathroom retailers offer a wide selection of the most sought after bathroom flooring options, including tile, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, and others.


You can never have enough storage in your home, including the bathroom. Beautiful bathroom cabinets are an investment in your home – and will more than pay for themselves if you ever put your home on the market. At bathroom retail outlets, you can find a variety of cabinets for the bathroom, including bathroom vanity cabinets – in all different species of solid wood or in pressed wood for those shoppers on a budget. Most bathroom retailers also offer installation of bathroom cabinetry or can recommend a good cabinet installer that they have worked with before.

Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets

The tub, sink and toilet that you install in your bathroom are not just necessities, but can be beautiful focal points in themselves. Choosing the best quality tub, sink and toilet that you can afford is optimal. Your local bathroom store will carry these items in the latest decorator finishes, styles, colors and sizes.

Faucets and Showerheads

The fixtures that you choose to outfit your shower, tub, and sink with are important, and in a busy bathroom, it really pays to install well-built and solidly crafted fixtures like faucets, tub spouts and showerheads that will stand up to the test of time. Your local bathroom store will likely stock a big selection of faucets and other fixtures for the bathroom from quality name brand manufacturers that have gained a following and the respect of the plumbing industry. In general, a good faucet or other fixture from a reputable manufacturer should last a decade or longer – which makes going for higher quality products a great idea.

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Bathroom Mirrors Lowes

In the age of penny pinching and bargain hunting, who said one has to sacrifice quality when searching for great products at half the price? Sprucing up the home with stylish décor can be done successfully on a budget with great Internet finds. Even the average bathroom can take on a rejuvenated look with an illuminated bathroom mirror.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are not just for those who have professions that involve careful attention to facial detail anymore. The average person can get good practical use out of their illuminated bathroom mirrors for when getting ready for work and school each day. These attractive bathroom fixtures are available for as low as 50 pounds on some websites. A careful web search will yield a variety of low priced lighted mirrors to enhance bathroom space.

Bathroom mirrors are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes for consumers to choose from. The Low Energy Mirror Fog Free Zone 2 can be purchased online on a discount website. The price is right and the mirror comes with great perks, including optimum lighting and an anti-fogging mechanism.

The low energy feature conserves power adds to the cost effectiveness of this bathroom mirror. In addition, the mirror doesn’t get all fogged up if it is turned on before the bathroom fills up with steam. The cool touch light fixtures are especially beneficial to families with small children to protect against accidental burns.

The Low Energy Mirror can be used in Zones 2 and 3 when installing it in the bathroom space. This designer reflective mirror can be easily shipped and installed when purchased from a number of online retailers. Personal grooming can take on a new face when using these for bathroom decor.

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Chevron Bathroom

When you’re ready to update your home’s interior design with luxurious new flooring, it is important to make an informed, stylish and timeless decision. The modern homeowner is wise to invest in flooring trends that will stand the test of time. Today’s latest, lasting trend in flooring involves creating unique and stylish patterns using vinyl composition tile. Vinyl composition tile or VCT comes in a variety of colors and hues and can be placed into patterns, evoking a variety of design trends from modern to timeless. And, VCT’s makeup makes it the ideal choice for impressive charm that’s as durable as it is stylish. This huge trend in flooring is incredibly versatile and is making its way into every style home. It can be a fun, inexpensive and easy way to incorporate character and unique variety into any residential space.

With help from a professional flooring expert, you can create patterns such as chevron, checkerboard or diamond for the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen. Local flooring specialists have helped to make this trend come to life in many area homes and have put together a rundown of what makes it so popular as well as some of its amazing benefits.

Vinyl composition tile makes a wise investment for the overall value of your home. As patterned layouts became more popular, so has the idea of creating something custom. Just the word “custom” already makes your home sound expensive. When you see a well thought-out custom flooring layout, it is clear that someone has put thought into conceptualizing the design. And, if you don’t have the eye for design, a design expert can help you choose and crate a VCT pattern that will not only look great, but actually enhance the overall look of the room.

With patterned VCT you also get durability in tandem with style; it’s really the best of both worlds. VCT can stand up to a high amount of foot traffic and heavy use while still projecting style and elegance.

There sure is a lot going on when it comes to layout and patterns right now. From, chevron to plank to checkerboard; people are getting ultra creative when it comes to the layout of their floor. While you’ll still see plenty of traditionally laid floors, many newer, updated and trendier homes will showcase patterned floors, often with custom patterns. And, no matter what color or brand of flooring matches your unique home, a pattern can still be created to fit right in with your décor.

