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Bathroom Baskets

If you enter into your bathroom, do you see your stuff jumbled in every corner of the room? Do you have a hard time looking for some things every time you need them? If you are experiencing this scenario, then maybe it is time to organize your bathroom. This is very easy to do. All you need is to add some organizers where you can store your stuff for easier access and a nicer look of your bathroom.

Baskets are simple yet perfect bathroom organizers. Baskets are great to store your foot care products making it easier for you to grab those items once you need them. You can also use a basket as decorative accessory to your bathroom. Instead of throwing away those old baskets in your garage, you can use it to create a little floral garden.

Baskets are great organizers and very portable. You can put your toiletries and bathroom items in there. Aside from having baskets, you can also add some shelves in your bathroom where you can put your other items.

To create shelves, you only need some plywood, a hammer, a few nails, drill, and bits. You need first to measure your wall where you are going to mount the shelves. If you have done the measurements and decided on the dimensions of your shelves, then you can cut the plywood accordingly. Keep the holes of your nails apart to about 16 inches.

You can create several shelves in a row. Just make sure that the wall areas where you are going to mount the shelves are sturdy and can bear the weight. To check for studs, you can tap the wall with your hand or you can buy from your local hardware a stud sensor.

To mount the shelves, you need plastic anchors. Place the anchors in the holes that you drilled in the wall. The anchors will lock as you tighten the screw. This will hold the shelves in place giving you assurance that it will not fall off.

Mounting the shelves should not be hard to do. As long as you have the appropriate tools and materials, you can do it yourself. You can consider other types of anchors like those made of steel if you want to ensure that your shelves are mounted securely.

You can also use strip of wood and screw the wood beneath the shelves. You can search for other options on mounting of shelves.

Baskets and shelves are great bathroom organizers. You can place your towels, cleaning supplies, and bathroom items in the shelves. You may paint your shelves with nice colors that blend with your bathroom style. Isn’t it to nice to see that your things in the bathroom are well organized? So you better start working on your organizers now.

Bathrooms reveal a great deal about the character of the home and also of the homeowner. In line with your home staging efforts, the bathroom can contribute to the overall charm and personality of the property. It’s likely that you and your professional home stager have discussed different aspects of upgrading the bathroom space, such as flooring, lighting, and other details, but your bathroom towels should also be part of the plan.

Here are some of our favorite creative ideas for displaying and storing your bathroom towels. Even the simplest of innovations can go a long way in ensuring that your bathroom stands out and creates an impact on your potential home buyers. Towels don’t have to just be stowed away in your bathroom linen closet; after all, many bathrooms these days have limited storage spaces, so you do need to cook up innovative ways to store bathroom towels, such as:

Make use of otherwise unused areas. You can use modern magazine racks or brightly-colored baskets to fold or roll up towels and place them under the sink. Woven baskets of a variety of shapes and sizes are also excellent towel storage spaces, and you can display them at any corner of the bathroom. Baskets keep the towels neatly out of view if that is your preference, or you can also keep the lid off and display your towel folding skills. Baskets are also very functional, keeping towels within easy access.

Look for unique towel hooks and racks. If your bathroom has the space for it, an unused ladder that complements your bathroom’s look can serve as a creative towel bar; it would provide three or four towel bars without needing a lot of space or added construction, and of course it looks very unique. You may also consider towel hooks and racks shaped like trees or plants, or for a simple, minimalist effect, a metallic towel rack looks superb.

Hotel chic towel storage ideas. An affordable, cost-efficient update that adds storage and also gives your bathroom a tinge of sophisticated style would be a towel rack and bar installed over the toilet area. For your bathtub, putting a stool next to it and then displaying a rolled up towel on it adds a nice touch of spa comfort.

Use your old wine rack. Happen to have an unused wine rack lying around the house? You can use it for towel storage; it’s much easier to keep towels perfectly rolled up when using a wine rack, and you also save money because you no longer need to buy a new one. You can even try different color coordination and combinations with the choice of towels displayed.

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