Bathroom Wall Pictures

Framed Art Prints Add Color & Beauty

Decorating your bathroom? Great idea. Extend your home’s lovely décor with a beautiful bathroom. Select the color or design for your walls. Then carry that color scheme through to your shower curtain and towels. But the finishing touch, the addition that will make your bathroom a showpiece, should be framed art prints!

Yes, Art Has a Place in the Bathroom

If your bathroom has walls, (which, of course, it does), then it has room for artwork. Even though the spaces might be small, you can still find art for bathroom areas that will fit and also complement your bathroom décor.

Art prints are extremely affordable, and they can be custom framed to taste. You’ll discover it’s easy to choose pictures that coordinate with the color, look and size of your bathroom.

Start by measuring the space you plan to fill. Get some basic dimensions. Determine whether you should look for pictures that are square or have a horizontal or vertical orientation.

If you have a blank wall with plenty of space, you probably don’t want to use a single big picture as you might in a dining room or living room. The difference is that in a bathroom you won’t have sufficient room to stand back and admire it. You’re better off with a collection of two or three small pictures, and it’s best if they have some connection to each other, such as having been painted by the same artist or with the same color scheme.

Themes for Bathroom Art

Wondering what type of picture is appropriate for this most personal room? You’d be surprised how many themes exist in art for bathrooms. Probably the most common subject depicted is bathtubs. Old-fashioned clawfoot tubs have long been an artist favorite. Big ones, little ones, simple ones and ornate. You’ll also find modern tubs, filled to the brim with bubbles or surrounded by expensive shampoos and bath salts in pretty little bottles.

Beach images have long been a popular subject for bathroom art, especially for decorating a guest bathroom or the bathroom in a beach house. Pictures of sunrises and sunsets, colorful beach umbrellas and children playing in the sand exist in every variation.

You’ll also find art prints of all types of seashells. In some, the shells are lying in the sand. In others they’re placed on a table or collected in a pretty glass jar. But shells aren’t the only sea artifact. Plenty of artists are enamored with sea creatures like starfish, sea urchins and sea horses.

Decorating a child’s bathroom? You’ll have plenty of art prints to consider. Picture a toddler boy in the tub playing with a toy sailboat. How about a little girl, lining up a family of rubber ducks single file? You can even find pictures of a small baby, hair all wet, eyes wide as mom lovingly wraps her up in a thirsty towel.

Word art works too in art for bathroom walls. Picture the word “Relax” or “Powder Room” scribbled lazily across a canvas. Or how about a playful scrawl of “Rub a Dub Dub” for a child’s bathroom? Or “Splish, Splash, I Was Taking a Bath” in big, fun letters. Then there’s this profound saying, “Soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul.” Can’t argue with that!

Your Bathroom Art Print Needs a Mat and Frame

After you’ve decided on an art print, start thinking about a mat and frame. They’re a necessity in the bathroom where water and steam can leave their mark. They’ll protect your print and also help your print look like expensive finished artwork.

If you want one mat, choose a neutral color such as cream or white. A second mat, of which only about ½” inch would show, will add depth and elegance. Use it to highlight a color that is found within the print.

Finally, you’ll want to consider different frames. Choose from woods, metals or plastics. Try to match the style of the print. Thus a print of an old-fashioned clawfoot tub should probably be displayed in an ornate frame. A picture of a child’s toy sailboat in the tub would work well in a simple frame that’s a primary color.

The best way to decide on the mat and frame is simply to try them on as if they’re an outfit of clothing. You’ll be able to see which combination looks right and creates the image you had in mind for your finished artwork.

Choosing Art for Bathrooms Should Be Fun

Determining what framed artwork will look right in your bathroom shouldn’t be a chore. It’s a fun task that should spark your creativity.

Make your decorating decisions with confidence. And don’t hesitate to let your personality shine through. It’s your art, your bathroom. If it looks good to you, then pat yourself on the back; you’ve done a great job!

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Vanities For Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom in your home it is obvious that you would look for single vanities for your bathroom. Though small in size, if the bathroom is fitted with the right kind of vanity then it would look good as well as serve its purpose. The single sink vanities are available in various designs and colors and in various price ranges as well.

The markets are loaded with the same number of options for the smaller vanities as with the larger vanities. So, finding small vanities is definitely not an issue.

Single sink bathroom vanities are available in modern, contemporary, and antique designs. They are also available in wall mounting, free standing and pedestal models.

Single sink vanities are available in various materials like wood, metal, marble glass and stainless steel. One can buy it according to their usage and budget.

Vanities with single sink are more suited for a small bathroom. It is not possible to find a double sink vanity that is small in size and suits the small bathroom.

The most suitable way to shop for vanities for a small bathroom is by looking for a smaller counter size. Beginning with a counter size of 24″ is the best way to start looking at it. It can exceed no more than 30″ depending on how small the bathroom is.

Taking the exact measure of the bathroom is very important before purchasing vanities. The exact size of the bathroom influences the model and design of the vanity. One would usually want some space between the wall and vanity and fit it from wall to wall. If the vanity is fitted wall to wall then the bathroom looks crammed and using it would be an uncomfortable experience.

The best option would be to fix the pedestal type vanity. Though this model would not have much storage space it gives the bathroom a simpler and neater look.

Another option would be to fix glass counter tops and sink. Because it is transparent, it gives a feeling of having more space. In this variety also using the wall mounted one gives the illusion of larger space. These models generally have only a few bars or rods to hold towels. It gives the bathroom a modern look as well.

Some people also prefer fixing corner bathroom vanity in a small bathroom. This give much more empty space than the other varieties. People prefer this style as they generally like to combine it with the other varieties of bathroom vanity and do something different.

