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Bathroom Art

The bathroom basins of today have evolved into a work of art. Gone are the mundane bowls that could only be characterized by different shades of color. There are so many resources available to create attractive basins and designers have been hard at work to bring the brightest and best to this market.

Recessed Bathroom Basins

A recessed basin is one that fits under the counter for a flush design. Most people are familiar with this type of sink as it has been popular for years. Ceramic bowls are today’s choice for mixing the perfect bowl inside of a marble or wood vanity top that can compliment any bathroom decor. Different shapes can range from square to round, oblong or designer scalloped, depending on the cabinet you need to match.

Vessel Sinks

The vessel sink has made the bathroom a much more pleasant part of the home with tasteful designs of a work of art that sits on top of the counter and almost appears too beautiful to use. Glass is the number one material that is used and can be frosted, ribbed or clear with colorful artistic paintings, adding a focal point of celebration to your bathroom style. Made of scratch resistant tempered glass, these beauties are tough enough to sustain everyday use.

Natural Stone

Different types of stone have always held a natural and luscious glow to any setting and using stone for a bathroom basin is no different. An alternative to a simple basin, stone of quartz, granite or marble can be just what you have been looking for in bringing together a natural feeling of peace and serenity. Never overly done, stone is very popular for mixing with wood and marble.


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