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Need An Easy Bathroom Curtain Idea?

I’ve always had a hard time decorating my bathrooms. You want them to look more “cute” instead of fancy, after all, it is a bathroom not a bedroom! I wanted to have some type of window treatment over the windows, but the ones I usually picked out were more decorative and elegant and didn’t serve as a good shade for those looking in!

Those plain old roller shades were perfect for keeping peepers out, but they were ugly! So plain and not colorful at all. Well, not anymore!

Now all you need is a roller shade for your windows. Buy some paint, stamps, sponges, beads, ribbons or anything else you’d like and decorate the roller shade itself. Whether your bathroom is decorated with seashells, fish, ducks or flowers, you can create a roller shade to match perfectly. You can sponge paint the shade with colors that match your bathroom, or you could stamp on images of fish, flowers or ducks that coincide with your current décor.

Roll out the shade all the way as if it were hanging on the window and covering it completely. Before you start decorating away, start with a plan. Decide what colors you’re going to use and how you’re going to design it. Then start decorating it!

This is a great crafting project for you and your older kids. If they have their own bathroom, let the kids decorate the shade all by themselves (with your supervision of course). You can also use these shades in bedrooms and let the kids decorate them according to the décor in their rooms.

When choosing your bathroom window curtains there are a number of factors that should be taken into account. The following article gives an overview of each of these factors and should guide you through the process of selecting the perfect curtains for your bathroom.

Factor 1

The bathroom environment (humidity). The nature of the bathroom i.e. hot showers or long soaks in a warm bath particularly in the winter months results in high amounts of humidity in the air. This humidity will settle as moisture on your curtains and can subsequently turn to mould / mildew. For this reason your first consideration when purchasing your bathroom curtains should be the fabric. Dry clean only curtains are not recommended.

When selecting the fabric for your bathroom it is advised to opt for a lightweight cotton fabric. These fabrics hold up well to the high humidity of which they are subjected to, and are able to dry quickly and with ease.

Factor 2

The bathroom environment (water). The nature of a bathroom as well as being high in humidity is that for all intense and purposes it is a wet room; people dripping when getting out of the bath, splashes from the sink and over spray from the shower ensure that at some point or other most of your bathroom is likely to become damp if not wet.

When taking this into account it is better to opt for shorter curtains. Whereas full length, floor to ceiling curtains can be both exquisite and luxurious in some parts of the house the bathroom is not recommended as being one of them.

Windows that sit just above the sill are the safest option and least likely to be subjected to excessive amounts of water. Furthermore, the reduced amount of fabric in the curtains ensures a quicker drying time after being subjected to water or humidity.

Factor 3

Lined or Unlined. This will come down to personal preference and the particular layout, size and style of your bathroom. As outlined above bathroom curtains are subject to rigorous conditions and as such it is advised to keep them as short and light as possible, thus an unlined curtain would be the best choice.

However, there are a number of other elements to take into account:

Privacy; your time in the bathroom is your own special, personal time, as such you want to ensure complete privacy. A light weight curtain would offer little in the way of privacy to an adjacent window, particularly at night with your light on. Your silhouette could be clearly visible for all to see! In such circumstances a lining would be highly recommended to ensure adequate privacy.

Intimacy; for those times when you want to soak for hours in a long hot bath, surrounded by the aroma and glow of candles the last thing you want is to be disrupted by the intrusion of sunlight, or the cold winter air penetrating your window. In this case blackout lined curtains could be the choice for you. These curtains block out the intrusion of sunlight to create that perfect, intimate atmosphere. They also help act as a thermal barrier and assist with retaining heat and preventing the intrusion of cold air.

In summary your choice as to unlined, lined or blackout lined curtains will come down to your personal preference towards the above mentioned circumstances and the layout of your bathroom, as this will dictate the proximity of your curtains to the bath or shower and the privacy to which your window is subjected.

Factor 4

Colour, style and design; finally the choice comes down to design. Once again this choice will be largely dictated by personal preference, however the following are a few considerations to take into account.

– Small bathrooms could benefit from the use of lighter colours to convey the illusion of space and freshness.

– If intimacy and sensuality is your ambiance of choice within the bathroom then a darker more intoxicating colour maybe in order such as a deep red or purple.

– When selecting the colours of your curtains it is important to match the colour scheme of your existing décor. This includes; Flooring, Bathroom Suite, Tiles. It is not advised to select a colour scheme of more than 3 colours.

For example; if you wish to create a romantic and sensual environment, and your flooring is dark grey, your bathroom suite is pure white as are your tiles, then you could happily incorporate a deep, dark pair of red curtains. The colour scheme should be subtly carried on throughout your bathroom through the use of towels, rugs etc…

In summary the bathroom is a very personal and private space, your choice of window furnishing should capture the ambiance you wish to create, so take heed of the advice above and set about selecting the perfect curtains to transform your bathroom into your own private paradise.

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