Stone Vessel Bathroom Sinks

A new and contemporary trend for bathroom style includes vessel sinks. These sinks, available in a number of styles, colors, and materials bring an elegant yet functional work of art to the room. A vessel sink is one that sits on top of a counter instead of being fitted into the surface. Because of their modern elegance, more and more people are choosing the vessel sink, whether they are building a new home or remodeling an existing space. There are a quite large number of choices in style when considering a vessel sink, so here are a few pointers that will make the decision much easier.

Consider the style of the home. If you live in a thoroughly modern home, you may want to choose a colored glass or clean ceramic vessel sink. The glass sinks are available in many colors, including swirled colors in a clear glass, creating an eye catching and modern piece. You can never go wrong with a smooth, white ceramic vessel sink, which will offer the clean lines and shiny finish featured in most modern style homes. If your home is more classic, Victorian, or more casual, you could consider a stone or concrete vessel sink. Earth toned glass or material also goes well with a classic style home.

Pick the right material for your new sink. There are many material options for vessel sinks, including glass, stone, ceramic, concrete, steel, and even wood. Glass sinks are available in a number of colors and textures, but they can be tricky to keep clean. Stone sinks are durable and easy to clean, but they can be quite pricey. Wood and steel sinks can be quite beautiful, but they require a good bit on maintenance in order to retain their beauty. Perhaps the most classic, ceramic vessel sinks are easy to clean and beautiful, however, this classic material may not offer the modern feel for which you are looking.

Make sure you choose the right accessories. You will need to purchase a faucet that is made to go with a vessel sink since the whole set will sit on top of the counter. There are plenty of styles and designs for your faucet also, and you can choose between a faucet that is mounted to the wall, or one that mounts to the counter and reaches up over the lip of the sink.

A vessel sink can be a beautiful and contemporary addition to any bathroom, and you will have no problem making the right choice with these pointers.

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Bathroom sinks can go a far way in remodeling your bathroom. However, if you just bought your home or you already own your home, you may need to educate yourself as to which bathroom sink will be just perfect for your home. You will need to have an understanding about the different types of bathroom sinks that exist, mainly because there are many available, and the advantages differ among all the different types and styles of bathroom sinks. In choosing your bathroom sink, it will usually depend on a few factors, as you might be looking for something to renovate your bathroom or you may just be looking for something that is reliable and extremely durable.

Let’s look at some of the different types of bathroom sinks that are available for your selection. Firstly, if you’re wondering about installation woes, then you probably might need to choose an old stand-by to the bathroom sink. This is because these sinks are really easy to install as they are drop-in or self-rimming sinks that will just about work any countertop material. Moreover, any hole that you have cut into your countertop, they will quite possibly fit into it perfectly. However, the only drawbacks of these bathroom sinks are that the styles can make keeping the rims clean a little bit tedious and challenging.

Another type of bathroom that is extremely convenient and easy to clean is an under mount sink. Out of all the ones available, this particular sink allows you to mount then on the underside of the countertop with the clips. Therefore, you will have no rims to work hard to clean. However, one of the drawbacks of owning one of these sinks for your bathroom is that they are typically used with solid surfacing tops and stone, which are extremely expensive making you dip way down deep into your pockets.

Apart from their decorative abilities, they are extremely useful like your regular integral one. This sink is specifically concerned with the countertop and the sink itself forming one continuous material, most of the times made with either, concrete, stone, metal or solid surfacing. These sinks are your conventional dinks that are made in a round, oval, however, since lately they are being made in a trough like and rectangle shapes.

You can make choose a vessel sink to make a bold decorative statement. These bathroom sinks are designed with a wide range of materials like metals, stone, cooper and stainless steel to beautiful glass works of art. However, there is no overflow drain and therefore you should exercise precaution when purchasing this sink, especially if you have young children, as they will be unable to use the sink properly. Finally, from a large number of sinks available online and at reasonable prices, there is the glass vessel bathroom sinks, which are a beautiful choice, but is not really maintenance friendly. This is because you will need to wipe the sink clean after every use and as you take the necessary precautions to avoid scratching and mineral deposits.

