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Bathroom Caddy

The shower caddy is almost a must have item for anyone who has a shower with out built in shelves. After all you do need your shower stuff in the shower with you or you will be constantly reaching out for a bottle of this or a jar of that and spraying water all over the bathroom.

There are many different styles available. They usually consist of a frame that hangs from the shower head pipe and contains shelves and pockets to hold all of your shower things in an organized manner where they are handy for you to reach while in the shower. Most caddies are made from either plastic or metal. The plastic ones are usually lighter weight and cheaper, but the metal ones are more durable. The only drawback to a metal caddy is if you should happen to have one fall there is the chance that it could chip a porcelain tub or maybe crack a fiberglass tub, so make sure that it is securely mounted.

Another advantage of using a shower caddy is the safety aspect. With most accidents in the home happening in the bathroom, from falls in, or around, the shower or tub. With all of your stuff right there in the shower, you don’t have to put your self in an awkward position reaching for something when you are already wet and slippery which could result in a fall. By using a shower caddy you can keep all of your shower items within easy reach which just cuts down on the likelihood of an accident happening and just makes the bathroom a little safer.


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