Tiny Bathrooms

Nowadays flats and home are built quite small, which includes a tiny bathroom, unlike our parents or grandparents used to have. No matter the size, we have to make do with it and get the most out of it. Some people are more creative than others, so some bathrooms will look better and have more space than others.

This is why one of the top priorities when you move in your small home is to improve upon the tiny space you are given. An important aspect of it is flexibility. You need to have as end result a well designed bath area and you have to remember that you will be the designer of your space. However it will not come very cheap as you have to get yourself that extra space that you currently don’t really have.

First of all you need to consider where the room will be located. It should be in an area that is not as frequented as others. You could, for example, turn the garage into it if you are not using it. Besides finding the best location for your bath area, you should think of how much money you want to spend – or have to spend – in a custom made one which can be installed practically anywhere you choose to. Of course, if the bath room is already done when you move it, there is little you can do about this aspect. But if you are the master that creates your own toilet room, you need to buy an equipment that is quite flexible and movable anywhere you choose.

No matter how you go about it, you should never forget the final result that you want to get out of your endeavours: making the most of a small place and enlarging it as much as possible. Finally once the room is setup, it is important to think of safety and appeal.

If you dig through piles of cotton swabs to find the toothpaste, scale mountains of towels to get to the spare toilet paper or spend hours searching for the hairdryer, it could be time to organize your bathroom. When you’ve got to deal with a miniscule water closet, storage space comes at a premium and can get cluttered up in no time at all without some clever arranging.

Fortunately, the answer to most of your messy powder room woes can be found in a few well placed and cleverly designed bathroom organizers. If you’re just about ready to get that tiny bathroom of yours whipped into shape, take a moment to consider using a few of these handy and inexpensive organizers to accommodate your most essential toiletries.

Tension Pole Shower Organizer

Sometimes the trouble in organizing your bathroom comes in the form of roommates or family members. When you’ve got to share a tiny bathroom, one of the first areas to suffer from clutter is the shower or bathtub itself. If you’re often greeted with stacks of half empty shampoo bottles and hastily draped wash cloths during your morning shower, the tension pole shower organizer could be a life saver.

This innovative shower organizer is designed to fit into any corner of the shower and is secured into place by a spring loaded tension rod that fits between the shower floor and ceiling. The rod can fit in nearly any space and extends from 72 to 98 inches. Constructed of rust resistant steel with an attractive nickel finish, the organizer offers four large baskets for holding shampoo, soap, razors and more, plus a hook for hanging louffas and wash cloths.

Over Door Two Basket Towel Rack

If your storage problems exist primarily outside of the shower, however, it makes sense to start utilizing some of your bathroom’s more inert space. Any cramped bathroom can get an extra shot of storage space in seconds with the fantastic over door two basket towel rack.

Designed to fit over any standard sized door with virtually no installation, this great organizer instantly adds two spacious wire baskets measuring 28 inches long and 5 inches wide to your bathroom. While the baskets are a great place to store extra shampoo, lotions, dry goods and more, the towel rack hanging below will keep two towels dry and out of the way when not in use.

Over Toilet Space Saver

Another area of the bathroom that often goes unused is right above the toilet. Over toilet space saver racks add lots of storage space and come in lots of styles to match your bathroom’s décor. From simple chrome tubing and wire shelves to wrought iron units featuring cabinets, over toilet racks are a great place to keep extra towels, tissues, and toiletries. Designed to fit snugly over any standard toilet, these sturdy racks can also handle heavier fare including cleaning supplies.

Expandable Under Sink Shelf

Another bathroom space that has lots of storage potential is the area underneath the sink. However, plumbing fixtures can make this spot an unwieldy home for most bathroom items. Fortunately, the expandable under sink shelf features a unique and clever design that eliminates this pesky issue.

This sturdy two tier steel mesh shelf expands from 18 to 30 inches, leaving a space in the center that lets drain pipes snake through without compromising storage space. The unit also features five removable panels on each shelf so it can accommodate even irregular piping while providing you the maximum amount of space possible.

Door Waste Basket

In a tiny bathroom, even a simple waste basket can get in the way and use up valuable space. The handy door waste basket lets you keep that potential eyesore out of sight while freeing up a little more floor space. This large basket uses standard trash bags and installs securely simply in minutes. This great receptacle is available in 18 or 7 quart sizes to fit into any space and has the added bonus of keeping trash out of the reach of pets and kids.

Toilet Caddy

Finally, sometimes it’s the simplest of products that make the biggest difference. The helpful toilet caddy features a sturdy toilet paper holder, magazine rack on the bottom and a pole designed to hold 3 extra rolls, effectively eliminating those cumbersome packages of toilet paper.

