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24 Bathroom Vanity

24 Bathroom Vanity. When choosing the right modern bathroom vanity for your bathroom, there are a few things to take into consideration. The first and most obvious is of course your bathroom’s size. You are not going to be able to fit a contemporary double vanity into a space that barely allows for a single contemporary vanity. The modern vanities of today come in every design possible. Your designs could be everything from sleek and slender to big and bulky. The design of your bathroom should be bold and simplistic, or wacky and fun.

The contemporary vanity is more than likely going to be the showpiece of your bathroom. You want to pick a vanity that is going to make your bathroom shine with as little effort as possible. Your bathroom vanity, whether a single or double, should cater to your needs as well. If you are a person who loves personal hygiene products, then you will more than likely need a modern bathroom vanity with multiple shelving units and drawers. If you only believe in a bar of soap, you might want to try a bathroom vanity that is “floating” or mounted to the wall.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets should be a top priority for anyone considering a new or remodeled bathroom. They are the center piece that sets the tone and style of probably the most used and abused room in any home. Not only will you and your family use and view your bathroom so will guests in many cases.

The great thing about bathroom vanity cabinets is there are so many different types and styles that you can definitely find one to fit your design ideas. With this said here are a few choices you must consider besides just the cabinetry for your vanity:

One of your first considerations will be the size of your bathroom. This will directly determine some of your vanity cabinet choices. If your bathroom is small a double sink bathroom vanity cabinet or long one, though useful, may not be able to fit.

Your choices for vanity bathroom vanity cabinet styles are numerous because you can choose a traditional vanity style, typically in wood, like Queen Anne, French Provincial, Oriental or similar. These are ornate with decorative carvings. Contemporary and modern bathroom vanities come in an array of colors and different materials they are popular and allow creativity and uniqueness. Less ornate but no less beautiful these offer clean straight lines for expressing your style. One modern vanity style, the vessel or vessel sink bathroom vanity is really popular. This style has the sink, resembling a bowl on top of the countertop surface.

Your bathroom vanity counter tops choice will be one that also defines your style. Ceramic tile is a traditional favorite in the bathroom but unlike in the past you have a wealth of other choices available. Another old favorite is laminate which offers a kaleidoscope of colors. Man made or solid surface materials are very durable this synthetic made of acrylic or polyester is easily maintained. It comes in varied colors and textures. A natural stone such as granite, marble, and slate can add durable elegance but will probably be the most expensive choice for your bathroom counter top.

Again, this is a good time to add your personal style, you can really express yourself with bathroom vanity cabinet hardware. You can choose vanity cabinet hardware colors that complement a theme in your home or go with something unique to the bathroom. Traditionally gold has been a favorite but pewter or silver lend a more modern contemporary look of coolness.

Think of your current bathroom’s layout and the things that you don’t have that you would really like to have. This is where choosing bathroom vanity cabinet doors, drawers and storage needs to take place. For example many people would like extra storage in their bathroom so you can add a drawer base or perhaps you need more storage for linens, you can have a linen cabinet added. You will find a that your storage needs can be met by the large selection of bathroom vanity cabinet doors, drawers or a combination of both to meet your storage requirements.

Your vanity lights can be can be used to not only enhance light around the vanity but also to illuminate the entire bathroom. Whether you should choose a large or small light over the vanity will be a personal choice determined by your design ideas and how much illumination you want. The choice of mirrors for your bathroom vanity cabinets can include framed and frame-less mirrors that are beveled or not. You can also select lighting built into the mirror, around your mirror from several styles to light up and help your new bathroom reflect your personality.

The choices seem almost endless when deciding how to design your new bathroom, remember that the bathroom vanity cabinets are going to be one of the most visible features of the bathroom. You can try to order bathroom vanity cabinets online but for more hands-on help, stop by your local cabinet shop or home improvement store. Have fun designing and enjoy your new look bathroom.

Bathroom vanities display a certain decorative style and will reflect your personality and taste in your bathrooms decor. No more is the bathroom vanity design bland and lack luster. It is now the perfect place to allow all your bathroom ideas to flow and express your decorating flair. The best place to start a design is with your vanity cabinet and other bathroom cabinets. This will allow you to establish an overall design and style which can be reinforced with fittings, different counter surfaces, bathroom fixtures and bath accessories. Maybe you are looking for an easy country style bathroom vanity appeal which would maybe begin with pine wood cabinets with a light stain or maybe a subtle distressed painted finish. A bead board white painted bathroom vanity unit will also give you that country bathroom.

A traditionally styled decor bathroom would be more slightly formal in appearance. For this vanity cabinet you could choose a rich medium or maybe a beautiful dark toned style of wood enhanced by using brass hardware with a few fine bathroom fixture details like having raised panels, applied molding or maybe some rope trim. A creative contemporary bathroom vanity would be a clean lined vanity cabinet finished off with laminate, light toned wood like birch or maybe hash wood with very little cabinetry hardware. For a period bathroom designs such as the Victorian bathroom décor, the use of dark and ornamental wood carved designs is one way you could create the cabinet. You may as another choice have a Victorian style that is lighter where you could feature a white painted wood cabinet with a marble top sank in and some simple detailing bathroom hardware accessories.

Bathroom vanity cabinet construction

In these days of vanity cabinet manufacturing and all styles of home improvement products, sometimes the really cheap and discounted vanity cabinets are not always the best choice. So make sure you protect yourself from a poor vanity quality. By checking a few things this will allow you to find a good quality piece of bathroom furniture. You should first check the drawers and make sure they open smoothly and close smoothly. If they don’t and you can see they are held together with staples, nails and glue, this would indicate poor quality. Check the interiors to see that they are finished including rear surfaces. If there are shelves in the vanity unit make sure you can adjust them. Also a good sign of quality is that the shelves are 5/8″ thick or more to prevent them from bowing. High quality fine wood vanity cabinets or strong plywood with solid wood doors will be protected from regular wear and tear of the moisture in the bathroom. On the other side particleboard or any laminate over particleboard will not be able to stand up to the moisture and can rapidly warp, peel or even cup. By choosing good quality wood and bath cabinet hardware you will have a beautiful vanity cabinet that will last a very long time in your bathrooms decor.

Bathroom vanity cabinet finishes

In today’s finishes for your bathroom vanity and other bathroom furniture, richness in design is the in thing, where plain and dull is out according to the interior designers along with other bathroom designers. In today’s bathroom décor people are looking for comfort in their bathroom both visually and physically. Jacuzzi tubs and showers pamper our bodies but people need more, and that’s where your modern bathroom vanity will usually please you and give you a beautiful ambience. The wave for more richness along with beautiful visual comfort has brought back wood vanity furniture, especially the warm mellow woods like mahogany, cherry and maple. Having glazed finishes is also on the up swing with two methods: One is to apply a clear coat to the natural wood to gain more depth and character, and the other method is to create a beautiful antique patina on other pieces which will give you a warm yet elegant bathroom vanity. The newer designs are starting to emphasize to the rich, softer color. If you have a stark white vanity its time to find some warmer whites that are painted finishes and laminate that are in the more off-white so the bathroom is not so shocking. You could pick very pale yellows, a biscuit or some delicate pastels. Everything is a personal touch, so the best for you to do is to sit down and start writing out some vanity ideas on colors and bathroom themes that are appealing to you. Search some informational websites and visit a bathroom home improvement store to gain more ideas, and in the end you will be awarded with a beautiful and creative bathroom décor.

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