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Beach Themed Bathroom Rugs

If you are someone who loves the outdoors and has a particular fondness of the ocean, then you will love these suggestions for creating a beach bathroom. These fun and simple tips will help you to bring the beauty of the ocean and a day at the beach into your very own bathroom. This is not only a great option for people who want to enjoy their favorite location all throughout the year, but it’s also a great theme that can be appreciated by adults and children alike.

The first factor that you might want to consider in creating your bathroom is what your color scheme will be. Think about if you want to have a bright, sunny day at the beach filled with fun and colors, or if you want to have a more peaceful and subdued beach theme instead with matte and pastel colors. Consider options such as sand tones, blues, sea greens, or even whites and reds. Your beach decor for your bathroom can be almost anything you want it to be. If you don’t already have an ideal soft blue tone for your walls, or if you would like to incorporate colors onto your walls, you may want to consider painting.

Many people like to create their beach theme by painting the walls to have a sky theme. There are many tutorials that you can find for creating a blue sky with clouds or even seagulls in the background. Purchase seashore themed bathroom sets that include options such as seashell shaped soap holders or dispensers, rug sets with beach images on them. If you like to have flowers or other decorative options in your bathroom, you may want to consider investing in clear vases that will allow you to put in decorative colored pebbles or shells into the vase for display.

A great addition to any beach bathroom is a shower curtain that offers an ocean or sailing theme. You can almost always find these locally at an interior decorating store, but if not, you may also want to search online. In addition, you may also discover that taking a visit to your local home improvement or interior decorating store can be ideal for helping you to brainstorm on different features and designs that you would like to incorporate into your bathroom. Consider fun beach stencils for painting designs onto your walls or even explore the options of investing in small pebble counters to further bring in elements of the sea.

In addition to these brilliant ideas, there is another aspect of your new beach bathroom to work around. In most bathrooms, the bathroom vanity is the main focal point of the whole room. Whether your style be mainly traditional or modern (with your beach inspired theme) there are vanity options out there you can choose if you decide to do a complete remodel. A light colored vanity with an airy feel can be just the right touch to any major beach bathroom remodel.

Another factor that you may want to consider is how well your theme is suitable for different ages. If you are focusing on making a beach bathroom for adults, you can aim to make your bathroom elegant while incorporating the beauty of the ocean. However, if you are aiming to make a beach themed bathroom for children, you may want to also consider decorating with more whimsical designs and discovering options such as bath towels with fun fish, or bright colored paintings in the room. As long as you are imaginative and coordinate your bathroom theme carefully, you are certain to create a beach theme that anyone can enjoy.

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Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Shower curtains are a good addition to any bathroom. They do not only provide added aesthetics to the overall outlook of your bathroom, but also provide increased privacy to your space. Added to that is the fact that they are easy to install, and have many design choices. However, they could also prove to be an eyesore if you fail to maintain their cleanliness for a while. Soap suds and mildew can easily build up, making the curtains look unpleasant and your entire bathroom revolting. Extremely dirty shower curtains may be enough to make you decide to throw them away, or perhaps to hire the services of cleaning companies, but do you know that there are simple ways to clean these home essentials without seeking the help of hourly maids’ services? Below are some shower curtain cleaning hacks that may prove to be useful for you.

Use the Washer

Shower curtains can come in various types of materials. If yours are made of durable fabric, then they can be cleaned using the washer. Put the right amount of detergent and bleach (if the curtains are white), but just remember not to use any harsh bleach cleaners. It is also best to follow care instructions recommended by the manufacturer if there are any. If curtains are made of plastic or have a plastic lining, evaluate first if it would be safe to put them in the washer. Curtains made of thin plastic materials may not stand the hard spins of the washer and may just get damaged.

Wipe with a Cleaning Solution

Curtains made of vinyl or plastic may be cleaned by wiping with a cleaning solution meant specifically for removing mildews and scum on shower curtains. If you have no idea which product is the best option, feel free to ask your local cleaning services company if they have some recommendations. Scrubbing gently with soap and water may also help.

Make Your Own Homemade Curtain Cleaner

Commercial cleaners even for shower curtains can have harsh ingredients, which may eventually have a toll not only on your curtains but also on your family’s health. To avoid any adverse effects, you can try using natural cleaning solutions that work. One of the most popular is the combination of vinegar and baking soda. Simply add these ingredients to the washer before the spin cycle starts and you will likely get a cleaner, and well-disinfected shower curtain afterwards.

To prevent heavy buildup of soap scum and grime, be proactive in regularly cleaning your shower curtains. The more you prevent heavy buildup, the easier it will be for you to clean the curtains every time.

