Black And White Bathrooms

Black And White Bathrooms. Chic and cutting edge, bathroom black and white tile has been around since the early 1900’s. Reproductions of the ever popular fad are popping up in bathrooms all across the world.

There are many patterns, and variations that make black and white tile so appealing. The most simplest of all is the checkerboard pattern. It’s an easy alteration of black/white over and over again offsetting the colors with each new row.

In the early 1900’s, a pinwheel pattern was established and is still the fad of today. This pattern, is a single black square surrounded by a white square. Over the years, the pinwheel has changed as well. Turning the black square off angle so to speak inside of the white square, giving it more of a diamond appearance.

Marbling is another fashionable trend for the bathroom. The elegance of marbled black/white tiles lends a more expensive look without a huge cost. In some cases, these marbled tiles are cracked purposefully and then placed over a dark colored grout. This hip new twist can additionally be accented with gold leaflets for a bit of sparkle, making the whole piece look rather unique and eye-catching. It is sure to be a topic of conversation whenever you have visitors over to your home.

One of the most attractive looks is the mosaic look. This can be a bit more expensive since finding tile already cut in this pattern is rare. Therefore, you will find yourself creating your own mosaic patterns. It requires smaller tiles and a whole lot of patience. You may want to design this look prior to actually doing it since it can be a little complicated laying these unique patterns of tile and you wouldn’t want to ruin the tiles you have and have to pay for new ones. Have the design drawn out on a piece of paper, then try out putting together just one pattern; if all goes well then proceed with the rest of your tiles.

For subtle looks, add a single colored tile to your black/white tiles. The color will easily stand out in the middle of the otherwise neutral color, which makes the color an eye popper and gives a unique and fresh look to your room.

A new and exciting tile is black and white tattoos. They are fun, creative ways to spice up the ever popular look. These tattoos come in many variations of flowers, hearts, paisley’s, and kaleidoscope looks.

Another nifty trick is brickwork for your bathroom tiles. The look is created with larger tile at the top of the wall and smaller rectangle ones beneath. The black and white tile can be alternated or you can have one color more than the other. Whatever your dreams are for your bathroom black and white tile, the possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination. You can create modern, contemporary looks, or make it retro depending on how you want the bathroom to interact and fit-in with the rest of your home.

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Boho Bathroom

As the birthplace of the Fab Four, Liverpool already has a very influential claim to fame as far as being cool goes. Planning a holiday in this delightful city isn’t difficult – after all, tourism is of extreme importance here – but selecting a truly hip hotel can be. Your holiday in Liverpool will be that much more enjoyable when you stay at a hotel that is genuinely remarkable, so why not select one of the following five hotels in Liverpool when booking a stay?

1. 62 Castle Street

If roominess matters to you, then you simply can’t do much better than 62 Castle Street. While the hotel itself isn’t necessarily a bastion of trendiness, the suites that can be booked here are truly out of this world. Plasma televisions, CD players and exceptional bathroom facilities make 62 Castle Street a veritable home away from home for the weary traveller. Without question, 62 Castle Street makes Victorian design sleek and stylish – even in the 21st century.

2. Hard Days’ Night Hotel

You can’t escape the Beatles while in Liverpool, and if you’re going to immerse yourself in the culture surrounding this iconic rock band then the Hard Days’ Night Hotel is a great place to do so. A great themed hotel, the Hard Days’ Night Hotel manages to keep things original and quirky whilst toned down enough to avoid drowning in kitsch. Thoroughly modern and well appointed, it’s a great option for anyone planning a holiday in Liverpool.

3. Express by Holiday Inn

Most people don’t necessarily associate a Holiday Inn with “cool,” but the Express by Holiday in at Albert Dock is one of the most trendily designed Liverpool hotels. Exposed brick and a warehouse-like ambiance lend this place a bohemian appeal; artistic types will undoubtedly feel at home here.

4. Parr Street

With twelve “boho chic” rooms and an incredibly trendy location, Parr Street definitely stands out as cool among the majority of hotels in Liverpool. Sleigh beds and LCD televisions help amp up the appeal here, although the location alone is enough to please just about any visitor.

5. Racquet Club

If exclusivity is cool, then the Racquet Club is one of the coolest Liverpool hotels around. There are only eight rooms available, but each one is decked out with sumptuous details like roll tops baths and high end saunas. Your holiday in Liverpool will be all the more memorable for staying here.

