Bathroom Makeup Vanity

A variety of materials can be used for the bathroom makeup vanity. These days a completely new look can be provided to bathrooms with innovative vanities. Vanity units of different styles are available and there couldn’t be a better way of giving the bathroom a fresher look. The main thing to be kept in mind is that the specifications and needs should be well met by the bathroom vanity and never compromised upon. These days, vanities no longer look like cabinets meant for medicines only. They come in a plethora of designs and styles like racks and pull out shelves, etc. Besides this you can even keep your makeup items, powders, creams and perfumes.

Make up vanity – all your own!

One of the main reasons for keeping a vanity in the bathroom is that it provides a clutter free look. Even other accessories like napkins, bathroom towels, undergarments, etc can be well stored, so that they are easily available for use when you are in the bathroom. Many other similar items can also be stored in the vanity.

If you are looking towards increasing storage space in your bathroom, there is nothing better than a vanity addition. In case there are pipes, wires, etc. which are easily visible, they can be well covered with the vanity cabinet. In other words they are very advantageous to have in any bathroom. Depending on your choice and budget you can choose from a range of veneer to MDF vanity cabinets. As there tends to be constant exposure to moisture in the bathroom, the materials used are such that they can be wiped away easily. You can even get the bathroom vanity custom made from the local shops depending upon the size and design of your choice.

You could even consider fixing your basin on top of the bathroom makeup vanity, as is done with the sink in most kitchens these days. A free standing cabinet also looks quite appealing in a bathroom. If you have a bigger sized bathroom you can accordingly have a bigger cabinet and this would be all the more better as extra essentials could be stacked in the cabinet making your bathroom look much neater. A good idea would be to have a vanity cabinet match the rest of the items in your bathroom. The toilet seat, panels of the bath, the rods etc. can be accordingly matched with the bathroom vanity.

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Small Full Bathroom

It could get really frustrating if you require remodeling of your bathroom that does not have a lot of space. You may have lovely ideas but what purpose does it solve when you do not actually have the space to work it out? Well, in fact there are a whole lot of bathroom designs that can be executed in small spaces to give you a lot of room without having to compromise on style and comfort. A cramped up bathroom can be converted into something outstanding by meticulously following a few ideas.

Making space

The way in which we place different things in a room can lead to cramping up or opening up space. Though the bathroom is not like all other rooms because of the presence of pipes and a lot of plumbing, freeing space by placing things differently may not be possible. Using space sensibly is the key here. Corner spaces in bathrooms are usually disregarded. Making proper use of these corners by placing corner shower stalls or sinks can give you some space in the bathroom. If this is not a possibility you can always get rid of bulky essentials like tubs and sinks and go in for smaller tubs, shower stalls or pedestal sinks. Storage spaces like cabinets can be constructed on walls, thereby preventing floor space from being used for the purpose.

Proper decoration

It is not a wise decision to be choosing dark colors for spaces that are small. Similarly overdoing the décor can actually bring hinder your efforts to make space. It is vital that you choose the decorative pieces to accentuate space rather than to inhibit. Choosing lighter shades will lighten up your bathroom but it is advisable to avoid white. Warm colors are always preferable. Creating unique patterns with tiled borders will give you some color without being too gaudy. White porcelain is the perfect choice for tubs, sink and toilet. White will be a contrast to the walls and will look bright and will liven up the space.

Letting light through your windows creates an illusion of more space. To make this possible you can choose sheer window treatments and avoid using clear glass to avoid people from being able to see through. Carpeting needs to be minimal too. A simple run in front of the tub is going to be ample. Avoid full carpeting of the floor.

Avoiding clutter will surely help create the illusion of space. You can also choose to hang a painting on the wall but ensure that you only have one piece instead of many. These tips are sure to help creating an illusion of space in your bathroom.

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Bathroom Shower Units

Many people do not like relying on other people for help, and if you are disabled and have the issue, you will not like it even more, which is why you will want to go and find out about the many different kinds of handicap bathroom shower units. This will ensure that you do not need to ask anyone for help while you are in the shower again. You will find that if you already have a normal shower in your home, you do not have to break it out to build the new handicap bathroom shower units.

The great thing about these units is that they come as kits, with accessories. This means that simply need to buy a kit that has everything included, so that you can go and put everything together at home. Most handicap people will find this part of the process a bit hard, as there is some labor involved, but if you do not think that it will be an obstacle then there is no reason you cannot do this part yourself.