Before going to buy single vanities for the small bathroom, it is better to do some research online and also look for the various options available online before actually going to the store. Taking the advice of a professional is also advisable as they recommend the best. But before asking for advice it the responsibility of the house owner to give all the details like what exactly is the size of the bathroom and what the budget is and more importantly where the small bathroom is located in the house. This is very important as the furnishing of any part of the house depends on who is going to use it.

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Western Bathroom Vanities

Rustic bathroom vanities come in many different styles to compliment and complete the look of many bathroom designs. Rustic designs can fit into many overall themes and designs from a log cabin design, a rustic country home, an Adirondack theme, a North woods cabin, or lake cottage home; all are compatible with a rustic bathroom design. In addition, regional design themes of Western Ranch or Southwestern would be complimented by a rustic vanity as part of a themed bathroom to blend into a design of a home.

Bringing natural elements into the home’s decor can compliment many compatible design themes including dried flowers, field and rough natural stones, as well as many natural wooden pieces. Furniture made of wood with many exposed knots, and rough, unfinished surfaces are common design elements. Wood paneling and logs are popular to mimic the look of a log cabin or cottage. Combining older furniture with new pieces is common in many of these designs. The natural look of stone elements can be incorporated into a mantle. Reclaimed and re-purposed logs, along with natural elements and iron railings are common in rustic designs.

Rustic design elements can include salvaged wood and handmade furniture with an unpolished look. A rough, handmade overall look of furniture adorned by fabrics and textiles that have a less refined look of being handmade and not fine or delicate. The blend of rustic themed designs can evoke a sense of coziness and warmth, as you would expect in a log cabin or cottage. Natural colors compliment the design palette of muted earth tones. Outdoor colors of wood, greens, and warm autumn colors, including reds, compliment the honey golden hue of the wood that can be common in these designs. Rustic lighting fixtures with natural elements, including shades made of animal hide or a wrought iron base, blend easily with many designs compatible with rustic designs.

Rustic bathroom designs use many natural elements including rustic bathroom vanities. Log paneled walls to mimic a log cabin would add interest. Hardwood floors or soft pine floors have been traditional but more contemporary natural cork flooring can be blended in with natural wood cabinets. Plain wooden shelves of knotty pine or roughhewn wooden planks add places for storage as well places to hold more decorative objects while naturally including their own natural design elements. Hand-tied knotted rag rugs can add a whimsical, soft element to a rustic bathroom.

Although natural decorative objects such as dried flowers and pine cones add whimsy on shelves in bowls, art can also be hung on walls. Framed photographs or hand drawings of forest scenes and other landscape prints can bring the outdoors into the home and blend well into the design. Pictures and drawings of wildlife that may surround the natural environment of the home may also be included. A lovely picture or drawing of a native bird or bear would thrill visitors and remind them of the setting just outside the home. Frames can be made of wood with decorative accents. Knotted wooded doors for the bathroom can be seen throughout a house to blend from room to room.

Rustic bathroom vanities can be crafted from reclaimed wood, just as long planks can be crafted into long dining room tables. Many rustic bathroom vanities have been retrofitted from rustic furniture. Re-purposing furniture with previous lives used in other rooms of the house can be cut to accommodate the plumbing of a bathroom sink. Many modern vanity models made by modern manufacturers come in sizes to fit any bathroom with many customizable options. Wood and stain color can vary to fit the rest of the bathroom’s decor. Vanities can be designed to look like other furniture throughout the house.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation you may want to try Kraftmaid vanities [] as they can accommodate almost any design including rustic bathroom vanities [] that would look great in all country design styles.

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Wainscoting In Bathroom

Wainscoting is a great way to decorate your home without spending a lot of money. Some people prefer using the same kind of wainscoting for all the rooms in their home. Most people, however, prefer using different types of wainscoting for different rooms.

To install the wainscoting, you can get a good carpenter. However, if you want to keep the cost down, you can do it yourself too. The installation process is not as hard as most people think. It can be done with simple tools like stud finder, compressor nail gun, miter saw, measuring tape, and chalk line. The important thing you need to keep in mind is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wainscoting. It is your home and you can decorate it whichever way you want.

Wainscoting is most commonly is made of different types of wood, but one might also find it made from as wide a variety of materials such as bead board, stone, marble, plaster, molded tin and even as simple as wall paper or just plain paint.

One stylish type of wainscoting is raised panel wainscoting. Within every section of raised panel wainscoting there will be a design of some type comprised of wood and set in decorative patterns and adhered to a flat expanse of wood. That being said it would be easy and affordable to create your own raised panel wainscoting out of materials consisting of simple paneling and some decorative trim. This decorative trim could be door casing or baseboard or even chair rail and simply making geometrical patterns arranged in a decorative manner. These patterns could be as simple as just squares.

Although today the most common styles of wood wainscoting consist of simple wood strips aligned in rows.

Many people these days even decorate their bathroom walls with wainscoting. It is an inexpensive way to make their bathrooms different, unique and look good without having to spend a lot of money. It is very important that bathroom wainscoting is of good quality wood panels so it is resistant to warping if you are going with the wood look. Oak wood panels, for example, is a good choice since it does not harbor bacteria or mildew and will look good for a long time. Less expensive types of wood panels can be used also but it is highly recommended that these types of wood wainscoting is painted and sealed for a lasting protection.

Wainscoting can really add depth and décor to your home so keep these easy tips in mind for different types and styles of wainscoting to give your home a new look and feel for a very affordable price.

For more wainscoting information and installing instructions go to []

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