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Target Bathroom Accessories

When you see beautiful bathroom photographs in glossy magazines and bathroom brochures they are often showcasing porcelain tiles, and for good reason. Porcelain tiles are a luxury product. They have a depth of colour and shine that is really sought after for luxury bathroom finishes, and are the first choice bathroom tile for many discerning customers. Porcelain is alleged to be harder than granite! As a material it is strong, tough, waterproof, easy to keep clean and doesn’t need treatments or coatings to make it bathroom proof, so in many ways it is quite unlike the natural stone products it imitates, such as slate, limestone and granite.

So why are installers reluctant to work with Porcelain? First of all, Porcelain isn’t so difficult to cut – in a straight line that is. But when it comes to hole cutting, for running pipes, or for fitting accessories such as mirrors, soap trays etc cutting into Porcelain can be very time consuming, and sometimes costly too. For this reason adding Porcelain to your bathroom specification can add to the cost, not only of installation, but also in breakage allowance. Your installer isn’t going to want to bear the cost of any tiles he breaks trying to drill into them, and he certainly won’t want to pay for your tiler to return to replace any he damages. Fitters who are prepared to do the work may need to purchase extra equipment, hole cutters etc, in order to work with porcelain. Installers may well bump up the price significantly, in order to buy special kits or drill bits, or even as a safety net for damage.

So what happens if you’ve had a gorgeous bathroom installed and luxury porcelain tiles fitted, and you ask your installer if he wouldn’t mind fitting a few lovely accessories you’ve bought before he packs up his tools. This might well be a problem. He’s happy with the work he’s done. The room looks fabulous. It’s doubtful he’s going to want to risk your goodwill, and his fee, by drilling into your perfect porcelain wall tiles. Most likely he’ll do that worrisome sharp intake of breath through the teeth that fitters do just before mentioning a big sum of money, and you’ll be left wondering whether to stump up the cost of a decent home computer to have your accessories fitted, or go without your loo roll holder and soap dishes!

There may well be an answer, and not surprisingly it’s come via our German cousins. No drill bathroom accessories are exactly that. They fix to your wall without drilling. Now before you click away, picturing nasty plastic suction pads or cheap accessories, these accessories are top quality brass bodied products, with proper chrome plated finishes. The fixing system uses proper fixing points with concealed fixings. There’s nothing cheap and nasty about no drill accessories – no tacky or flimsy steel accessories with flaky ‘chrome effect’ painted finishes such as you might find in a DIY shed, or discount store. Instead this is revolutionary German adhesive technology at its best.

No drill accessories use a scientifically advanced adhesive formula that bonds to almost any hard, firm surface. Special fixing adapters are bonded to the surface and then left to cure, after which the accessory itself is firmly clicked and locked on. The accessories have been tested to hold loads of up to 300kg. That’s like the equivalent of a couple of plumbers, a plasterer and a tiler all hanging off your towel rail at the same time without pulling it from the wall! The accessories themselves are fine quality and exquisitely designed for luxury bathrooms. Every bit as good as other premium ranges – and available in a choice of styles to suit all tastes.

So when you’re installer says he can’t, or won’t, fix your bathroom accessories because you’ve chosen porcelain tiles, just point him towards the accessories for bathrooms site []. He’ll find technical information, even a video on how to install, and if he’s interested he can contact us to register for trade discounts which we make available to genuine installers and trades people. But you could always fit the accessories yourself. Quote the code EZ5 at checkout to get a special EzineArticles discount from all your bathroom accessories chosen online at Accessories for Bathrooms.

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Red Bathroom Sink

A new trend in bathroom decorating these days is buying chic bathroom sink bowls as opposed to the standard sink bowl. Many downtown lofts are incorporating this into their bathroom schemes to add to the eclectic style of the downtown atmosphere. If you are deciding to change your bathroom sink theme, check out your local home décor store for some chic styles to purchase.