Whether your bathroom suffers from a lack of space, too many users or both, a little clever rearranging and some well utilized organizers can make a big difference. You’ll be amazed by how some much needed shelving units or towel racks can transform your bathroom into one of the most efficient and even serene rooms in the house. Using these great products as a guide, find the organizers that will make your life simpler now.

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Bathroom Vanity Organizer

Everyone wants to have a bathroom that is both functional and stylish at the same time. One way that you can have both is by adding bathroom vanities in it. There are a lot of designs that you can choose from when planning to add bath vanities in your bathroom. You can go for modern designs or antique themed bathroom vanities. You certainly have vast choices, especially if you have a large bathroom area.

When it comes to small spaced bathrooms however, you should pick the right ones. You should avoid getting vanity furniture that may take up a lot of space, like antique bathroom vanities as they will congest your bathroom with their bulky designs. It would be a more appropriate choice to invest in a contemporary bathroom vanity which would fit within the small space in your bathroom.

In picking out the bathroom vanity that you will be adding into your bathroom, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is your bathroom space. You should take note that placing a lot of items in your bathroom, occupying all the free spaces will leave it with a cluttered look. So, make sure that you only get the essential ones.

If the bathroom space and your budget allow it, you can go for small bathroom vanity and sinks. This allows you to have both a sink and a storage space for your toiletries at the same time. This can be a practically choice as it allows you to organize your bathroom items while providing an area for you sink. However, if you find that you don’t have space to place a vanity cabinet, you might want to add a corner piece in your bathroom instead. This allows you to utilize a corner in your bathroom and place a sink on it.

When planning what kind and the design of the bathroom vanity that you will be placing in your small spaced bathroom. Keep in mind that you should get one that utilizes space efficiently, as well as allow you to organize your bathroom items. In order to maximize space and help you organize your items, you should pick one that has two or four small drawers by each side of the vanity top. This allows you to organize small bathroom items like toothbrushes, soaps, etc.

Aside from small drawers on the side, you should also try picking out modern bath vanities that has shelves below the drawers. This can be the perfect storage space to place towels, robes, etc. However, this will still depend on the size of the bathroom vanity that you will be choosing. 
Other than the design and storage space, you should also consider what kind of material you want the bath vanity to be. Wood is the most common materials when it comes to bathroom vanity furniture. You can also opt to purchase ones that are made from stronger materials like granite, marble, etc. However, the cost is much higher when going for bath furniture that are made from stronger materials.

When it comes to remodeling a home, one of the most common rooms homeowners choose to redo is the bathroom. Whether the bathroom has become outdated and inefficient and is in desperate need of remodeling in order to make it more modern and user friendly or if the homeowner’s have decided to actually add an extra bathroom for additional space, this is one room where choosing the right fixtures and options is extremely important.

For example, a small bathroom can be made much more efficient if a single bathroom vanity is installed. This smaller vanity allows for more space in the bathroom and makes the room feel less cluttered and claustrophobic. Choosing a smaller vanity might seem to be a disadvantage when it comes to storing all of the necessary items you likely want to keep in your bathroom; however, with some creative use of today’s organizing bins and shelves, you can easily store a wide variety of items in a tidy and organized fashion.

If you choose a single bathroom vanity that does not have any drawers or shelves in it, you will likely have plenty of open space in the cabinet under the sink. This space can be best used if you get some small storage units, such as stackable bins, shelves and even small drawer units. Some of the small, self-contained drawer containers are no more than a foot tall or wide and they provide plenty of storage for small items such as makeup, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and all of those other little bathroom essentials you want to keep organized.

Larger bins can be used to organize curling irons, a hair dryer, brushes, combs and some of the bulkier items. In fact, with the stacking bins, you can easily grab just the bin you need and when you are finished, it will go right back under the sink where it is out of sight. Shelves are another great benefit for organizing these small areas and are ideal for keeping all kinds of items close at hand, but out of sight. The important thing with a smaller bathroom is to be sure that you keep everything organized and tidy. When items are left out or the room becomes disheveled, it begins to appear even more crowded and uninviting.

If you happen to choose a single bathroom vanity that already has drawers or shelves built into it, you save yourself the trouble of finding ways to organize this area. The drawers can easily be used for the things you need on a daily basis. These are items you want to keep close at hand and easily accessible. The shelves inside the base can be used for bulky hair dryers, shampoos, conditioners and a host of other beauty or hygiene products that do not need to have right at your fingertips. However, even being stored inside the cabinet, these shelves are easily accessible for anything you might need. Additionally, having built in shelves provides a simple solution to keeping your bathroom neat and organized.

