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30 Inch Bathroom Vanity

30 Inch Bathroom Vanity. Double sink vanities are often seen in home design magazines. They are extremely stylish and provide a fantastic combination of form and function. If you’re considering a vanity with two sinks, read on for information on the advantages of double sinks and a few tips on applying this type of vanity to your bathroom design.

Double sinks look great when they fit the dimensions of the room nicely; they also provide personal space in the bathroom for individuals living together in the same house. Large vanities come in every decor style imaginable and they are great for bringing together the aesthetic and function of the room design.

A bathroom vanity with two sinks is very practical. Two people can save a considerable amount of time just by having two sinks in one bathroom. And with the increased availability on today’s market, even smaller bathrooms can have a double sink vanity. They are available as narrow as 47 inches wide.

The basic components of a double sink vanity include the countertop, cabinet, basins, fixtures, and hardware such as knobs and drawer pulls. You have two options, you can look for each item individually or you can look at furniture style complete vanities. With furniture style vanities, you will be able to shop by style, size, whatever your primary need is and you will probably save some money that way too.

The first tools you need for getting your new bathroom vanity are a pencil and paper. Write down the exact measurements of the area where you will locate the vanity. Include height, width and maximum depth so it will not project enough to block access. Measure the location of the plumbing and electrical outlets to ensure there will not be issues, or needed outlets won’t be blocked. Too big is as bad as too small-a large one could overcrowd the room.

If measurements show that the right size for year bath is a 42″ bathroom vanity, these are more expensive than the smaller sizes. Prices easily exceed $1,000. Online sites often contain great deals and it is possible to find some for less. Whatever style, brand, color or feature you could want, you will find it online among the amazing volume of retailers online. The intense competition on the internet helps generate great prices that regular stores or big box home improvement centers have trouble beating.

One great online site for deals is eBay. Some are new but many are used and most are available at very competitive prices. For example, the 42″ Modern Single Sink vanity cabinet and mirror is priced for $350. It includes great features like two towel racks, a mirror, two drawers and a counter next to the sink. Another sample is a granite topped bathroom vanity cabinet, single basin that is also 42 inches, and sells for $600. An important note is that the price includes shipping, a big ticket item when buying these kinds of items, especially granite, which is quite heavy. The granite cabinet topped vanity is an impressive piece of furniture with 3 large drawers in a rich brown shade and black granite top. This is a very elegant vanity, and if matched to other black bathroom fixtures would create a striking decor.

Another online retailer offering great prices for 42 inch bathroom vanities is The Empire’s Newport Collection offers vanities in many sizes including a 42 inch single basin one very reasonably priced for $450. The white basin undermounts for installation and the counter top comes in many colors to easily coordinate with the bathroom décor. Colors for this price are black, gold peach and rose. Other colors for both the counter and the basin are available for higher prices. The same retailer carries an excellent Empire choice: the Plaza Collection’s 42 inch undermount sink, rich, genuine wood cabinet in great finishes and options for the counter top that include granite and marble. One very valuable shopping feature of this site is that true cost is easier to figure out because the prices include shipping.

Updating your bathroom can add a great deal of value to your home. Many homeowners often defer to magazines, books, and interior design showrooms for ideas on the design of the bathroom. Some homeowners still opt for the more traditional bathroom designs and furnishings, more and more homeowners are opting for sleeker contemporary wall mounted bathroom vanities. This bathroom vanity is becoming increasingly popular for many people who prefer a more contemporary look but it is especially true for those homeowners that do not have as much square footage to devote to the traditional vanity.

Needless to say, styles can change and often do change with time. The current trend is a minimalist style because the sleek and clean lines that minimalism affords is much more easy to keep clean and it just looks more modern and current. In the way of wall mounted vanities, they definitely fall under the contemporary style category because it is a new design style that is of this moment. It is a much lighter option, in terms of weight and if you are a do-it-yourselfer, when it comes to remodels, this is a much easier way update your vanity without having to solicit help or hire a mover.

Traditional bathroom vanities have long been the vanity of choice for many homeowners. Traditional vanities are one that sit on the floor. Conversely, wall mounted vanities, as the name suggests, does not. They are mounted to the wall. What this means is that the cabinet is not built or fixed into the unit. In exchange for the providing individuals with limited space a wall mounted vanity, storage may be compromised some. However, in terms of storage, many manufacturers offer many solutions. Storage containers, baskets, or narrow, accompanying shelving units can be purchased in addition to the vanity. Again, this option is has become a preference for homeowners because it does not take up as much space as a traditional vanity and it is much more easier to clean around a wall mounted vanity. Many people enjoy that benefit. It is much easier to clean under a wall-mounted vanity than a traditional vanity that can accumulate dirt and grime around the base of the unit.

Another reason, wall mounted vanities are becoming increasingly popular is that they are cost-effective. Often you can find a wall mounted vanity that is a lot less expensive than the traditional counterparts. That is a big plus for homeowners. You have the opportunity to update your bathroom with a contemporary look, yet save lots of money in the process.

There are so many different styles and finishes available to those people interested in a 36 inch bathroom vanity. If you want to stay in keeping with the contemporary look of wall mounted vanities, a vessel sink would be a great option. However, you can always go with the more traditional undermount sink. No matter which option, you have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available to you. No matter which you choose, have fun and let your personality shine through.

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