Floral Bathroom Rugs

A floral rug will bring springtime and summer into your home. Floral area rugs are feminine, romantic and of course colorful. On a cloudy day the warmth and beauty of a floral rug will put a smile on your face. Floral rugs add a whimsical and lively accent to your decor.

Floral area rugs can be stately. There are French Country designs and French Aubusson Designs that were made for royalty. Art Nouveau patterns reflect the period around the turn of the century. William Morris designs have floral patterns that were popular during the Arts And Crafts period of the roaring twenties.

Man has from the beginning of time been inspired by nature. Floral patterns taken from nature are represented in great works of art. Floral area rugs are considered an example of fine artwork. The Garden of Eden, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Gardens of Versailles, are an inspiration to the artist and designer. A single flower can inspire the whole area rug design.

A dinning room table and chairs placed upon a border rug that has flowers around the border is a perfect combination. The master bedroom is good place for a floral area rug. Adding a floral rug to the little girl’s bedroom can be the perfect feminine touch. The bathroom also lends itself to floral design area rugs. The entry of a country home will welcome your guests if there is floral rug there to greet them. Actually a floral rug can be placed in any room.

Flowers can be incorporated into contemporary area rugs, modern area rugs, traditional rugs, transitional rugs, and tropical rugs.

Persian rugs, Chinese rugs and other oriental rugs have utilized similar floral motifs that have been in use for centuries. Chinese rugs, Indian rugs, and Egyptian art display the lotus flower as a symbol of purity. Roses are symbols of love and are found in many Victorian rugs. Tulips are representative of the perfect love. Sunflowers mean homage and devotion. Poppy’s mean imagination. Almost every variety of flowers is available in a floral area rug. Flowers are symbols that communicate feelings without words.

Some of the floral rugs collections are:

Kas – / Catalina Collection

Capel – / Garden Delights Collection

Global Accents – / Dynasty Collection

Nourison – / Country Heritage Collection / Somerset Collection

Momeni – / Dynasty Collection / Harmony Colllection

828 International Trading – / Accents Collection

Karastan – / Studio Artworks Collection

Couristan – / Harmony Collection

Safavieh – / Chelsea Collection

Shaw – / Kathy Ireland / Jardin Du Jur Collection

Sphinx Oriental Weavers – / Seasons Collection

Surya – / Bombay Collection

Part of successfully decorating a bathroom to meet your needs is including those elements that reflect your very personal style. When it comes to bathrooms, there are high-end renovations such as those that require construction – including the replacement of vanities, toilets, tiles, bathtubs, and showers. But many homeowners may be surprised by how more aesthetic – and far less expensive – changes, such as towels, artwork, shower curtain, and a bathroom rug, will go a long way towards transforming the look of your bathroom.

A bathroom rug because of its versatility and affordability is one of the easiest accessories to use in the transformation of a bathroom. Rugs of this kind come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures; one can be always be found to complement the style of your bathroom.

For many, the purchase of a bathroom rug is the very last thing they do in the renovation of a bathroom; but if you are working within a restricted budget, keep in mind that it can be one of the only things you do in the renovation of your bathroom. Not much carries as much visual impact as this small item.

There are many ways in which to integrate a bathroom rug into your overall bathroom design. You may have a unified theme in your bathroom – floral, Asian, seaside, or any number of children’s themes for a child’s bathroom – that can be accented with a similarly themed rug; you may wish to complement the overall tone of the room – Victorian, country, traditional, eclectic, and antique – with a well chosen bathroom rug.

A warmly colored bathroom with ceramic tile may be best complemented by a soft, warm colored rug; a contemporary designed bathroom may benefit from a strong colored bathroom rug that’s less plush and more textured. The prices also vary greatly so keep budget in mind when searching for your ideal bathroom rug; but in many cases, you can find a beautiful and complementary bathroom rug for under $50.

In addition to form, the bathroom rug provides its own share of function as well. A rug can provide warmth on an otherwise chilly floor; there’s nothing worse than stepping out of a shower onto a cold, hard floor. A bathroom rug also provides protection for the floor or carpet underneath it – sheltering it from water damage.

Another added convenience of a bathroom rug is its availability. Rugs can be found in any number of retail stores, home improvement stores, and even online for the ease of shopping right from your home and having your merchandise shipped straight to your door.

A bathroom is a very personal space; that which offers refuge and comfort in a world where we are rarely left in peace. But in order to maximize the power and effect your bathroom space can have in your life, its decor must reflect the style that is unique you. Don’t hold back when it comes to adding your personal touches to your bathroom – including the addition of a bathroom rug. The result will be a room that reveals your style to visitors and envelops you in comfort and familiarity.

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Bathroom Faucet Dripping

It’s time again to fix that faucet. You’re sick of the ‘drip, drip, drip’ from your bathroom sink that keeps you awake until all hours of the morning. It’s not the washer in the faucet itself that’s gone bad this time; it’s the whole apparatus. You go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and wind up staring at the huge selection before you slack jawed because you have no idea what to choose. You need help.

