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Bathroom Etagere

An etagere is a wonderful way to add storage to your home decor. Very much like the English what-not, it is a succession of shelves which can not only be used to store, but also to display your collectibles or anything special or decorative you wish to be seen.

Turn an unused space in your kitchen into an area where you can display your pottery dishes, collection of glasses or your assortment of baskets. Display and use those wedding dishes that have been hidden in a cupboard. Not only will they make a decorative statement but they will also be within reach.

Or maybe you need some shelving in a bathroom. There are thinner and smaller etageres that fit into a corner so even the smallest bathroom can house one. Display pretty toiletries, body lotions and tissues on one shelf, colorful towels on another one and rolls of toilet paper on the bottom shelve. Etageres come in many colors so there will be one out there to match your decor.

An etagere would also be a great addition to a child’s room. One with wide shelves could hold bins filled with all those little toys that tend to be strewn all over the floor. Things like building blocks and doll clothes would now have a home. Think of an etagere in a bold color like red or hot pink to accent the childs room. Or purchase one in unfinished wood that you can customize with paint yourself in whatever design and color you and your child wish.


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