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Bathroom Mirror With Shelf

The latest modern bathrooms are equipped with not only the necessary plumbing, but also all kinds of interior details that give to the room individuality and original look.

The main functional part of the bathroom besides the obvious bathroom vanity is the vanity mirror. This familiar household item helps us to direct the beauty and fine in conjunction with the space of a bathroom, expanding its space and create a beautiful decorative effect.

So, how to choose a right vanity mirror? Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. But here are a few guidelines for you to follow when you go to make your selection.

All mirrors are made of a single technology, but the coating on the reverse side can be different, depending on the destination mirror. Thus, the mirror for the bathroom and other rooms are different from each other. Conventional mirrors for the rooms are cheap because they have a simple finishing. A bathroom mirrors have a special water-resistant coating, which allows you to carry frequent changes in temperature and high humidity and allows the mirrors to stand the test of time. Pay attention to what the mirror itself is manufactured from as well as the frame. Both pieces are of equal importance when you are looking for something with durability.

For the cheaper variety mirror such tests are unlikely to survive. With heat and humidity, there is always a problem with cracking or warping to the mirrors frame. None of which are good things if you’d like the mirror to stay in that spot forever. The rear cover can be multilayer and made from resin; it prevents the peeling of the amalgam and water penetration. The most durable mirrors have a silver finish rather than the aluminum amalgam. In addition, the process of manufacturing the mirrors requires use of expensive equipment and high quality raw materials, which is why such mirrors are more expensive. In addition, due to high humidity, this mirror is best placed in a stainless metal or plastic frame. That’s not to say though that all wood or MDF mirrors are bad though. Some have been specially treated to withstand such elements. The bottom line is: Do your homework.

The main place for a mirror is obviously over the sink. It is best if it is stretched vertically and is fixed on hinges to adjust the angle of inclination. With this, you get more of a complete “picture”. It is also very useful if the main mirror is attached to the additional small mirror on the handle that allows you to see yourself from behind. Do not feel limited by these constraints, however. You can add mirrors to other places in addition to over a vanity in a large bathroom to give the appearance of space or simply as simple, stunning accents.

Vanity mirror with shelf

The mirror for the bathroom – it is not just a stylish piece of furniture, but also a very practical thing. Many models are equipped with additional mirrors, functional devices. For example, mirrors are often provided with special small shelves, which can comfortably accommodate the necessary things: creams, lotions, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries. Whether you need it for storage or simply as a decorative accent, a modern mirror can do wonders for any bathing space.

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