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Bathroom Ceiling Heaters

Bathrooms are small, separate environments within our homes that are constantly under assault from dampness. Constant airflow through them is necessary to prevent against mildew and other effects of lingering water upon surfaces. To this end, vents are normally placed in a window frame or in bathroom ceilings. However, if you live almost anywhere in North America or Europe, bringing in even small amounts of air from outside the home will create real discomfort several months out of each year. A bathroom ceiling heater is your first line of defense on those cold mornings.

Naturally you could crank up the heat in the entire house, just to warm up the bathroom, but is this expensive solution really necessary when your family is probably going to be leaving soon for work or school? People often use space heaters to warm up a room, but if you’ve ever brushed up against one accidentally in a small bathroom before you are fully awake, you know that this is another imperfect solution.

A bathroom ceiling heater incorporates the precision heating of a space heater without the overkill of raising the temperature of the entire house. Obviously too, it is out of the way of children and pets, as well as adults, and over the long-term this is a safety aspect that cannot be ignored.

A walk through a large do-it-yourself retailer will present you with many different bathroom heaters, so you should have no problem finding one with power usage, heating capacity and looks to suit you. Ease of installation is also key if you don’t want to pay a handyman or contractor.

Look for an adjustable ceiling heater, especially if you live at a latitude with widely varying temperatures throughout the year. Another feature probably worth paying for is a thermostat that will automatically turn the heater off when the temperature of the room reaches a certain level. Efficiency is worth paying for the long run as it saves on power bills.

The bottom line with bathroom ceiling heaters is that in addition to greatly increasing your comfort on those cold winter mornings, the heat they produce can have an evaporative effect that enables you to reduce your usage of the bathroom vent or eliminate its use altogether. In this way you keep mold and mildew to a minimum, without having to rely solely on a vent allowing cold air inside. In addition to increased comfort for your family, view a purchase on your heater as an investment in your home, because that’s exactly what it is.

In many modern homes, you will not see electric ceiling heaters being used today, as they are more of an item that is used for situations that need an appliance just for a specific closed in area like a bathroom. Most homes and commercial buildings that were constructed in the 1960s and prior did not have central air and heat installed in every room. The bathroom was always left out of the equation as most felt that since little time was spent in there, it would be a waste of resources to provide such a luxury to the room. When it became evident after the new homeowners moved in that the it was too cold in the winter while trying to bath and get ready for work, electric ceiling heaters were then installed.

Even on commercial buses, and airplanes in the sixties and seventies they had small ceiling heaters installed in the lavatories for their passenger’s comfort. These just in time heaters were made to be more like Band-Aids for a problem that needed a remedy but not a lot of money or time needed to be spent on the solution. People started finding other uses for the same compartmentalized heating appliances, and soon they were popping up on the ceilings of covered back porches, wet rooms in homes in the northern states, and even heating cabins on deer leases.

In states where there are many months of snow fall, people found that having a garage ceiling heater made it much more bearable to work on their vehicles during the winter months. Homeowners will also use this heater to warm up the exterior, and interior of their vehicles in the morning before opening the garage door, and head out to work in the frosty atmosphere.

Advancements have always been made on this appliance to the point where it also has the use of an infrared remote control now, so a person will not have to get up to turn the unit on or off. This is especially handy when in the bathroom, when it is not convenient to stand up and walk across the room at certain times. Some models even offer sun lamp lights that offer additional heat, but be warned the high wattage bulbs really pull the electricity, and if used often can increase your power bill from fifty to one hundred dollars per month.

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