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Bathroom Canister

Bathroom Canister. There is no other displeasing sight than a dirty and filthy bathroom. We have all experienced a time when our bathroom was so messed up that you would rather not use it. It can also be very difficult when there are children in the house. They seem to not really understand the need for keeping the bathroom clean but who can blame them they are just children. Don’t lose hope yet there is a way that can help keep your bathroom in an organized manner and that’s by having bathroom canisters.

These bathroom canisters can be used for many different things, for example you can have a canister for the toilet brush. No one wants to have that dirty toilet brush left by the toilet or under the tap. To remove this unpleasant site you can have a canister at the side of the toilet where the brush can be. It may also serve as a remembrance to clean the toilet bowl regularly. These canisters can also be fitted to your bathroom decor; they come in different colours and materials such as stainless steel.

Apothecary jars can also be used as some bathroom canisters. These jars most of the time will be used for cotton balls and q-tips and like the canister for your toilet brush they can even be bough in a colour or material that will match your decor. Having these jars will totally remove the need for bags and boxes of cottons balls and q-tips thus making the surroundings and table tops of your bathroom more organized and viewable. It can either be placed on a wall shelf of on a counter top for easy access for both you and the children.

The most obvious canister that you would look for would of course be for toothbrushes. It is very important that these out of all bathroom accessories be extremely clean. Why? Well for the obvious reason, it’s the only thing in the bathroom that goes into your mouth. The last thing you want is to see your toothbrush on the floor as you wake up in the morning. It is recommended that your tooth brush be safe and covered in order to protect it from getting in contact with any bacteria, after all it is the toilet, of course there will be some bacteria in and out of the room.

Another bathroom canister that is shown to be very useful is one placed under the sink for any disinfects shampoos, lotions, hair products or any other thing you may have stored there. This will turn your cabinet very organized and clean. Now of course you can do all of this but there is still the need to keep your bathroom clean. It is a good idea for you and anyone else living in the house to always remember to flush the toilet and clean any little mess, wipe the area around the sink after use and to regularly clean the floors and walls so that it may be a bit more pleasant when inside the bathroom.

1. The first suggestion for small bathroom areas is to add glass shelving across the windows. This is relatively easy to do, and these shelves are a great place for bright-colored glass items or other interesting collections. In most bathrooms the window’s only serves as something to be covered up, so rather than purchase window treatments, us these glass shelves filled with decorative items as a replacement for window treatments, as they will not only limit the view, but they will also increase the style and décor of the room.

2. Look for proper art for your bathroom. The bathroom is not the right place in a house for your family photos, as much as you love your son, daughter, or parent, you don’t really want their happy smiling face staring down at you while you are sitting on the pot, so rather, take this as an opportunity to enhance your cultural side, and you artwork to enhance your bathroom. Many feel that they can’t hang any sort of artwork in the bathroom because it will be ruined by the moisture, this may be the case in some instances, but if you get it properly framed, and hang it in a well ventilated place, it is a great option. Before hanging any artwork in your bathroom, determine the quality of the ventilation. Don’t hang signed lithographs, originals or anything irreplaceable if moisture collects on the walls after you shower or bathe. Paintings on canvas perform the best in bathrooms. Canvas may sag when exposed to moisture, but will tighten as it dries. However, if you are worried about paintings etc. being ruined, opt for other forms of art such as sculptures, and ceramics or glass

3. One of the best tools for bathroom decorating is plants. If you want to be considered a good decorator then think like one. if you place a houseplant and folded or rolled stacks of towels by the tub it will break up the lines of the bath, and add stylistic elements to the room without a lot of work. If you are on a tight decorating budget, or are just struggling with the bathroom, it is always safe to add a variety of houseplants to your bathroom. However, try to select plants that grow well in humid environments and that will do well in the type of lighting you have in your bathroom. If you are not sure, ask a local expert at a nursey.

4. Think simple, but beautiful. You can really dress up your bathroom by simply adding wall sconce on either side of your mirror, or using a framed mirror rather than one that is free. There are several small things you can do, such as using a fancy or decorative tie back for the shower curtain. The décor you use can be functional as well as pleasing.

5. Last but not least, make sure that you utilize what you have. For example, if you keep q-tips in your bathroom, then find a decorative canister to hold them, and pair that canister with some art or a framed quote, etc. Think style aligned with function. Group smaller art, or phrases, or photos vertically in those small spaces of wall you have to work with. Use decorative shelving lined with canisters that hold your bathroom essentials, and never let yourself think that because it is a bathroom it can’t be stylish.

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