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Bathroom Mirror Wall Cabinets

Bathroom mirrors are a great way to complete your room. Before you purchase own, you need to assess the size of your bathroom, style that you wish to achieve and if you need to add additional lighting. There are so many choices out there that you will certainly find exactly what you want. They make a wonderful accent and can increase the lighting of the area.

The size of the bathroom is a consideration. You do not want to obtain a bathroom mirror that will make the room seem smaller. And conversely, a small mirror in a large room may get lost. You also need to make sure that there is enough wall space available to hang a mirror. The space may already be determined if there is a pre existing bathroom mirror cabinet or medicine cabinet. The shape will also impact the area. You can choose from square, rectangle, oval or round. Each shape can increase or decrease the perception of the room.

There are a wide variety of bathroom mirrors to choose from. There are fixed mirrors that are attached to cabinets, or there are mirrors that attached directly to the wall without a cabinet. You can also purchase illuminated bathroom mirrors with different lighting options. The mirrors are available with wood trim, metal or chrome frames or without a frame. You can buy a variety of colors for the wood to match any existing cabinetry or vanities. The metal frames can come in gold, silver, chrome, brushed metals or with an antique finish. No matter what you need to match, it is surely available.

The mirror itself can also come in a variety of styles. There are mirrors with beveled edges or simple etchings to add elegance to your bathroom. The wood grains can have intricate designs, or even have no frame at all, making a more modern statement. Through the different design styles the mirror is not only classy but functional.

If you have an extremely small bathroom, you can buy a stand up mirror that will not take up too much room. These mirrors can stand on a pole from the floor or it can stand on the sink. These are great if you do not have a lot of wall space as well. Although smaller than a wall mirror, they will not make the room seem smaller and will serve its purpose. Another design style that will help with a small area is the accordion style or pull out mirror. This attaches to the wall and can be pulled out for use. These are great for applying makeup!

If you need more lighting in your area, you can also purchase illuminated bathroom mirrors. These units can include the cabinet or just the mirror. Light fixtures are attached and are coordinated to the style of the mirror. Simple lighting or more ornate lighting can be found. It certainly makes coordinating lighting and your accessories much easier.

Bathroom mirrors can be purchased at a variety of stores. You should shop on the internet to find the design style that matches your needs. Or visit your local store that specializes in bathroom accessories. You can buy a bathroom mirror for as little as sixty-nine dollars and spend more than a hundred dollars for an illuminated mirror. Bathroom mirrors with cabinets may be slightly more.

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