Charming Bathroom Organizer 62 In Home Decoration Planner with Bathroom Organizer

Bathroom Organizer

A disorganized bathroom can be uncomfortable and unhygienic. A great place to begin imposing a new organizational regime on your bathroom is in the shower. Showers, due to their amphibious nature, attract plenty of fungus, mildew and grime. Constant maintenance is essential to maintain that sought after clean feeling. It’s not luck or magic. The key to a well-organized, calm bathroom is elbow grease (a few clever shortcuts never hurt anyone). Clutter is a major scourge in the way of a clean, safe bathroom. Clutter creates small, dark, stagnant spaces where mildew thrives. If you have extra shampoo bottles cluttering up the shower, old slivers of soap, ancient bath toys, or whatever your home’s particular brand of clutter looks like, it’s time to get organized! Space maximizing organizational accessories and tools will help you zap clutter and keep your shower neat.

Convertible Shower Caddy

The inside of your shower has never been neater with an extra-large convertible shower caddy. Hangs from any shower door or wall-mounted pole! Built in industrial strength suction cups even offer secure sticking power for any evenly tiled surface. Keep your toiletries and shower gear handy and uncrowded with generous storage space in this adjustable caddy. Adjust and deepen shelves to make room for larger bottles. Available in the elegant, easy-to-clean material of plated steel.


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