Black And White Bathroom Ideas

Black and white shower curtains can be the focal point of your new bathroom decor. Although they probably won’t work well with a country cottage or French apartment look. These colors do work well with modern and retro styles.

Modern or Retro

Modern shower curtains come in a wide range of patterns and scenes. One popular contemporary pattern has squares and circles which lends itself to a modern, deco or metro style. In fact this pattern can even be used with a retro decor with the proper accessories.

Another favorite pattern is a black paisley motif set on a soft white background. This is a more sophisticated look the exudes style and grace.

Retro is a very fashionable style for today’s home decorator. And you can find a vast selection on the internet.

Geometric designs such as dots, squares, and circles look retro naturally. However you could just as easily go for an Adam’s Family motif to give your bathroom a 60’s look. It would be perfect for Halloween. You need to decide between patterns or pictures.

Pattern or Picture

When it comes to shower curtains, there are just too many different patterns to count. You can find dots, circles, fish, dogs, letters of the alphabet, signs of the zodiac and so much more. sophisticated to mundane to crass, the selection is only limited by a designers imagination.

I recommend you search a few online stores to get a good grasp of the kinds of patterns available. On a recent search I found a beautiful white curtain with a modest black border, an intricate floral pattern, a nightshade black and white vine print, and a Damask shower curtain.

On the other hand, a full picture shower curtain can set the tone for your bathroom all by itself. Imagine a winter scene, black branches and twigs set against a bright white snow field, with a small cottage in the background.

Or in contrast, imagine Michael Myers with his white mask and black clothing, knife in hand. A perfect scene to set the mood for your family’s next Halloween.

A curtain with a full scene will tend to over power the rest of the bathroom decor, especially in a small bathroom. So choose carefully if you have a smaller room.

Finding the right black and white shower curtain and accessories can be a fun and easy task. Hopefully, these suggestions will spark several ideas of your own.

Just be sure to plan your decor before you start your shopping. Take your time to search for just the right components and once you have them all in hand, go ahead and make your changes.

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Bathroom Remodeling Charlotte Nc

After spending a full day working, going home to a relaxing bath or shower can do wonders at relieving tension and stress. To make the most of the peacefulness in your bathroom, take note of the following bathroom remodeling tips:

Easy on the Eyes

Your eyes are tired at the end of the way. To help calm your senses, choose simple appliances, faucets vanities and floorings. You should consider wood-toned or black cabinets that will go great with more natural type accents. For a more traditional look, choose solid colors and avoid loud patterns.

Keep It Simple

Your life is complicated. Your bathroom doesn’t need to be. Keep your bathroom areas clean and clutter free. This includes counter spaces, vanities and the edged of your shower and tub. For more space, add wall cabinets to hold some of this clutter. You can line shelving with baskets or containers if you do not want fully enclosed cabinets.

Paint Color

The color of your walls can have the greatest effect on the overall serenity of your bathroom. Regardless of how you decorate, you should go with a simple, understated, neutral wall color. That being said, neutral and earth tones work very well. Try to avoid giving your bathroom the sterile look that comes with white or off-white tones.

Strategic Lighting

Your lighting design should be carefully planned and carried out. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a relaxing bathroom design, and should be chosen with care. If possible, utilize skylights and other natural light sources. You can also have waterproofed windows installed that can let light in while offering no visibility from the outside. When it comes to artificial light sources, choose low-light, diffused or indirect lighting for the best results.

Consider Real Plants

There are a variety of live plants that are perfect for inclusion in your bathroom, due to their ability to thrive in low light. Many ivies, African violets, bamboo and ferns often thrive in the humid conditions present in your bathroom. Instead of adding them after you are finished, consider incorporating plants into your original design so that they have a special place in your bathroom all year long.


As a general rule of thumb, your relaxing bathroom retreat should utilize as many natural elements as possible. This means reducing the number of artificial decorations that you use. This means using a well-balanced decorating approach, with all elements from countertops to artwork working together. In most cases, less is more in this type of situation.

With a little bit of planning and help from your general contractor, you can turn your bathroom into a relaxing and highly functional space to get ready to meet your day or to relax after everything is said and done. Relaxation is important in the high energy, constantly moving world that we live in. Take some time and create your own oasis to escape to when you need a few minutes to rest.