The most important part of the shower is that it has to be accessible to your, if you are in a wheel chair. This means that if your current shower has a step up leading into the shower, you will need to get that taken out. For this part, you will need to call in a building team, so that they can chop t out and re-plaster the floor. You may also want to create a sort of indent leading to the drain, so that the water does not run out of the shower as a result of not having a blocking wall.

There are so many things that you can do with the handicap bathroom shower units, so you may want to come up with a few ideas. It does not need to look boring, and it does not need to look like a shower that a handicap person uses, if you do not want that feel in your home. If you need to make use of a chair while you are in the shower, then you will have to make sure that there is enough space in the show to allow you to be seated while you clean yourself.

The first thing that you will want to be get installed in your shower, if you are sharing a show with able bodied family members, is a shower head that can be height adjusted. This is the most important part of a handicap shower for seated people. You will also have to make sure that you have low taps, or that you can install lower taps for you to reach.

If you are renting your home and do not want to make permanent changes to the shower you will find that there are temporary handicap bathroom shower units available on the market. The will ensure that you can take your shower with you whenever you move, meaning that you do not need to spend money on a shower at every place your move into.

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Master Bathroom Remodel

Different factors must be taken into account when doing a master bathroom remodel than when remodeling any other bathroom. There are two main reasons for this. First, a master bathroom is usually designed so that two people can use it at one time. Second, a master bath is something of a luxury, and so it is usually outfitted with more extravagant fixtures and materials. When you get ready to do your master bathroom remodel, consider many options before you decide.

Bathroom Size

You may want to use the exact space that is already being used for your master bathroom remodel. You might want to increase the size by adding in a portion of the master bedroom. This might be a good idea if the master bedroom is more than large enough and the master bath is very small. This decision is a crucial one. It requires knowledge of the sizes of fixtures, cabinets, and a built-in shower if you want to include one. It also demands experience with framing and other general construction skills.

You must know how much floor space to leave for cleaning and moving around the room. At the same time, you will want to save as much space as possible with a clever floor plan. All this can be accomplished easily by someone with experience in designing bathroom remodels, such as a remodeling expert.

Bathroom Fixtures

A part of choosing fixtures for your bathroom remodel is determining what size and shape your bathroom can accommodate. If you have a small space, you might choose a toilet with a small round bowl. On the other hand, if you have more room in your master bath area, you might prefer a toilet with a larger, elongated bowl for more comfort and style.

You will probably want two sinks in a master bathroom remodel. One question you will have to answer is whether your bathroom can accommodate a vanity with a sink-top, or if you need to use pedestal sinks to save space. If you can have a cabinet under your sink, you have even more options. You might have enough room for a long cabinet with multiple sinks set into the top. An experienced remodeling company can help you get the sink tops and cabinets you want and require, and can install them properly.

Bathroom Storage

Your bathroom will never be organized if you do not plan your bathroom remodel to include places for storage. Every activity you do in your bathroom that requires the use of grooming tools, personal care products or linens must be accounted for in your storage plans. If you do not have a long cabinet under your sinks in which to store your items, you will need to make some other arrangements in your master bath.

You can certainly plan for storage if you do your own bathroom remodel. You can throw in a storage cabinet or shelves here and there with ease. However, if you use a professional remodeling company, they will make sure you use every bit of space available for storage without cutting into the space you need for the other functions of the master bath. You can do a master bathroom remodel by yourself, or you can hire an experienced remodeler to do it for you. It all depends on how professional you expect the results to be.

What better way to jump start the day as well as ease all the big-city stresses away anytime of the day by lounging about in your own personal retreat? Master bathroom remodeling ends your imaginings and paves way for you to enjoy just this in utter luxury, comfort, style and privacy. One of the best benefits is both you and your partner can lavish at all these-together. So if you plan on undertaking a master bathroom remodeling to afford your New York lifestyle pure indulgence and your relationship more intimacy, then here are ideas to guide you through whether you are in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn or Long Island.

Whatever the trend maybe, a universal course that the home improvement industry is taking tends toward achieving efficiency and functionality without ever sacrificing beauty and appeal. This is evident in both designs as well as products, making today-the best times to do master bathroom remodeling.

