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Bathroom Closet

Bathroom Closet

One of the crazy things that I seem to live through on a regular basis is moving house. For reasons known only to higher powers it seems that another location is infinitely more desirable. It occasionally is in the same city but more often not. In fact quite regularly it is another country altogether.

Consequently it is absolutely necessary to go through the painful process of seeing how much we have accumulated since the last move that we can really easily do without.

Funnily enough one of the places that we seem to be able to get rid of a big bunch of things is the bathroom closet.


One thing I have tried over the years to evaluate is what is really necessary to house in the bathroom closet. However it seems, according to many of the other members of the family, that I am badly informed and basically just not practical or sensible.

My basic idea has always been that the closet should contain towels and washcloths as well as extra soap, shampoo and toilet paper. I am aware that there are a few things like nail clippers and extra toothpaste that can also be housed sensibly.

If there is not enough bench space for the razor, hair dryer, deodorant, hair spray and such things they can possibly be housed in the closet.

What Others Consider Necessities

What I was not really ready for was the enormous array of cosmetics that must always be in the bathroom. The closet is the place where all cosmetics that are not actually being used at the moment seem to arrive. I felt that maybe designating one shelf for them would be sufficient. I certainly was not ready for them to require at least four.

Little did I know that many members of the household dye their hair. Of course the choice of dyes is enormous and one never knows what color is going to be the right one for the occasion or the frock. Add to that the necessary conditioners, tonics, cremes and other things that one can use on one’s hair it becomes a major undertaking to house them all in such a way that everything is equally available and findable.

Of course there is more to the human body than hair. There are fingernails, toenails, eyelashes, eyebrows and teeth. Of course there is also a certain amount of exposed skin that can be treated with an almost endless variety of colors, shades and whatever else one puts on skin.

Naturally after returning home from somewhere having applied all of the above it all has to come off before retiring. The bits required for taking these things off is not quite as extensive, but certainly is of sufficient volume to need attention when considering the space in the closet.


Of course it depends on the size of your family, but having equipment to cater for all occasions for each member of the family is not as simple as I really thought it should be.

Rather than listing all the incidentals that can be included in the closet, I will just let you rummage through your own experiences and know that you will uncover a wonderful array of incidentals without which no bathroom closet is complete, functional or even possible.


There really is no way that any one closet will have enough room for an active and happy family. So my suggestion is that you find a room close to the bathroom and line the walls with closets and let each member of the household have one each. This way the bathroom might return to being truly functional and there for the purpose for which it is intended.

How long does it take to build a tiny house from scratch? There are different levels to building and depending on the available time you spend, then the time frames vary. If it’s a part-time project it could take up to 3 years to finish the entire home as a full-time job takes up most of your time and maybe just weekends are free to work on it. When building on a full-time basis, with proper planning it could take as little as 3 months or less. And what about budget? As a rule of thumb, it would be guesstimate to say that you could double the amount you will spend on the shell as for the interior including appliances and furniture.

Let’s look at the following listing to start visualizing where everything will be placed. If you have a sketch of these details, this will help you a great deal. By now you should have done your list of appliances and furniture with each measurement in order to make sure they fit and are what you really wanted to own and need.

1. Kitchen:

  • Stove/Oven or Cook top?
  • Cabinets bottom and top or shelves for top?
  • Counter Tops – Wood, Laminate or Granite?
  • Sink
  • Faucet
  • Garbage slide-out?
  • Garbage disposal?
  • Pantry Cabinet or Slide Out?
  • Refrigerator – full size or small?
  • Will your kitchen have a window over sink?
  • Will you have enough counter top space for other small appliances (coffee maker, microwave, toaster)

2. Bathroom:

  • Compost, Dry Water, Flush Toilet?
  • Bath Tub or Shower Stall?
  • Ventilation
  • Sink
  • Storage Cabinet under sink and extra?
  • Medicine Chest?
  • Towel Rack
  • Tissue Paper Dispenser

3. Bedroom / Loft:

  • Bed – size?
  • Closet / Shelves
  • Loft – head room?
  • Stairway to loft
  • Storage drawers or cubbies underneath stairway
  • Slide out bed from risen floor?
  • Space for Shoes – closet or shoe rack? (if there is a loft, underneath stairs is a suggestion)

4. Main Room:

  • Sofa with storage
  • Built in sofa with storage
  • Futon with storage (for guests)
  • End Table with storage
  • Coffee Table with storage
  • Storage Trunks
  • Recliner Chair
  • Book Shelf against walls?
  • Extra storage compartment below floors?

5. Extras:

  • Lighting throughout as desired
  • Window Treatments
  • Security – Alarm System
  • Internet Service
  • Satellite TV service
  • Decorating Interior Time!
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Landscaping?
  • Deck?
  • Awning for deck – retractable or fixed?

Wow, seems overwhelming, but what a satisfying experience to sit back and enjoy it all now. Your Tiny House will be the center of attraction for family and friends. Invite them to participate as brainstorming among a few for ideas from them could be an eye opener and things you would have never thought of. Many ideas come together by sharing this wonderful journey for the inside of your tiny house. The outcome? A reflection of your style.

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