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Bathroom Vanity Set

There are many reasons to purchase discount bathroom vanity sets. The most important of which is because you can save a lot of money doing so. If you are in the market for antique style or contemporary bathroom vanity sets, scour the net for good deals. There are many sites on the internet that offer fantastic discounts for quality bathroom vanities.

To give you an idea of the kind of quality discount bathroom vanity sets there are on offer, here is a brief review of 2 contrasting styles.

Bethany Antique Style Bathroom Vanity Single Sink 
The Bethany antique bathroom vanity single sink set is perfect for those who appreciate the antique vanity style. This fantastic looking antique style vanity set is made from handcrafted solid oak and natural marble counter top and comes with a beautiful matching mirror.

The marble counter top is available in both black with white veins and beige. Personally, I prefer the black marble as I feel it contrasts well with the white porcelain sick with overflow which comes with the set.

The hand carved vanity chest comes with 6 drawers and a generous cabinet area while the matching mirror cabinet comes with 4 drawers and 2 cabinets.

The detail of the carvings and wood finishing is outstanding. The finish can be attributed to the fact that each cabinet has been coated with no less than 7 layers of top paint finishing which makes them endurable and provides an anti-aging quality. In addition, the wood waves are clear and natural. The cabinets have also been water proof treated, so they are not only moisture resistant but easy to clean as well.

There are a handful of sites on the net which offer this antique style vanity set at factory prices. Browse around and you might be able to save as much as $2000 off the retail price.

Soiree Modern Bathroom Vanity Set with Black Beveled Glass 
The Soiree vanity set is part of the Parisian Glamor Bathroom Vanities Collection. Aesthetically, it looks simple yet elegant, thanks largely to its clean lines and the intelligent use of reflective black beveled glass on the front of the vanity cabinet along with the black tempered glass counter-top and silver metal band. To top it all off is a fashionable, curvaceous contemporary sink and a matching rectangular mirror with a silver leaf patina finish which gives this discount bathroom vanity set a premium and luxurious feel.

There is plenty of storage to be found in this particular discount vanity set. There are 2 double door cabinets at the bottom of the set. Right below the counter-top sits 3 functional soft-closing drawers in a 4 drawer set.

As you would expect with any product of this range, the materials used are of premium grade. The wood used is hand crafted solid wood which has been waterproof treated. It has anti-aging qualities and is easy to clean.

Lookout for sites offering factory direct prices for this discount vanity set. You might find yourself saving as much as $6000 off the retail price if you are lucky.

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Japanese Bathroom Accessories

The benefit to bathroom accessories is that you do not have to spend a fortune to turn your bathroom into a beautiful creation. With the right type of accessories, you could take a drab or outdated bathroom and dramatically change the way it looks, as well as functions. To design a bathroom using new bathroom accessories, all you need is a little imagination.

Typically, you would start off by determining the theme you want for your bathroom. This way, you can build around the theme to create the perfect look. Once you have the theme chosen, now the fun of shopping for the bathroom accessories begins. Remember, you have hundreds of theme options that range from Victorian, Oriental, tropical, western, or literally anything you want.

Now, if you are not a creative person, you can always look at magazines or online to come up with exciting concepts. Next, you would want to choose a primary color for your theme. For this, you might choose to make one wall an accent wall, followed by the other three walls being coordinating walls. As an example, if you were to create an Asian themed bathroom, you might choose one black or red wall with the other walls being white or gold. 
With the colors chosen, you would then start to add pieces in to accessorize the bathroom. The shower curtain will be one of the main purchases, which becomes a focal point of the room. Again, for an Asian inspired bathroom, you could choose a black, red, and white design that features Chinese fans, Japanese symbols, or even a scene of a river with boats. The shower curtain rod would coordinate with the main color of the shower curtain and with so many new options, you can find anything you want. 
Next, you want to look for a mirror, again choosing a design that works well with your theme. Other bathroom accessories include a soap dish, hand towel holder, toothbrush holder, rugs, toilet seat cover, and so on. Remember, you can go all out and put as many bathroom accessories as you want but if you want a clean look, keep things simple.

As a part of the bathroom accessories, you should also consider your fixtures and hardware. Even something as simple as the hinges on the bathroom vanity can make a difference in the overall look of the room. As you shop around for bathroom accessories, you will find many different options such as decorative jars, shelving, lighting, candleholders, and the list goes on. Most importantly, have fun when you decorate your bathroom, choosing the things that you like but also work well with the overall color and theme of the room.

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