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Bathroom Floor Ideas

Bathroom Floor Ideas. Your master bathroom should serve as an oasis and make you feel at ease. It’s where you’ll unwind after a long day at work. It’s where you’ll retreat when your stress levels rise. Whether you spend an hour soaking in the tub or a few minutes standing in front of the mirror, the space should provide a pleasurable, calming experience.

Your luxury home likely came with an impressive master bath. But you want it to be more than just functional. You want it to be luxuriating. With that in mind, we’ll present several ideas below for upgrading your bathroom. The following suggestions will help transform the space into a retreat that will make any day look brighter.

Idea #1: Pamper Yourself With A Rain Shower

Rain showers are designed with large showerheads that release water in a manner that mimics the fall of rain. The spray’s pattern and pressure creates a massaging sensation, similar to standing beneath a small waterfall. Although the showerhead can be adjusted to provide additional pressure, many people prefer its default setting.

Some rain showers are suspended from the ceiling. Others are mounted on the wall. Both types provide an indulgent shower that you may find difficult to leave.

Idea #2: Install Dual Vanities

Double vanities offer a number of advantages over a traditional single-sink vanity. You and your spouse can use the space at the same time rather than one person having to wait for the other to finish. You’ll also have more storage space for your respective toiletries. In addition, double vanities give you and your partner an opportunity to add small design flourishes that enhance your respective areas.

You’ll probably need to modify the plumbing in your bathroom to accommodate two sinks. Although it’s an inconvenience, it’s also a one-time event.

Idea #3: Invest In Radiant Heat Flooring

The floor of a traditional master bath can remain unpleasantly cold despite your home’s heater being active. Heat rises, leaving the tile chilly to the touch. That’s the reason many homeowners install a radiant heating system under their bathroom floors.

Radiant heat systems ensure that your floors stay warm when you’re in the bathroom. When you climb out of the tub or leave the shower, you won’t be shocked by the frigid cold of the tiles.

Idea #4: Allow More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom

Natural light does more than simply brighten a room. It lifts the room’s mood. In your master bath, ample sunlight can make the space seem more welcoming and relaxing.

If your bathroom lacks windows, you can use specific types of artificial light to create a similar effect. For example, install ambient lighting to provide an undercurrent of soft light in the background. Tasteful task lighting positioned near the vanity can provide illumination for performing your morning routine without creating an annoying glare. Use accent lights in specific areas of your master bath to further brighten the space while adding a touch of style.

Natural light is always preferable. But if it isn’t an option, there are other ways to enhance the lighting in your bathroom.

Idea #5: Install A Towel Warmer

A towel warmer does exactly as its name implies. It keeps your towel warm while you’re in the shower or tub. When you’re ready to dry off, pull your heated towel off the wall-mounted fixture and wrap it around yourself. The warmth keeps the chill at bay.

Towel warmers offer additional benefits. They can help dry damp towels after use, preventing the onset of mildew. They can also provide heat for the bathroom, much like a space heater. If you have delicate garments that are damp, hang them on the towel warmer to dry them quickly and safely.

When redecorating or refurbishing bathroom flooring, you want to create new looks that fit one’s style and preference. However, you don’t want to go for the same old designs and ideas. When it comes to the modern bathroom, there are a number of flooring ideas that could really work for you. Here are four ideas to take advantage of which would not have to cost you so much.

Wood Floor for Bathroom

The bathroom is extremely humid which causes problems for wood and linoleum flooring. However, that does not mean you have to opt for cold tiles. Deep hardwood flooring like bamboo is designed for warm temperatures and will really work for a modern bathroom floor. You can also buy flooring materials that are specifically manufactured for the bathroom to get the wooden look.

The Rustic Look

One great idea for gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts is the rustic look. This is also great for those who want a sense of being in a relaxing part of the country. You just need tiles that are in an outdoor color, such as terracotta to get the look of natural stone or paving. Finish the look by adding some potted plants around the bathroom.

Have a Marble Texture Around the Room

Sometimes you want to feel like you are standing in luxury. The bathroom is a great place to add this look and you can do it simply with marble textures around the room. When it comes to this type of flooring, you cannot go wrong with marble for it is widely available, but you could also choose granite that has a similar style if you want to save money. Make sure the tiles and flooring are completely sealed to avoid issues with the damp and heat levels in the room. This is great for a smaller bathroom as the colors are usually much lighter.

Add Heat to Your Modern Flooring

The last flooring idea is more practical, but it can be more expensive. Adding under floor heating is a great way to keep the warmth in the room after a shower or bath, especially during the colder months. This will require removing the current flooring and often means getting a professional in, so you will need to consider your budget.

Think about your style and needs when choosing modern bathroom flooring ideas. It will also depend on the size of your bathroom. The four ideas above are great for various budgets and requirements.

Most of the time, bathroom flooring is not the element that receives much attention from homeowners and decorators. This is understandable because it only has your feet to attend to, unlike sinks, toilets and shower enclosures that have crucial specifications affecting their performance and usage. However, if you are considering a complete bathroom renovation, you should give the flooring some attention, it adds more to the overall appearance of your bathroom than you realize.

The list of bathroom flooring ideas is actually long; including familiar and unusual choices, but the bottom line in making the selection is safety and cleanliness. The bathroom floor material that you should choose must not cause much slippage when wet, which means that it has to have friction of some sort. Also, it should be easy to clean and inhibit odor. Whether you are considering luxury bathroom designs or a simpler one, you should take note that the flooring material depends on the amount of water spillage that occurs, the amount of time you can devote for cleaning, and the durability of the material.

Ceramic tile is one of the more common bathroom flooring, because it is durable and hygienic. It is perfect for compact bathroom designs as large ceramic tiles can create an illusion of a bigger space. Aside from being easy to clean and waterproof, these tiles are safe from stains. The advantage of tiles are having a wide option for colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, textures and styles, while the disadvantage are it is often feels cold underfoot, it can be slippery and is prone to mold and mildew in grouting.

Vinyl flooring is another option that can look like slate, marble, brick or even wood flooring. The advantages are it is non-allergenic, waterproof, stain-resistant and durable and easy to maintain.

There less common bathroom flooring choices that you will still find used, such as hardwood or laminates, carpet, cork, or rubber. If your home’s major floor plan is of hardwood, it will be pleasing to use the same material for the bathroom. Hardwood offers a warm feeling and a good visual appeal, but it can be destroyed by moisture unless coated with water-resistant sealant. Another promising choice is carpet, which must be resistant to water, stain, and mildew in order to last for a long time. However, it is not advisable for households with children, for even high-grade carpet will be unable to withstand frequent soakings and spillage. If opt for cork, a flooring material overloaded with good qualities, as it is warm underfoot and sound insulation, as well as being non-slip and rot-proof even when wet. Rubber is also highly durable and resistant to elements, but it must be studded in order to prevent slipping.

Finally, if you are after style and quality for your luxury bathroom designs, stone flooring… marble, slate and limestone are the best choice, they are durable and resistant to wear and tear, although they may require sealing to prevent staining and are cold underfoot, so you may want to consider heated bathroom flooring.

In choosing your bathroom flooring, you need to consider affordability, quality and practicality. The right choices become an investment that will increase the price of your house, if and when you decide to sell your house.

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