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How To Clean Bathroom Tile

If you are like me you have spent many hours and hundreds of dollars on cleaning products that all claim to clean your bathroom tile like it was brand new only to be disappointed about the outcome. I have struggled over the years to come up with a good way to keep our bathroom tile grout clean and we found there was one main ingredient that absolutely does the trick. Want to know what it is? It’s that age old cleaner called BLEACH!

My home was built in 1978 and we moved in about ten years and I would say the home was in pretty good shape. The bathroom tile was not new but it appeared to be fairly clean so I was happy that I had a ‘clean slate’ to begin with. Over the the years I did my best to maintain the tile and grout but eventually the grout started to become discolored and eventually the mildew stains showed up to my dismay. I used many different products including Comet, Tilex, CLR and a few others but nothing really worked for me until I decided to go hog wild and use plain old bleach. That is when things changed.

One day, sick of seeing the gross mildew stains, I decided to get a spray bottle and use plain old Chlorox Bleach to see what happens. I opened the windows, sprayed the bleach on the tiles and grout, closed the door and let the bleach do it’s thing. About 5-minutes later I walked in and almost fell to the floor when I saw how amazing my bathroom tile and grout looked. I washed all of the bleach off with water and I have to say that the entire tub area was sparkling clean and that was with absolutely no scrubbing! The bleach had whitened the grout lines like they were brand new and I couldn’t believe that a very simple bleach application could have saved me years of grief. I couldn’t be happier!

Now when it comes to bleach you have to be very careful, especially in the bathroom as it’s a very small area and the fumes can be horrible. Make sure you use a mask and rubber gloves and don’t go crazy spraying bleach everywhere as it will definitely do harm to clothing or other materials that may be near the tub. I would recommend gently spraying a little at a time and letting the bleach to the work. You may need a grout brush to help out with those tough areas but the brush is very inexpensive and can be found at most home improvement centers in the tile aisle. I would recommend leaving it on for a few minutes and then carefully washing off with water. You will be amazed at the results.

So next time you want to spend $5-10 on that bottle of cleaner that guarantees it will make your bathroom sparkle like new, resist the urge and pick up a bottle of bleach for $2.00 instead. Your tub will be bright, clean and you will have the biggest smile on your face too!

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Bathroom Shower Designs

When choosing a bathroom shower design, factors to consider are style, technical features, finish and even where to position it.

Once conceived as a pure utility item, the modern shower designs have a special use in itself. Early morning use of the bathroom is a frantic affair and everybody is in a hurry. So things must be perfect to avoid wastage of time and a shower is perfect for it.

Definition of a shower

A shower is a device for washing, typically consisting of an enclosed area and an overhead nozzle.

Modern Designs

The various designs for showers available are :

o Modern 
o Elegant with Asian influence 
o Innovative Modern 
o English Country 
o Southwestern 
o Modern Loft 
o Neutral 
o Euro Panel

Commercial Shower

Commercial products cover a wide range of installation and specifications. Ranging from group control mixing valves to thermostatic showers and push button taps and electronic non touch taps, today’s shower designs are available in a variety.

No two installations are similar, though the common factor between them is safety, hygiene, reliability and economy.

Brand Names

o Barber Wilson 
o Danze Shower Valves 
o Lefroy Brooks 
o Boffi 
o Brizo

Choice of Showers

In a small bathroom, a fixed overhead shower is usually incorporated. A hand held shower or an adjustable one is also discreetly used. One should keep in mind the size of his bathroom to choose the appropriate shower design for himself. Today, many varieties are available in the market to choose from.

The various designs of shower should also be selected in a way so as to reflect the personality of the one using the shower and also compliment not only the bathroom designs and fixtures, but also the décor of the rest of the house.

Stylish showers create a whole new look to the existing bathroom. Children who create a fuss over taking a bath can be lured into the bathroom with exciting and attractive designs of showers with buttons and knobs that can interest them.

Similarly, when guests are over at one’s place, even the bathroom attracts them and makes them praise our design and décor.

Square showers, mixers, and even showers with water temperature control and music are also available today.

But whatever be the choice of the bathroom shower design, one must always keep in mind the budget and the kind of use that the shower will be exposed to. Choosing the perfect bathroom shower design is essential and gives a new look to the bathroom.