Heather Mitchell is a featured author for the online store UniqueVanities, where not only can you find a beautiful single bathroom vanity, but also a vessel sink to accent your room!

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Home Depot Bathroom Light Fixtures

Bathroom light fixtures are an easy way to improve the look of your home. Outdated, old, dirty fixtures can be a big turn off for potential buyers. Buyers are looking for a clean home that is attractive and appealing. If they walk into a bathroom that appears outdated or unclean, they may look elsewhere.

You can find decorative and inexpensive light fixtures at most of your local hardware stores; Home Depot and Lowes have a variety of fixtures, including some that look very modern and updated but with an affordable price. Before going shopping take a moment to decide what you are looking for; modern, traditional or more old fashioned. One of the newest looks is brushed nickel. It doesn’t have that shine like chrome but is more subdued and classy.

Once you have decided on the type of fixture that you like and that fits your decor, it’s time to do the work. This part is easy! Your first step should be to locate your control panel and turn the breaker off for the bathroom you are working in. Most fixtures have three wires; black, white and a green or grounding wire. Remove the old fixture, taking care not to damage the wires that need to be left behind. Do read the directions that come with your new light fixture, but it is usually just a matter of connecting the matching wire colors, placing the wire caps on and grounding your new fixture. When you attach the face plate of your new fixture, be sure not to trap any of the wires between the plate and the wall or ceiling. Now add your light bulbs and any covers for them and you are all set! Turn your breakers back on and test your new light. It is that simple to update the look of your bathroom and increase the value of your home.

Phillip McKay is an expert interior designer. His newest project, Modern Bathroom Light Fixutes, http://www.modernbathroomlightfixtures.com [http://modernbathroomlightfixtures.com], is a site that is dedicated to showing you everything you need to know to update your bathroom. The sites goes in depth on everything from installing to choosing bathroom light fixtures [http://modernbathroomlightfixtures.com/choosing-bathroom-lighting-fixtures].

Having a simple light bulb on the center of your bathroom ceiling is one thing, but having a bathroom with a well placed lighting fixture is another story entirely. There are two reasons why bathroom lighting fixtures are important; they are useful and decorative.

Going inside your bathroom that’s not well lit is a dangerous thing to do. Someone could slip and break their neck, not notice leaks when it’s too late, and many more bad scenarios resulting from poor lighting. Now we’ve got that covered we can move on to the fun part of bathroom lighting fixtures; aesthetics!

Not only are bathroom lighting fixtures great in function, it are also fantastic in style. Now first things first, before we talk about what types of designs would look great in your bathroom, let’s talk about the placement of these fixtures. A wonderful place to have a fixture would be around your mirror. A bulb or two above the mirror can serve as your general lighting. Add another on both sides and you’ll have the perfect lighting when it comes to wearing make up or just plain admiring your face. Another section that would require bathroom lighting fixtures would be the shower area. Also, if the bathroom is large enough, you can have a fixture installed on the center of the room.

Bathroom lighting fixtures will make design perfectionist go crazy due to the array of styles they can choose from. Whether you’re looking for a classic, vintage, conventional, or modern design, any major home depot is sure to have one. As I said before, it would be a good idea to have fixtures above your mirror, so we look for the ones that have good lighting quality. Good bathroom lighting fixtures would have soft lighting, and an even glow to it. If you’re going for the modern look then a chrome three bulb fixture would be the way to go. Otherwise, if you’re the classic type, go for the bronze two bulb lighting. To add that certain elegance and coziness you get from sconces you can add a one bulb sconce on either side of the mirror. As for the shower you can use recessed lighting to add artistic flair to your design. Now, if you’re going to go for the recessed lighting then I suggest you use a progress eyeball type of fixture. The sheer versatility of this fixture allows you to put it virtually anywhere on your shower area. Don’t be restricted to the center of the shower area ceiling, be creative, and try the wall. Talking about creativity, why not use a flush mount ceiling lighting for a touch of class. The flush mount lighting would go well with the sconces on your mirror. Now remember, don’t be limited to these suggestions. The sheer number of materials bathroom lighting fixtures are made of is just mind-boggling. There are fixtures made of wood, ceramic, bronze, copper, plastic, brass and many more.

Overall, bathroom lighting fixtures are versatile when you need lighting that is not only great in function but also grand in style. It’s a wonderful feeling when the designs you thought of go well with the overall feel you want to have for your bathroom. If this is all a bit too much for you, though then you can always have a professional do the work.

