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36 Bathroom Vanity Without Top

A 72 inch bathroom vanity can be one of the best things to add to your bathroom. This is a large space that can offer several functional things. It will first include two sinks on the top with plenty of counter space for things like a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and other common items.

The body of the vanity will include a series of cabinets. These include a variety of different sizes for all sorts of storage needs.

The features that come with a 72 inch bathroom vanity can be valuable but it will be best to think about whether or not you can get something like this to fit in your bathroom. There are several standards to consider.

First, you will need to think about the length of a wall that your vanity will go on. This should be the wall that has the water connections that the vanity will link to. The vanity must fit around these spots. The holes at the back of the vanity must also fit in. Fortunately, the holes in a vanity will be evenly spaced out and designed to encourage a better design for the bathroom.

Your vanity should also be good enough to go along a mirror in your bathroom. You should see that your vanity is large enough to where your mirror will easily fit in front of it with little to no adjustments required.

The depth of your vanity is a big point to find. The depth can be at least twenty inches. This is enough to handle not only the sink space but also enough to make the cabinets in the vanity easy to manage with more storage space. This depth should fit through most doorways.

The height of your vanity should not be an issue in most cases. However, you can expect to find a vanity to be about thirty-six inches in height most of the time.

The flooring in your bathroom must also be reviewed. This includes looking to see if the construction of your vanity will overtake anything. You might need to get certain tiles removed or cut.

The floorboards in your bathroom must also be reviewed. You should see if your vanity is large enough to cover a floorboard without having to cut anything up. The best spots will be ones that are less likely to involve replacing items in their entirety depending on what you have.

You should also see if there are any caulk or grout borders that might get in the way of things. These include items like caulk that sets a bathtub or toilet in its place. You should review these points to see if you are getting things placed around as evenly as possible.

The last thing to do is to see if you have enough space for opening and closing doors and panels in your vanity. The things that are inside of your vanity should be easy to access at all times.

You should think about these points when figuring out if you can get a 72 inch bathroom vanity to fit in your home. You can get this kind of vanity to work well in any kind of space in your home if you are careful with it.

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