Suppose you just moved into a new home. It is the home of your dreams with one exception; the bathroom. It is time to start looking at bathroom shower designs so you begin a renovation to make it the bathroom of your dreams. There are lots of design ideas that are inexpensive and take very little time to implement such as curtains, rods, knobs, shower heads, a shower handle, fans and lighting. Although these things are relatively easy to repair, they make a big difference in both the appearance and functionality of the room.

When you begin planning your renovation, think about the size of your bathroom. Is there enough space available to install free-standing shower stalls or will you have to use enclosures to achieve your goal? Many older homes were designed with very small bathrooms. In order to install a shower you must use enclosures or at the least shower curtains. You should also think about the structure of the room. If there is room for free-standing stalls, is the structure of the room sound enough to accommodate the weight of the stalls? Some stalls can be very heavy and this could create problems when attaching it to an existing wall.

Floor and wall tiles are also great bathroom shower designs. Choosing contrasting wall and floor tiles will draw attention to the shower area. Remember to use unglazed tiles on the floor to prevent slipping hazards when the floor gets wet. Tile is one of the most popular choices for bathrooms because they are less likely to carry bacteria and if one tile gets damaged you can use one tile as a replacement instead of replacing the entire wall or floor. This even makes the repair of water lines easier because you simply remove the tiles necessary to get to the lines and replace them when you are finished.

Lighting and fans are huge design ideas. Newly built homes include lighting and fans however older homes did not. Installing exhaust fans with lighting packages can make your bathroom more comfortable and flattering because lighting is instrumental in how we see ourselves. Fans can help prevent moisture from building in the floors and walls of the bathroom while bathing. You can brighten your bathroom and keep it cool with a few well placed lights and fans. Shower doors can also make a difference in the way you view your bathroom.

Many bathroom shower designs include glass shower doors. If you have a small bathroom, doors with a mirrored panel could help to make your bathroom look larger. They come in many styles and designs so choose the ones that fit your needs. Whether you are doing a makeover on your bathroom or just doing a replacement on strategic items such as shower heads, curtains and curtain rods, shower handle or knobs, you can make a remarkable change in the looks and functionality of your bathroom. Using bathroom shower designs to makeover your bathroom can be fun as well as an investment in your home.

Cabinet Bathroom

Earlier bathroom cabinets or medicine cabinets were terms used to refer to a plain white box that were usually mounted above the sinks in bathrooms. A small cabinet for you to store your soaps, tooth paste, tooth brush, cosmetics, shaving razors, shaving creams and some medicines. Those were the days when bathrooms were plain and simple but nowadays people are making their bathrooms look more elegant and many are spending a fortune trying to make their bathroom look and feel perfect. The bathroom cabinets used nowadays tend to have a lot of varied functional uses and have become more stylish and functional.

Bathroom cabinets in recent times are used to describe any cabinet that we can have and use in a bathroom. They can be as large as normal wall cabinets used in other rooms or can even be a tall storage cabinet. In luxury bathrooms, a bathroom cabinet can be a combination of a medicine cabinet, a bathroom vanity, a bathroom countertop and also other varieties of cabinets all as a single unit. Some of the bathroom cabinets measure even more than 32 inches height, 21 inches deep and 30 inches wide.

There are two basic styles of bathroom cabinets available in the market. They are the traditional American-style bathroom cabinets and the European style bathroom cabinets. The traditional American style cabinets are found in most homes and are commonly called as framed cabinets. The framed cabinets use face-frames to cover the front edges of the cabinet that are raw. The European style cabinets are found mostly in European countries and are commonly known as frameless cabinets. In frameless cabinets, the raw edges are concealed using very simple trim strips.

The latest bathroom cabinets can also be classified as custom, stock and modular cabinets too. This type of classification is based on the manufacturing process of the cabinets. Stock bathroom cabinets are mass manufactured and are available only in a few standard sizes and shapes. They tend to be the least expensive bathroom cabinets available and can be picked up from any home improvement store.

Modular bathroom cabinets like stock bathroom cabinets are also mass produced. But they offer more flexibility in their design. Their style and structure can be modified in different ways as per your needs. Most modular cabinets are Do it yourself cabinets and are easy to put together. So you can be creative with what you got and make the modular bathroom cabinet as unique as possible.

Custom bathroom cabinets as the name suggests are not mass manufactured. Hence each custom bathroom cabinet will have its individuality, but getting a custom bathroom cabinet could mean that you will have to hire a cabinet maker or visit the custom cabinet making stores. The advantage of custom bathroom cabinets is that you can design the cabinet in a way to make maximum utilization of the space available. You have the option of using any material that you want to while designing your bathroom cabinet. But since they are custom made, they are also the most expensive of the bathroom cabinets.

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