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Bathroom Pinterest

Recreating your bathroom can be so much fun and there are so many great products available to get the job done. It’s great when homeowners have ideas of what they want. They have magazine clippings, bring personal drawings, show Pinterest photos and everything in between. The sky is the limit when it comes to the amount of unique products available for your bathroom.

Now it’s time to make your dream bathroom a reality. Unless you seriously plan to go over budget or have an unlimited budget, you will have to compromise. I’m sorry but it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t have an awesome bathroom when it’s all done. So take your dream and make the best part of it a reality and work from there.

Here are the basic tips if you are on any kind of a budget. which I think it includes the majority of us.

1. Decide the amount of money you want to spend on the entire bathroom. This includes all fixtures and all labor to install.

2. Expect that you will go over that budget by at least 10% and that’s a conservative number.

3. Don’t let your contractor give you general bids with ‘allowances’. This just means they allowed for cheap stuff and if you want your dream bathroom you need to be prepared to pay and pay to upgrade to what you really want. The ‘allowances’ must be detailed and you must make sure those estimates are within the range of the quality you are looking for. You may want to remove all ‘allowances’ so you are in control and find the proper materials for your dream bathroom. Contractors don’t like this because they ‘encourage’ you to purchase products that they get financial incentives for and/or products they are comfortable installing.

4. When you realize that everything is going to cost more than expected, don’t forget to compromise. Find the one thing in your bathroom that gives it the WOW factor and start from there. You may have to compromise on all the other aspects or decide to increase your budget. Usually, the outcome is somewhere in the middle.

5. There are ways to cut corners when you are outside of budget. Ask for help from the people who sell the products. They usually can find something within budget that you would have never found on your own.

The important thing is to have a realistic view of the costs involved and a detailed plan going into it. Your renovation can a good experience and you should be happy when it’s all done.

Bathroom remodeling jobs can be things of beauty. They can be the perfect combination of form & function. The issue with getting set to have your own remodeling job take shape is that you may not actually have a place to start. Sure, you may have some ideas, and you may even take inventory when you visit the bathroom at a friend or family member’s house, but you really don’t have the chance to get a grasp of the project’s breadth.

If you’ve thought about giving your bathroom a bit (or a major) makeover, but you’re not sure where to start, here are five places you can look for some inspiration:

1. Friends & Family – You arguably spend more time with friends and family than anyone else, and, as such, you have a chance to really see what they’re doing & what they’ve done. Are their faucets good at saving water? Do they like/not like having a tub? Have they tried a new type of exhaust system? You can even get some feedback on the most overlooked part of bathroom remodeling projects – storage.

2. Magazines – Many magazines are still available for homeowners looking for inspiration. The nice thing about most magazines aimed at this type of project is that they delve into all aspects of it. You’re looking for a bathroom remodel that reduces water consumption while still providing aesthetically pleasing fixtures. Maybe you’re also interested in paint combinations and greenery. Magazines hit on all bases.

3. Home Improvement Stores – Whether you’re talking “big-box” or “Mom & Pop”, these stores are seeing the trend of homeowners needing some feedback on remodeling projects. As such, many of them have in-store demos and mock-ups so that potential customers can not only see what choices they have in hardware, but they can also see how it can come together as a complete room. The best part is that you can get the materials there, & leave with just about all you need to start the job.

4. Television – TV used to have only a few channels to choose from, but now subscribers have access to hundreds of channels with special interests in mind, and this includes home improvement & remodeling. Not only is programming tailored toward making changes to your home, but in many cases, you get the ‘know-how’ to DIY.

5. Apps – It seems as though there is an app for everything, but there is certainly something to be said about the availability of apps that cater toward homeownership. What’s more, there are certain apps, like Pinterest, that showcase ideas of all kinds and allow users to ‘pin’ the idea to a virtual board, and share the idea with others.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be an arduous task meant to break your spirit. By having a place to start getting ideas, you’ll save time, and you’ll have the chance to get your remodel underway the right way.

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Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror

If you want to renovate your bathroom without spending a huge amount of money, you are on the right page. Given below are some tips that can save you plenty of money on your bathroom renovation. Read on.

Have a Plan

If you are on a budget, hiring the services of an architect or designer can be an expensive move for you, but it is worth the price paid. But make sure you have a plan in place before hiring a professional.

Don’t move the piping

If possible, you should use the existing piping. If you relocate utilities, such as bathtub and toilet, you will have to be ready for huge expenses. According to experts, moving the plumbing fixtures can cost you as much as $5,000.

Mirror Frame-Up

If you have a builder-grade mirror, you should dress it up with a good frame. This way you won’t need to buy a big hanging mirror. Moreover, the frame will hide the wear and tear as well. Experts recommend adding frames around mirrors in order to conceal the flaking around the edges.