Before you go shopping, avoid the uncomfortable situation with aggressive salesmen by knowing exactly what style, brand and shape that you want to purchase before even entering the front door. Browse the internet and search for home improvement sites. The good thing about using the internet for shopping is that you can take your precious time deciding exactly what you want for your sink bowl. Pick out your top three choices and then go into the store to test the texture and durability. Some stores provide coupons that are printable, so on top of documenting the part and model number, bring your discounts!

If you want to add a touch of style to your sink, add some gems. You can purchase these at a craft store for a very small price. If you have a red shower curtain, and everything else in your bathroom is cream colored, buy some red gems to put in your sink bowl. This will add a hint of color and give something pretty for guests to look at when washing their hands. The only downside to having these gems is cleaning them often to get rid of soap scum and toothpaste residue.

Buying an attractive sink bowl is only half of the work. A professional should be the one installing this unless you know what you are doing 100%. Trying to install something when not being fully confident can end up causing more damage than what was there to begin with! We all like to feel like superstars in our houses when we replace things for free that a hired contractor could have done for a large price, but sometime it doesn’t work out as smoothly as planned. There are many “How To” books on home improvements, so make sure to study, watch videos if provided and take each step a little at a time.

When purchasing a new bathroom sink bowl, take your time picking out what style matches your bathroom scheme, add flare and accents to your purchase and remember to be patient with the installation. After the project is finished, you will have a nice bathroom piece that all your friends will admire for years to come.

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When it comes to buying bathroom sinks for you bath, there are many different directions that you can take. For instance, you must first choose a personality for your bathroom before you actually pick the hardware. Only after you have selected a color scheme, or after you have made a decision between wallpaper and tiling, will you know what hardware to select. Will your bathroom be colorful and modern? Or will it be it be designed in rich woodsy colors? Once you have decided this, you can then move on to deciding which hardware you want.

If you are shopping for a sink specifically, you may have to take a step back and decide whether or not you will also have a bathroom vanity in your bathroom. This fact dictates the type of sink you will need to buy. For instance, if you are planning on having a vanity fitted in your bathroom, you probably want to choose a supported sink that will be placed the vanity top. Depending on the vanity, you may also pick a drop-in sink or a semi-recessed sink where the the actual sink is partially submerged into a hole in the vanity top.

On the other hand, if you are not going to include a bathroom vanity in your bathroom, you can elect to go with either a pedestal sink or a wall mounted sink. A pedestal sink is basically a sink that is mounted on a pedestal that connects to the floor. Thus, all the plumbing is hidden in these type of sinks. A wall mounted sink is simply a sink that is mounted to a wall. Make sure to take into account the fact that the plumbing is visible underneath the sink.

Once you have decided the type of sink you are going to buy, you can then choose the color or make of it. You have several different options. If you want a colorful, modern bathroom you can opt to go with glass sinks. Colors for glass sinks can range from bright red to bright green, so will you have a lot of options. On the other hand, if you choose to buy a resin sink or a porcelain sink, you are usually confined to selecting a white sink. Nevertheless, you will have many choices when it comes to shape because they are offered in square, rectangular, oval, circular, and many more shapes.

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Easy Bathroom Updates

A quick and easy bathroom makeover would be the right thing for many of us who are bored with the old decor of our bathrooms and are ready to update. No need to fear any major restorations in the near future. There is a simpler way to make improvements without the messy work.

With a simple change of the existing bathroom accessories and cabinet hardware, you will have a totally new look to your bathroom within an hour or two.

No major changes or tools are needed except a screwdriver or drill (if you prefer) and the time it takes to decide what accessories you want and where they fit in.

Remember, the idea is to make a change, and this means that it is time to donate that toilet tissue cover to the charity of your choice and get modern.

You might find that you are amazed by all the choices available for bathroom accessories.

If your bathroom looks drab and dull and has been the same since you moved in, try brightening the room with bold colors and textures of paint.

If you had an obsession with the frog family, it might be time to change into a flower child and touch your inner peace.

For those who want a more sophisticated look, consider a lean toward a spa effect with calming earthy colors.

For the romantic bathroom, reds and purples will bring about the right mood and adding a candle or two will give the right air for love. Make sure you have fun with the change and go a little wild.