His and Hers… and Us

One of the prime reasons for taking up master bathroom remodeling is to provide both the couple a chance to do the essentials without having to take turns. This maximizes practicality and even intimacy. One of the easiest task to create a section each for his and hers to allow grooming at the same time and better organization is the addition of a double sink vanity. An airier shower and bigger tub to accommodate two are superb ideas to allow couples the ‘us’ time.

Pure Indulgence

Whatever your idea of indulgence is, master bathroom remodeling can bring about that much needed change to make every waking and retiring hour so much better. Gone are the days when you have to be a member of some exclusive fitness club to take advantage of first-class pampering. Today, going through all the cost and hassles just to become a member nor burning gas is not necessary as you can get all the rejuvenation and relaxation you need right in the comforts of your very own home. From steam showers, sauna, deep-soaking tubs, rain jets, Jacuzzis, vertical shower spa, whirlpools, and other facilities and features are now conveniently offered in the market, ideally for home use.

Now that the time many spend in their baths are considerably increasing, integrating entertainment through technology has become a common fashion in master bathroom remodeling. Waterproof sound systems, media players and televisions have become familiar fixtures in bathrooms.

Setting the Mood

Focusing on the major surfaces such as walls, counters and flooring as well as the creative play of lighting can get you a long way when it comes to creating the mood or ambiance in your master bathroom remodeling project. Your choice of colors can easily create a statement so do the choosing carefully. Depending on your personal taste and budget, you can choose to enjoy the luxuriously distinct look that natural stone, glass, hardwood or other material of your choice. Add a generous variety of rich textures to create a plush look and feel.

These master bathroom remodeling ideas are just some of the most basic that you can consider to make a success out of your project. But however you choose to go about the design; it all boils down to the details. A skylight to open up your home for stargazing, candles that flicker romance, rocks and plants, fresh flowers… all these can work magic in adding appeal to your master bathroom remodeling so never skip on these seemingly small things.

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Bathroom Shelf Over Toilet

There is little doubt that for people with a small bathroom one of the most effective, if not the most effective storage ideas, is over toilet storage. It is such an obvious choice to reduce clutter in the small bathroom the choice is not so much whether to have an over the toilet storage unit, but whether to have an over toilet cabinet on its own or with shelves, or simply to have shelves with no cabinet.

For most people the over toilet cabinet will be desirable as you can hide items which you do not want people to see behind doors, such as cleaning fluids, spare towels or things you want kept away from young children. Additional shelves may also be desired for other items which may look attractive or simply for display. All will depend on your needs, so it does pay to think carefully about what you want to store in your new over toilet cabinet before you go ahead and buy it, and of that what you want to be hidden from view.

If you opt for an over the toilet cabinet that will hide various bathroom items, then the chances are it will have to be wooden. Glass doors in over toilet units can be found but they hide nothing; they just help to keep things dust free and can look attractive. When looking for the cabinet, be sure to find one that matches your existing décor. If you are refurbishing a bathroom then look for a matching set of medicine cabinet, linen cabinet and over toilet cabinet could be a good idea.

Apart from the cabinet itself you can find over toilet cabinets with or without shelves. Only after you have thought through what you will use it for need you decide if extra shelves outside the cabinet would help. Everyone will be different. Do you want to hide towels or have them on an open shelf? Do you want to display a plant or two? These little things are very personal so have a good think about the perfect solution before actually buying.

In most new homes as well as a lot of older homes, it is very common to see some sort of over toilet cabinet. This is a very handy feature to have you can store just about anything inside one of these whether it be your towels, extra toilet tissue, your toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as about anything else. Some of them even come equipped with a toilet paper dispenser. Most of the time they are made from wood which you can choose your color on whether it be cherry wood or oak or maple, it’s entirely up to you. Whichever would match your bathroom decor the best. Another option is stainless steel or plastic. The plastic obviously will not last as long as the wood or the stainless steel

A lots of times it is very common to see a towel rack either on the side for a small hand towel or underneath is a great place to store your daily bath towels. Some people prefer to use these for storage while other people just like the way that they look. It it’s not uncommon to see a over toilet cabinet which is built-in side the wall. This is a great way to utilize the storage space behind the wall, as well as a handy place to store any extra belongings so that they do not clutter up your sink.

Another option would be to have a shelf on the lowest point of the over toilet cabinet. This is a great place to store anything in which you might store on top of the toilet tank, such as doilies, or any sort of decoration. This way if you need to get inside the toilet tank you won’t have much to clear off. If you do install your over the toilet cabinet yourself, it is a good idea to place it high enough so that it is not in your way should you need inside your toilet tank.