Buy a new toilet seat

If you want to renovate your bathroom, you should replace the toilet seat and the lid rather than toss out the entire porcelain perch. This way you won’t have to spend money on a new unit.

Head to the antique stores

If you want to upgrade that old vanity, you should give a go to the antique dresses at antique stores or flea markets. The beauty of these antique stores is that they offer beautiful vanity furniture at a fraction of the cost of new furniture. So, heading to these stores is a great idea if you are on a tight budget.

Alternatives to Tile

You don’t necessarily have to have tiles to your bathroom ceiling. You can take into account other alternatives, such as beadboard or reclaimed wood panels. As a matter of fact, wood requires a lot of upkeep but offers better vibe. So, using wood in place of tile is a good idea.

Buy Open Shelves

Your bath is a private place; however, open shelves can make your bathroom look spacious. Moreover, a few covered baskets or drawers on shelves can hold your personal items, such as soaps, towels and washes, just to name a few.

Use Paint

Paint can make a huge difference as far renovating your bathroom goes. Therefore, you may want to use different colors in order to make your bathroom look more beautiful.

Consider the Leftovers

If you have been looking for a tile, we suggest that you check out eBay and Craigslist. Someone may be selling their leftovers on these sites and you may buy them at the fraction of the cost of new stuff. Often, people get rid of their leftovers by putting them on these sites for sale.

So, if you have been looking for some tips to save money on your bathroom renovation, we suggest that you use this guide. Hopefully, you will save plenty of money.

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The bathroom is supposed to be a tranquil relaxing environment that we enjoy using, but more often than not the bathroom has become a place where we quickly go through the motions before the start of another working day, with the time spent actually relaxing in it much decreased thanks to our hectic daily lives. It doesn’t have to be like that though; it should be a place where you feel relaxed as soon as you walk in and a place where you can soak away your worries for longer than a few minutes. These easy steps will help you reclaim your bathroom as a pure relaxation space and make you want to spend as much time in it as possible.

Soak Into a Luxury Bath

Nothing feels better than a long soak in the bath at the end of a hard-working day, and a luxury freestanding bath is the perfect place to do so. It’s also a great focal point that you can create the rest of the bathroom around. If you’ve got the space then putting it in the middle of the bathroom will be the stunning focal point that will wow you and any guests when walking into the bathroom. If you have to put your bath against the wall then add a wall-mounted bath tap for that extra touch.

Consider a Wetroom

If you’re trying to get the ultimate spa-like-feel then a wetroom shower area might be right up your street. This requires a lot more effort than the rest of the tips here as you’ll have to adapt the bathroom floor to suit the regular water flow and make sure the entirety of the floor and walls are airtight sealed so water doesn’t leak into other parts of the house. Also, stick in a wetroom glass screen to protect other parts of the bathroom.

Waterfall Taps

The sound of running water can lend an air of tranquillity to any space, and there’s not a lot more calming than the sound of a nearby mini-waterfall. Now you can have your very own waterfall in your bathroom, and it’s in a sleek stylish form that will bring your bathroom smack bang into the modern era. Waterfall taps also look stunning and will add a unique touch to your bathroom.

Countertop Basins

Emphasise the spa style in your bathroom by installing a countertop basin, instantly creating a more luxurious feel to your personal space. Countertop basins should be installed on top of bathroom furniture, with the perfect pieces being vanity units and console units. Two countertop basins are even better if you have the space, and you could even go down the cute his and her route. Complete the look with a high-rise mixer tap or wall mounted taps.

Cut the Clutter

I say this time and time again when I’m writing about bathrooms, but it’s worth repeating because it’s such an important factor when it comes to creating a relaxing space. Let’s face it, it doesn’t feel good when you’re surrounded by clutter and it also reduces the amount of space you have available. Invest in a stylish vanity unit or a mirrored cabinet to safely store your clutter away, with bonus points for wood finishes as it creates a feeling of warmth. Only keep what you need in your bathroom on a daily basis. That doesn’t include that bottle of shampoo you only used once. In fact, throw that away! There’s no point in having to create space for things that you don’t need in the first place.

Finishing Touches

To maintain a more uniform feel (e.g so the bathroom doesn’t look like various parts thrown together without much thought) you need to co-ordinate bathroom accessories. Go for similar colours and styles; with soap dispensers, towel rails, toilet roll holders and more providing a stylish yet neat feel. Dot some candles around too, and fluffy towels that feel amazing when you’ve just stepped out of the bath. You can even warm them up with heated towel rails.

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