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Bathroom Cabinets Lowes

Remodeling your bathroom can be an easy way to add value to an older home or change the look of a newer home. A lot of the home improvement shows do these lavish remodels that cost thousands of dollars, but a modern bathroom can be achieved for less than $1,000.

By saying that, I am making assumptions. 1) that you are not changing the layout or moving any walls. 2) that you don’t have to move any plumbing or replace any wiring. 3) that you will be doing the work yourself. If all three of these factors do not come into play on your bathroom remodel than you are in good shape.

Lets start with the tile. Since most bathrooms typically have a small footprint, the amount of tile needed won’t be much, unless you are tiling the walls as well. Trick #1: shop around for closeout deals at discounts stores and home supply stores. Most stores and tile manufacturers will discount lines that have been closed out or that will no longer be carried. Since you won’t need a large amount of tile, it is usually pretty easy to find a style that you like without paying full price at the big box stores.


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