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Bath Wraps Bathroom Remodeling

Bath Wraps Bathroom Remodeling. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, remarked Neil Armstrong, on making his historic trip from earth to moon. You may find it rather queer, almost comical, when you hear me state with utmost conviction that one experiences the same high even on the successful completion of a routine, run-of-the-mill household task.

In fact, even something as unglamorous as generating new bathroom remodel ideas has the potential to take you to cloud nine. That’s because, these simple yet superlative ideas have the remarkable alacrity to envelope, not just the bathroom but also the inhabitants of the space, in complete euphoria.

So are you ready to make a voyage into unknown realms peopled with brilliant ideas?

A Hub For Innovation

Before you fall prey to the guiles of unscrupulous contractors, check out these impressive ways to add spunk to the bathroom:

  • The often-relegated-to-obscurity bathroom sinks have got a makeover. Glass, granite, ceramic or corian have left the standard porcelain sinks looking rather affronted. There are preformed sink and countertop combinations crafted from cultured marble that, hold your breath, do not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • If chromatherapy sounds like an unintelligible, cryptic terminology to you, rest assured, its sterling impact will be anything but obscure. Simply put, it means choosing colors that strike the right chord with you. Make sure your sinks, bathtubs and other fixtures help you relax.
  • For the one-of-a-kind experience, get a super-cool soak bath designed with chromatherapy. The spectacular range of colors that bathe the tub promises to transport you to a fantasia of a land.
  • Stress busting steam showers are sure to wash away all traces of muscle tension, joint fatigue and stress.
  • Towel warmers will wrap you in style and elegance.
  • Replace or reface worn-out cabinets, and watch the new members weave magic in all directions.
  • Installation of custom shower doors-frameless, sliding glass, fixed or hinged- will open up a completely new window of opportunity.
  • Ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles on the floor will sweep you off your feet instantly.
  • If you still don’t want to put in any effort, just repaint the space using interesting techniques like glazing, sponging or ragging, and experience absolute glee.

Dry! Dry! Dry! The basic rallying cry for all bathroom projects. Believe me the folks that let this concept slip by are in for a heap of trouble later on. It all begins with proper planning. You usually can see the damage that is done over the years during the rip-out phase. The average 30 year old bath room will reveal water stains, mold, odors, and the like during the demolition. It history in full view and tells the tale well.

Once the room is cleared of debris the inspection starts. Look at the wall cavity- is there any blackened areas? This usually indicates mold presence. Treating the problem is simple and effective. Mix a 50/50 bleach and water solution in a spray bottle and apply well to affected areas. Start with any spots on the ceiling areas and then do the walls and finally the floor. Spray liberally around window areas and surrounding cracks or crevices.

Next check the structural integrity of all wood framing. Replace any rotted wall studs. Tip- stick a screwdriver into each stud that looks questionable to see if it’s soft from water damage. If it is -replace it. Do not neglect the floor. Most bathrooms almost always have a piece or two of plywood that is questionable-just replace it and be done. While the old plywood is removed look at the actual floor beams. If any are deteriorated or split try adding a second piece to the original and screw in securely. Then finish off with the new plywood.

You’re now ready to insulate and sheetrock. Use moisture resistant sheetrock on all the walls and use cement-board or equivalent in the tub and shower areas. On the floor many contractors install felt paper to create a moisture block to the wood below. Inspect all waterlines as well. Nothing dooms a new bath remodel faster than the proverbial slow drip. Pipes that run through an exterior wall or an unheated space should be wrapped with pipe insulation to minimize condensation and prevent freeze-ups. If all is well the tile setting can begin. Next time – tile selections & bathroom and kitchen cabinets- select and install.

If your master bath is your only escape from a hectic life, then treat yourself to a delicious space that top notch spas would envy. Many items that used to be found only in luxury bathrooms have come down significantly in price, so you can design a fantastic room without sinking your bank account. In this article, we’ll tell you about some must-have specialty items that will make every bath seem like a trip to the spa.

To properly remodel a bathroom, the first step should be to choose a calming color. Using color to improve your health is called chromatherapy. Many bathtubs, showers and sinks are now designed with chromatherapy in mind, so you can coordinate your pieces for the maximum effect.

For a super bath toy, the new soak bath with chromatherapy, allows an individual to be immersed in a warm, ultra-deep bath and, with the touch of a button, enhance the bathing environment to include a full spectrum of dramatic color. Each color is displayed approximately eight seconds and washes over the bather in a faded hue, turning solid, and exiting again as a faded hue, giving way to the next color. This creates an incredibly relaxing sensation that you have to experience to believe!

Devotees of spa treatments will love stress busting steam showers. These luxurious fixtures offer temperature selections that reach as high as one hundred and twenty degrees for a moist, relaxing steam bath that’s great for relieving stress, muscle tension, joint fatigue and cleansing away skin impurities.

Steam showers used to be exclusive to luxury bathrooms, but have become much more affordable. For an added touch, higher end models for busy executives come with a radio, telephone, remote control and connections for a CD player.

No spa experience is complete without wrapping your relaxed and rejuvenated body in a warm towel, so luxurious bathrooms have to come with a towel warmer. Lower-cost towel warmers cost as little as $100-$150 and are great for homeowners who must remodel a bathroom on a budget.

However, they’re often equipped with very light chroming or lower-quality materials that will wear off over time. You also cannot control the degree of heat that the unit emits. Luxury towel warmers are priced at $1,500 to $5,000 and offer elegant designs. These towel warmers usually use solid brass and come with a 5-year warranty.

Creating luxury bathrooms can be as simple as adding some soft track lighting or installing a soaking tub. Don’t feel that you have to spend thousands of dollars on stone fixtures to create a luxurious environment. Look at the items that already exist in the room and build around it, or search on line for some bathroom remodel ideas.

Sometimes adding simple things like plush mats, exotic plants, bathroom wall mirrors and interesting accessories is all it takes to give the room a boost. Whatever makes you feel pampered is well worth the money.

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