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Small Chandeliers For Bathroom

Your home is your showpiece. When people enter the front door they are presented with the essence of who you are and what level of success you have achieved. This is part of the reason that most people take great pride in their homes. They want to have a beautiful place to go after work, a wonderful place to raise their children, and a comfortable place to entertain guests. Due to this many people spend countless hours finding the right paint or wallpaper, furniture, and accessories for their home.

One of the best ways to instantly add a bit of pizzazz to your home is by incorporating a crystal chandelier into the decor. Not only are they eye catching and beautiful, but they are also classic and sophisticated. This makes it the perfect accent to add to your home.

There are many different types of crystal chandeliers on the market. This means that you can find the color, shape, style, and size that you are looking for. However, before you rush out and buy the first crystal chandelier that you fall in love with you will want to give some serious thought to your purchase.

Room Choice

You must give some careful thought to where you place your crystal chandelier. Wanting it is one thing, but placing it in the perfect spot is essential for it to really pack a punch and get the attention that you want it to have.

New York City Swarovski crystal chandelier dealer Sam Miz says “You will want to take into account the different architectural styles of each room to ensure that the crystal chandelier you select will coordinate nicely with the decor.

“It’s also important to measure the height of the room where you’ll hang the chandelier. It should not exceed 30 inches above your head otherwise it will appear dwarfed if you hang it too high.”

What is the best room to install a crystal chandelier? There is no set rule as to the best place to hang one up. Although they are normally found in entry ways and dining rooms these fixtures are becoming increasingly more common in bedrooms and bathrooms.


How big or how small is a crucial point to get right. Crystal chandeliers can be found in a variety of sizes and you want to be sure that you choose the right one for the room that you have chosen. If you are placing one in an intimate bathroom then you are not going to want to choose the same chandelier that you would place in a large and elegant entry way.

Miz recommends choosing a chandelier for your living room that is 20 to 30 percent of your room’s width. However, if you are thinking of placing one in your entrance hall, then select a fixture that is 30 to 40 percent of your foyer’s width.

In your dining room, Miz says the size of the crystal chandelier is influenced greatly by the size of the dining table. A crystal chandelier that is 1.5 to 2 feet wide is best if you have a six person dining table; for an eight person table, a chandelier that is 2.0 to 2.5 feet wide is optimal; and for 10 to 12 people, Miz suggests choosing one that is 2.5 to 3.5 feet wide.


In recent years crystal chandeliers have taken on a new trend. It used to be that you could only find them in clear crystal. However, today it has become increasingly more common to find colored chandeliers or clear chandeliers with colored accent pieces. Again, your room is going to have a lot to do with this decision, but if you want to tie your color scheme in through your chandelier you now have the option to do so.


As mentioned above, you can find crystal chandeliers in a variety of styles. There are more traditional chandeliers featuring rounded crystals to catch the light, more art deco styles, and more contemporary styles with straighter edges. The truth is that there is no wrong choice with style as long as it compliments what you already have in your home. You want your decor to flow together cohesively and that includes how your chandelier coordinates with your overall interior style. So trust your instincts, and stick with a style that you love!

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Mid Century Modern Bathroom

The modern American house, with its interlaced spaces, functional zones and cubic forms, was developed in Europe by Le Corbusier and others, modified in America by the works of the Masters, and transformed into a new idiom through its regionalization.

The images of the “American house” were transmitted around the world, making it the modern model for the 1950s and 1960s.

An essential contribution to the genesis of the ‘American modern house’ idea was given by John Entenza -publisher of Art & Architecture- that in 1945 conceived the ‘Case Study Houses Program’ together with some of the most important post-war Californian architects.

The houses had to be an example of modern and inexpensive way of building and living for post-war modern families.

The first houses included in the program were built in wood -due to the shortage of industrial materials- and their dimensions were regulated by law.

Six of these economical houses were built in California by 1948; they set the scene for what was to follow when conventional industrialized products once again became available on the market.

An exceptional house using prefabricated components was built by the designers Charles and Ray Eames in 1945-1949 in Santa Monica, California.

The house is set back from the sea on a hilly site, amidst trees that filter the light into its interior. lt is a box that recalls the delicacy of a Japanese shoji screen, in this instance with a prefabricated framework of metal, filled in by transparent and opaque panels of varying sizes.

The interior space, with its double-height living area overlooked by the sleeping loft, employs the same vocabulary, and features furnishings such as the now famous Eames chair.

The Richard Neutra Kaufman Desert House in Palm Springs, also, set the rules for the typical mid century modern American Suburbian houses.