To bring about the sleeker modern look, it will be necessary to give up those outdated cabinet and door fixtures. Adding themed cabinet hardware can really bring out the decor and color of the space.

If you have decided to add new paint to the cabinets or walls, adding new door or cabinet hardware can be the finishing touch you have been looking for.

Today, you can find every color, shape, and material used for the fixtures. Some of the better selling finishes are in chrome, nickel, gold, brass, pewter, and ceramic hardware.

Remember, simple is sometimes the best thing to add a touch of class. Door hardware falls under the same category as the cabinet hardware. Remember, the door fixtures will be the first thing you see when you enter so you might want to splurge here!

Things have certainly changed in the way of room decor. This means more possibilities for you to consider in your makeover. Allow your creative side to come forth and create a room that you will be proud to spend time in. Make it one you will want all your guests to see!

Whether you choose to go frilly or funky, you will be able to find bathroom accessories, door hardware, and cabinet hardware to fit. Once you are finished with your creation, run a hot bath, add some bubble bath, jump in and enjoy your new bathroom.

If bathroom remodeling is a challenge, try something easier. Change your door and cabinet hardware for a simple change. Let CKI Wholesale furnish your new cabinet hardware. Visit CKI Wholesale at [] to manage your makeover dreams.

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What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom

Years of color response research have shown that human behavior is affected by color and that we do respond psychologically to color. You probably already know that from your own experience. You’ve probably had strong responses to certain colors in the past and know that surrounding yourself with the right colors is a good thing to do.

Let’s say that you wanted to design a great color scheme for the walls of your home, colors that would project the proper mood for each room. What colors would you choose?

Let’s start in the living room. Light green would be a good choice here. As the dominant color in nature we feel at home in a green room. It has a calming effect and is generally very relaxing. A good accent color in the living room might be a shade of yellow since green and yellow are next to each other on the color wheel. Another good choice in the living room would be light blue. And for an accent, pick a darker blue. The blues can reduce stress and relieve tension and are a good choice in other rooms as well. Is it any wonder that light greens and light blues are popular colors in hospitals, spas, schools, and workplaces?

In the dining room you would do well with red or orange colors. Both colors have a tendency to stimulate the appetite and to promote feelings of excitement. The colors are known to create moods that enhance social interaction, and that’s certainly a good thing in a dining room. However, stay away from blue here as blue tends to suppress appetites.

If you have a sun room, consider using the green colors. The cool and fresh mood of green would be a natural selection for the sun room.

In foyers and hallways yellow is a good choice because it helps show the way. Yellow can grab your attention better than any other color. Yellow is definitely an eye catcher.

The kitchen is another good place for a yellow color. Yellow in the kitchen can create a cheerful, friendly mood. In many homes numerous lively, friendly conversations take place in the kitchen or adjacent breakfast/dinette area, so you might as well enhance that mood with yellow. Another good color choice in the kitchen is orange. As in the dining room the vibrant, exciting mood of orange works well in the kitchen.

The natural and calming effect of green makes it a good choice for a bathroom. The peaceful, tranquil, relaxing mood of the proper shade of green would be just right in the room where you envision a nice warm bath. The clean, restful colors of white and gray are also appropriate here.

There are numerous choices of color for a bedroom. The soothing mood of blue is an excellent choice for adults and children. Relax and fall asleep. On the other hand seniors report that a light yellow color in the bedroom can lift their mood, which also has a relaxing effect. It’s an especially good color to wake up to. Now, if you wish to enhance the romantic mood in the bedroom consider the colors mauve and pink. These colors, along with red tones, help to produce feelings of intimacy and passion. However, to make the bedroom feel restful choose blues, greens, pinks, or peaches. You can see that there are lots of color choices for this room.

For a children’s bedroom or playroom, contrasting colors are likely to create a stimulating and lively mood. Choose, for example, purple with yellow or orange with blue. Look for colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel. Children are going to play and have fun in this room. If the room is used primarily for sleep, though, stick with the tried and true blue colors.

Hopefully, these suggestions stimulate your imagination and give you some good ideas. Choose the colors that inspire you and make you feel welcome each time you come home.

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