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Bathroom Cabinet

Cabinet Lighting

There are certainly many times that individuals have stumbled in the dark in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom, because they didn’t want to wake everybody up by turning on the main lights. In this regard, it seems that these types of lights are basically intimate enough in order to properly illuminate that small portion of the bathroom people need in order to maybe wash their face or maybe get something they forgot in the bathroom cabinets.

In this regard, it’s best if people will tell their bathroom remodelling electrician or contractor to install low voltage and energy saving linear lighting or LED solutions. These should be installed in the toe spaces between the cabinets and the vanities in order for them to offer a great amount of light at night.

How to buy bathroom cabinet fixtures

1. First of all, individuals who want to renew their bathroom cabinet solutions will need to measure the length of their cabinets. This will not only help them with estimating the materials needed, but also the planning for the bathroom cabinet lighting.

2. While some people will love going for hard wired models, others will want to go for the plug-in lights. However, going for the hard wiring option means that people will need to have some electrical experience, but even if they don’t, they can just choose to hire an electrician to do it for them.

3. At this point, people will need to choose a style for the cabinet fixtures. To number some examples, they include strip lights, linear lights and puck lights. When it comes to the strip lights, they are rectangular, while the linear structures use a flexible track with small lights that are spaced along it. On the other hand, puck lights are just round and small.

4. With this step people are getting closer to installing some really great lighting solutions for their bathroom cabinets and at this point, they’ll have to decide on the type of light bulbs they like. While they are much preferred, fluorescent lights don’t really show all colours accurately. Xenon lights bear similarities with the Halogen lights, but they don’t get as hot, while the latter offer true colours, a bright line, but have the downside of getting very hot. Lastly, the LED seem to be a balanced option, because they produce a concentrated beam of light and not general task lighting.

5. Last but not least, people should decide on the number of fixtures they want to get. When taking this decision, they should consider the desired look for the bathroom cabinet lighting and the overall lighting of the room.


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