When it comes to the price range on such a decoration for your restroom, they can range from anywhere to $50 for a plastic one, up to $1000. It all depends on what you are willing to spend.

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Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are beautiful utility pieces for your bathroom. They are elegantly designed items that can completely your same old boring bathroom. With these you can add a touch of luxury to your bathrooms to mat the décor and luxury that is found in the other rooms of the house.

Bathroom vanities come in different styles, shapes and sizes. They are either meant to be planted on the floor or to be mounted on the wall. Sometimes they feature multiple units that are meant for both. While choosing bathroom vanities, some people do not have much space on the floor and others simply prefer to leave the floor open. For these people the wall mount bathroom vanities are the best choice.

Amongst all the other vanities available, wall mount bathroom vanities are perhaps the most space saving because they can be hung off the wall. They do not occupy floor space, which gives the illusion of an open space inside the bathroom that makes the bathroom look bigger. This is an important aspect of wall mount bathroom vanities that is often overlooked.

Still, their utility is undeniable. They have a lot of space to offer and have all the necessary items that you would want your bathroom vanity to have. Even though they offer a lot of storage space, they cannot be matched with those vanities that are kept on the floor.

Wall mounted vanities also come in modular designs that look really sleek and contemporary. On a particularly uncluttered wall they can end up looking really amazing and almost like a work of art. The main aspect of these wall mount vanities is the fact that they can really make the best of both large bathrooms and bathrooms where there is a space crunch. In both situations these wall mount vanities that really shine.

When you are looking to buy a wall mount bathroom vanity, you will be able to choose between modern, traditional and antique designs. Modern designs are the most common choices for people because they are both stylish and useful. They are also more likely to suite the existing décor. They are found in a variety of finishes and materials. Thus they also offer you a greater variety.

On the other hand, people do like wall mount bathroom vanities in traditional and antique styles. While for some it is juts a matter of matching the décor, for others it is a matter of personal taste. Some people choose the traditional styles for their simplicity and familiarity. The traditional vanities are almost as utilitarian as vanities with modern designs but antique vanities can have limited utility because they tend to focus on the authenticity of the design. However, some of the recent authentic vanities look antique only on the outside and have all the functionalities of a modern wall mount vanity.

Opt for wall mount bathroom vanities that do look stylish and chic beside being conveniently located on the wall at an appropriate height. Available in a range of budgets and styles of wood, fiber, and glass, they could be traditional, antique, contemporary or rustic in design. While most would opt for the solid strength of the antique or the contemporary with carvings that reflect the period, the glass ones are super too in luminosity and a classic feel amidst the play of light. The glass vanities and sinks are not as fragile as you would think, but must be taken good care of! White vanities are often in demand due to contemporary appearances, but the light or dark brown wood color is most common. A range of vibrant colors would be available among the synthetic ones, but they look too sensational. They could be custom-made too, according to exact requirements.

Besides the ample space that everybody strives for in roomier facilities in residences and offices, it is the personal perception of space that matters so much. A room appears cluttered and claustrophobic if you put in too many things. Remove a few and you immediately feel the difference. Lighter, single colors on the walls of small rooms heighten the feeling of wider spaces. Larger tile sizes elicit the same perception of largeness. Mirrors bring ideas of vivid space that flows in all directions.

The wall mount bathroom vanities elevated above the floor create the sensation of bigger spaces, and would maintain cleanliness with the vision of the entire floor, with no hiding places for pests. Wall mounted cupboards, shelves and mirrors similarly help to conserve space instead of a dressing table.

Look at the larger picture of the sum total of all the items in there. That would include the central vanity that would be a single or double cupboard like storage space and include the sink on the top. The setup is incomplete without the crucial large-sized mirror, usually a separate unit fixed to the wall. What else? A bathtub or shower enclosure is essential and you would need the shower rod and the curtain. The faucets, lighting fixture, and the electrical connections complete the basic setup. Additional adornment like wall hangings and art pieces would depend on the space available. An overall color-matching scheme would present a neat appearance, perhaps all whites or soothing grays and creams.

Ventilation is crucial and the view of the surroundings from the window does matter. Security would have to be considered. Appropriately painted walls beside the selection of tiles to cover the floor and half the walls promote the aesthetic element.

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