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Granite is commonly chosen for all types of projects within the home for many people across the United States and the world. It is used all the time when remodeling and can add that finishing touch to whatever part of the house that you want. One place that granite does well in the home is in the bathroom. You may wonder why granite may be chosen for the bathrooms, but there are actually a couple good reasons to have granite for bathroom counter tops. Many new homeowners like the look and feel of granite; it makes things look pure and elegant when the granite shows through in the bathroom counter tops. Additionally, granite for bathroom counter tops is a good idea because it will not take as much effort to clean as it would in another part of the house like the kitchen.

How can granite be used for counter tops in the bathroom? Many people actually line the whole bathroom sink and counter top with granite, making it the material of choice for all the bathrooms inside the house. Also, aside from having granite for bathroom counter tops, granite is also sometimes chosen for the floors of the bathroom as well. One of those reasons is that the bathroom is typically not the place where many spills or drops take place, thus making the bathroom a perfect place for granite material as well as bathroom counter tops made of granite.

Cleaning when you have granite for bathroom counter tops can also be very easy. When the granite bathroom counter tops are installed a sealant will probably be placed over it. By using a finishing polish on the granite bathroom counter tops you are ensuring that it continually looks nice, clean, and beautiful. The major reason that granite is used for bathroom counter tops is that the material is easy to clean. But even if anything small does happen to your granite bathroom counter tops, you will certainly be able to clean them yourself very easily by using a piece of fine steel wool or even calling in a professional to make your granite bathroom counter tops look beautiful again.

A bathroom counter top is a very functional piece of equipment in the bathroom. It provides storage space and allows the user to have all of their personal products within arms reach.

There are plenty of options to choose from for a bathroom counter top. There are many different surface types and colors that are available to make your bathroom not only functional but also very beautiful.


One of the favored surfaces for a bathroom counter top is marble. It literally has been around for centuries for use in bathrooms. It is beautiful and durable and will last a lifetime. There are many different colors to choose from and with real marble it is always unique. The veining in the marble adds a uniqueness to it.

It is one of the most expensive materials to use in a bathroom but its beauty is well worth it. Marble can stain so it has to be sealed and even with the sealant it still can stain so care must be taken to make sure that the marble is protected and certain solvents are not left on it.


Laminate has been in use since the nineteen fifties it has come a long way in styling and durability. It is basically a thin plastic sheet that is laid over the countertop. It can be somewhat durable but not as durable as the hard surfaces.

Laminate has the tendency to peel up around the corners over time. It also will stain. Laminate is widely popular because it is inexpensive and very easy to use.


Granite is a hard surface that is used for a bathroom countertop. It is a very dense stone that will not stain and it is very hard to damage. Granite also has to be sealed like marble to prevent it from being damaged.

Granite is a perfect choice for the bathroom it comes in many color options and is a very hard surface. This material is water proof naturally and very impervious to staining. It is also resistant to heat and solvents.

There are plenty of different options that are available for a bathroom counter top. Some can be much more affordable than others, they are typically sold at home improvement stores or through specialty stores.

You can hire someone to install your counter or you can easily install it as a do it yourself project. There is no better way to update a bathroom than to replace the counter top. It will give your bathroom an instant face lift.

Many who live in cold weather areas get a case of the winter blues once the holiday season has past and the cold and snow force many to stay inside. One way to perk up both spirit and home is to do a quick home renovation project. A relatively easy and not so expensive choice is to upgrade a bathroom counter top.

A first step is to go online and take a look at the many great ideas and products that are now available for bathroom countertops. Unlike redoing kitchen counters, which are larger and must be able to take a lot of wear and tear, redoing a bathroom counter top can be a lot of fun since there are so many different surface choices available. Because of the relatively small area involved in most homes, bathroom surface renovations can provide an opportunity to splurge a bit on richer materials.

The reigning ruler of countertops continues to be granite. Formerly reserved for those with large pocketbooks, granite can be an affordable choice for a bathroom counter because of the smaller area involved and the ability to do price comparisons at various stone providers. It is sometimes possible to get a great deal on left over stone from a larger renovation project. Another option is to consider granite tiles instead of a solid block of granite. Expect to pay between $70 and $200 per foot if installed.

A little less expensive but still offering a number of high end features is tile for a bathroom counter top. Tile used to have some cleaning drawbacks because of the amount of grout between the tiles but today there are tiles that are much larger, which limits the total amount of grout. Unglazed porcelain tile comes in about a third of the cost of granite and plain colored tiles can be found at as little as two dollars each.

For those who are fond of the retro look, consider the possibility of butcher block countertops [] for the bathroom. Yes, you read correctly, butcher block, a staple of 80’s kitchen counters is experiencing a resurgence as an option for your bathroom counter top []. The look that is particularly popular are butcher block countertops used to hold vessel type bathroom sinks. One tip for those contemplating this look, purchase good quality but thin butcher block cut to the cabinet size. Sand it and then drop it on top of the cabinet below, under no circumstances use glue as an adhesive.

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