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to replace your bathroom faucet with the exact same style as before or go for something new. Replacing your faucet with the same style is the easiest route to go. You can remove the faucet from your sink and bring it with you to your local hardware store where you can buy the matching replacement. Of course if this isn’t possible or even feasible, your chore becomes a bit more complicated. There are many different types of mounting for your faucet and you will need to be aware of what type yours is before simply going and purchasing the new fixture. This is actually the hardest step in choosing your new faucet because the one that you really liked at the store may not work with the current configuration of your sink.

Common types of mounting include: widespread faucets that have individual hot and cold water handles; centerset faucets with one handle that controls both temperatures and covers the three holes that may be in your sink for mounting; mini-widespread which are the same as widespread faucets except positioned closer together; single-hole, similar to the centerset but filing in only one hole; and wall mounted, most commonly found on your bathtubs. Centerset and mini-widespread faucets are both designed for sinks with pre-drilled 4″ holes. Some single-hole faucets include covers that allow you to use them on a sink with 4″ pre-drilled holes. If you have one of the other types, though, you are best in choosing that same replacement.

Once you have determined what type of mount your sink has, your job of choosing a faucet comes down to aesthetics. Which finish will look best in your bathroom? This really is your personal preference and what will compliment the décor in your bath. It is also good to know whether or not your current faucet is a classical design (rounded edges, flowery embellishments) or modern (sharp angles, geometric embellishments). For example, if your bathroom is more of an antique decor, you may want to stick with a classical style, an everyday décor could use either, and somewhat futuristic décor would definitely go well with the modern styles.

You’ve picked out the faucet. You’re ready to go home and install it. Not yet. Have you considered your faucet’s finish? Bathroom fixtures come in a variety of finishes, from dull to shiny, chrome to wrought iron. Each finish has its pros and cons. Stainless steel and chrome are the most common finish available, but they scratch easily and show up fingerprints and water spots. Brass, which simulates gold and is very distinctive, rusts easier. And brushed nickel, which includes your flat finishes that do not show your fingerprints, is more expensive and its plating will eventually wear. The finish is personal choice, but know your options. Some faucets even offer a choice in the style of handles that come with it. But once again, choose something that will be a good match for your bathrooms décor.

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Green And Brown Bathroom

Vintage Accessories

The use of vintage accessories adds an exquisite touch to virtually any room. This unique appearance is often aged, but remains luxurious at its core while staying with an attainable budget range. A variety of different types of bathroom accessories which can be added that create a fantastic effect for any room include soft furnishings, Moroccan inspired designs, as well as bright and bold colours. Taking old furniture and salvaging it by cleaning up the wood and reupholstering the cushions creates that vintage and antiqued look while keeping the room up to date and in style all at once. Picture frames and chintzes can also be used as timeless touches which will brighten up any home.

Retro Cushions

Retro cushions are way to make stunning change to any room whiles expressing one’s personal style. They come in a variety of styles and shapes and cam be used on couches, chairs, beds, and even sitting rooms. Adding retro cushions can spice up a dull chair with a mix of bold colours that make a statement. Large Moroccan style cushions are a great alternative for bean bag chairs therefor by obtaining a large number of these cushions and placing on the floor they create a fabulous makeshift seating area on the floor brightening up any room in the house.

Moroccan Lamps and the Styles

The various Moroccan style lamps are unique and vastly different from traditional or modern lighting, and are often considered works of art. While this is true, there are still remnants of common elements amongst their designs. These particular styles of lamps are found in the primary colours red, blue, yellow and green. Since there is really no traditional design there is bound to be one to fit any room in a house.

The materials these lamps are made of various metals and woods; brass and glass sometimes used as well. The lamp shades are made from sheep or goat skin making these perfect focal points for a new room design. In line with this, there are also henna lamps, which have hand drawn patterns and designs utilizing the ink from henna plants. These shades have a soft brown or other muted colour. The intricate designs are painted on them making each a one of a kind. Due to the colour of the shade material they give off a very soft light which makes them perfect if one is looking to add ambiance to a room.

Yet another option to choose from when one is looking for a Moroccan style lamp to add décor to a room is the star lamp. These particular lamps are in the shape of stars and can be suspended from the ceiling. Star lamps make the most out of effect lighting, as they work beautifully strewn across a ceiling. In line with this, another chic style Moroccan lamp is known as the Moroccan lantern. These casings are translucent and cover a light source. They are regular lanterns designed with Moroccan patterns. These particular lights can be used both indoor and outdoor creating a versatile and flexible form of lighting.

Yet another way to add a bit of Moroccan flavour to a home is sconces. Sconces are a great lighting source and the fixtures lay flush against the wall. Being made with coloured glass, they are fantastic for a creative decorative lighting design. Floor and table lamps make great partners with sconce lighting. Floor and table lamps are not only functional, but look very striking with a Moroccan décor. If a more eclectic design is desired, it is often wise to consider scattering an array of sizes throughout the room and the rest of the home.

Transforming a room from shabby to vintage chic can be accomplished by simple changes that won’t break the bank. Take a look around the room and decide on the style that would change the room so it is more appealing. Sometimes just adding colour to a room will make all the difference. For a little added something for your bathroom try finding a few luxury bathroom accessories. For your living room try sourcing some vintage home furnishings. For your kitchen, simply add a basic colour and research country kitchen accessories to go for a more country cottage feel.

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