The house ‘landed’ -as Richard Neutra liked to say- with its green grass all around and the swimming pool, in a desertic landscape surrounded by hills and rocks. Its plan has the shape of a cross with each wing designed by Neutra to have their own view and access to open space.

ln addition to its seminal 1932 “lnternational Style” exhibition, the Museum of Modern Art in New York also staged other events that brought modern architecture to an American audience.

ln 1949, for example, it exhibited a model – essentially suburban – house by Marcel Breuer. The house had a V-shaped butterfly roof, like that of Le Corbusier’s project for the Errazuriz House (1930) in Chile and with similar dimensions, and was also similar in the way that it was zoned for contemporary living.

Both houses were modified by locally manufactured materials and components. Breuer’s house reflected the exuberance of postwar optimism in America as a model for middle-income dwelling.

The Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and Philip Johnson’s Glass House more than any other mid century modern house expressed the most known features of the American house: horizontality and spaces flowing into each others.

The Farnsworth House brings to a domestic level what van der Rohe already did with the Illinois Institute of Technology.

lt was unlike any conceived before it, consisting of a minimalist rectangular box enclosed by a floating roof slab and a floor slab suspended 1,5 m above the ground, both supported by eight steel H-columns.

The walls were of large panes of glass. ln plan it measured 8.6 m x 23.7 m.

The patio is on the west side and as big as the whole house. The one space plan interior is only divided by the kitchen-bathroom-fireplace core and a set of closets that screen the sleeping area.

The perfect integration of the house with the landscape, its lightness and sense of open made the Farnsworth house unique in the mid century modern as in the contemporary architectural scene.

Built before the Farnsworth House was completed but clearly indebted to its design was Philip Johnson’s Glass House (1949) in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Sitting on a low brick podium, it held a single space that was symmetrically contained by columns at the corners, centers and entrances of each of its four sides.

The interior itself was defined asymmetrically by free-standing cabinets and a cylindrical bathroom core, an arrangement that, according to Johnson in his Writings, was inspired by a Malevich painting.

According to Mies’ biographer Franz Schulze, “Mies disdained the house not simply because it was an imitation but because he considered it poorly detailed as well.”

Some years later, during a visit to the house, Mies and Johnson argue about it and other architectural matters, and their rift never healed.

As Schulze observed, it was probably for the best that Johnson left the shadow of the Master when he did, and went on to become one of America’s most influential architects.

However, as examples of perfect dwellings both the Farnsworth and Johnson houses failed.

They both allowed only poor climatic control, were expensive to build, and designed as pieces of art; not really attractive for the majority of people.

Despite this, the two houses became international icons of the mid century modern architecture and extraordinary successful.

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Brown Bathroom

The brown color is on fashion this year especially if you know how to fit it with your furniture or with your walls. The specialists in the field have find that this color is not so ugly like they think and this can be very beautiful if it is put where it should. Try to combine in your bathroom for example two colors or choose only one to fit with the bathroom’s walls and shower and all you have in it. The brown color fits very well in your bathroom because this color is fashionable and you will have a beautiful bathroom where you will enter with pleasure to have a shower every day.

Many people think that the bathroom is not so important in a house but this is not at all true. The bathroom is very important because you go there every day and this has to look good for your pleasure and for a beautiful and modern house. You have to be careful in choosing your shower’s curtain because these things that at the first view seems without importance you will observe that when you will finish your bathroom to arrange and you put a inappropriate curtain your bathroom will look bad instead looking good, but is very simple to realize what is wrong: the shower’s curtain. Change it choosing a color that matches with the entire bathroom or at least to have the same color with some things that you put in there. Is better to use a brown curtain because it fits very well and is on fashion.

The shower’s curtain can be chosen after several criteria. You can choose a special design, a special model, a special material, pick a standard white shower curtains, or just get a cheap shower curtains. People have create an art from choosing curtains for showers because it seems that the bathroom is not so insignificant and it has to look good. The brown curtains are at big search and because peoples try to keep up with fashion and this is on fashion, this is the trend today, your shower has to have brown curtains. If you want to be close to the nature but your actual bathroom color is pink or something else you could replace it with brown because it seems that is very beautiful to have a brown bathroom. This color will bring you closer to the nature because is the color of the earth.

Brown, for some women especially means sensuality and romance because is the color of the chocolate too and is enough to enter into the bathroom and to remember some special moments. No matter if these have a special significance or are used just to be on fashion the brown curtains are most searched because these are nice and it seems that the brown color is not anymore a dark color but on the contrary the brown color is used to give more life to a bathroom to make it look more elegant. If you rearrange your bathroom try to use the brown curtains. You will see that these will make your bathroom look better than you thought and you pleased to get into your bathroom. Change something in your in bathroom! Change the color of your shower curtains!

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