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Bathroom Anxiety

Bathroom Anxiety. Oh as sad as this sounds this is reality to 1000s of people, social anxiety symptoms take over your life and make you feel you have no power especially with your bladder. It is easy for an outsider to say control your self, but to you that is impossible because you do not know how to control the thoughts that make you think you need top go to the bath room, you have not learnt that method yet. So in the meantime this is a great way of dealing with the weeing problem that anxious thoughts give you.

Do Social Anxiety Symptoms Make You Afraid You Will Wee Your Pants In Public?

Just so you know we are on the same page here, have you noticed the times that the social anxiety symptoms always raise there ugly little heads? It is always when we have to do something that will not allows us to get up anytime we feel like it and leave for a bathroom run. It is when we feel trapped in.


1. Staff meeting.

2. Interviews.

3. Line at the bank.

4. Line at the supermarket.

5. Even just driving a couple metres down the road with a friend.

Have you ever thought about this, if your at home alone how often do you have a panic attack and need the bathroom, how often do you have the same feelings when you drive by your self?

What actually happens is this, we are so afraid of embarrassment that it causes a panic attack, you then feel you need to visit the bathroom. REMEMBER a panic attack dose not happen first. It is the embarrassment that causes the attack. So what does this tell us? 2 things, we bring social anxiety symptoms on all by our selves, it is actually all in our minds where we create the fear. So until you can learn the technique that will change the way you think, and yes there this does work, I shall give you a little trick to help reassure you you will be safe if you do wee your pants in public.

Firstly I do want to say this is only to allow you to participate in normal activities, it is by no MEANS a full time solution for social anxiety symptoms.

Try this as disgusting as it sounds it helps you take control over social anxiety symptoms.

Sit at home 1 day drink 5 glasses of water, sit there and when you feel the urge to go to the bathroom DO NOT go, see how long you have control over your bladder. Be realistic here don’t hold on for an hour that is not healthy, we are trying to establish your bladder control.

Do Social Anxiety Symptoms Make You Afraid You Will Wee Your Pants In Public?

OK I bet you made it past 20 minutes without social anxiety symptoms as well? Why I ask you to do this to prove that in a panic instant you have the control to not pee your pants.Your probably thinking It is different in public the social anxiety symptoms take over and you feel out of control.

Here is the trick, go buy your self the largest pads you could wear with out anyone noticing, and with the best absorbents. Or the proper pads for continuance, do not worry your not incontinent. And I do want to add this is for males, or females, and do this at home first.

Either fill the pad up with water to check how it will hold out, or even though this is disgusting the only way you will be convinced it will hold out is if you wee your self. Just bite the bullet and do it, then take a shower your at home no one ever has to know.

Great you did it, guess what your clothes survived it and no one would have known what took place, SH…..H your secret. NOW, the truth as many times as you have actually thought you were going to pee yourself when you had social anxiety symptoms how many times did it happen, I bet none?

Do Social Anxiety Symptoms Make You Afraid You Will Wee Your Pants In Public? Now you can go out in public and feel safe, you have a safety net, sort a speak. Mean while let me tell you this, medication will help the problem ONLY while you take it, it can become addictive and all you are doing is masking social anxiety symptom not curing them. You have a small problem controlling your mind there is nothing wrong with you physically.

Do Social Anxiety Symptoms Make You Afraid You Will Wee Your Pants In Public?

There is a method call The one move technique that makes you control your thoughts in the way you need them to work for you not against you. After all social anxiety symptoms has been created from your mind, it make sense to erase these symptoms from the same source that created themĀ RIGHT?

Were you conscious of the reality that you could be suffering from anxiety? Anxiety symptoms are not hard to observe. Although, they can be somewhat hard to differentiate from everyday human emotion and other health ailments. Did you know that anxiety symptoms affect more than 40 million residents in the United States alone? Those who are bothered by anxiety are also twice as likely to develop depression, which can feed off anxiety and vice versa.

One of the top things you have to have happen from the start, is understanding the different symptoms. You should also recognize the variations between anxiety and panic attacks. The simplest way to make this is by recognizing that anxiety symptoms occur more frequently.

One of the first things you should be able to notice is tension headaches. They are just one of the most frequent anxiety symptoms had. These are caused from a number of stresses a person will deal with on regularly. If you’re already experiencing headaches you may want to look at all areas of your life. It’s possible that one of the pieces is your main cause for your headaches.

Another common anxiety symptom is an sick stomach. You could notice that you arise in the early morning only to have to go shooting to the bathroom once again. A lot of people will decide that this happens in connection to something they consumed, but in actuality, it is a intense anxiety that is connected with something that is bothering them in their lives.

Nausea and acid reflux may be present as well. These can interfere with everyday life including something else. Although these will be simple to recognize, they are tough to associate with anxiety.

Another thing to look out for are ulcers. Some of us will develop ulcers as a result of frequent worrying. The sad thing is that a number of these problems can cause actual health problems, which is exactly why it is essential to get your anxiety under control as soon as possible. It’s easier said than done, but it can happen.

Another one of the simplest recognizable anxiety issues is fidgeting and restlessness. Anyone who suffers from anxiety will be obvious to pick out because they will frequently appear, contemplating items, and maybe even a bit verbal.

There are times when it is difficult being close to somebody suffering from these physical anxiety symptoms. The fact is though they cannot help they are this way. If you might be around an individual suffering from anxiety, you may notice some of these issues happening to you.

Unfortunately, the greater the amount of time you have had to live with anxiety, the more intense these anxiety symptoms may appear to be. You might think that this is just the way everyone is, and that this is common for you.

It’s truly not healthy to settle in your life wherever you deal with anxiety symptoms everyday. In case you do, there will be a constant feeling of hopelessness, sadness, and even emptiness. You need to also know that anxiety can come whenever you definitely have your First attack. Living in fear will be the normal trait, essentially waiting for another attack to occur.

Everything above is terrible enough, but you also need to look for bathroom changes, restless nights, racing thoughts, hyperventilation, trembling, muscle tension, weak footed, and shortness of breath. You could only see one or two of these anxiety symptoms, but you may also go through a number of them.

People who deal with anxiety are very likely to also suffer from frequent panic attacks as well. The difference with anxiety is that the symptoms are felt almost all of the time and really never seem to ease off. The top place to start is to figure out what is causing the symptoms. Look at which ones interfere with your daily life and keep a positive attitude all the time. Even though this is the start, it could help you in finding your life again.

If you happen to be suffering from anxiety, it’s nice to know you may put an end to it by recognizing some of the physical anxiety symptoms. Plus you should remember that anxiety can often feel like you’re on a edge. It is also significant to keep in mind that general anxiety is a variety of from a panic attack.

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