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Bathroom Plants

Bathroom Plants. It is a well-known fact that we all spend much time in the bathroom, and most of that time we spend it refreshing ourselves. It only points out that this important room has to be as refreshing and as comfortable as possible. Nature is the most refreshing way of doing it. Consider going green and having a bathroom plant.

Apart from offering a natural curtain and improving the bathroom d├ęcor, plants are well-known for naturally cleaning the air. Most people would be hesitant in placing a plant in the bathroom or shower but where else would be the best place to place a plant.

Factors to consider when buying a bathroom plant:

The first thing to consider is that this plant will have to be an indoor plant (a houseplant). You also have to consider where you intend to place the plant, if you intend on placing it on a window ledge there are chances that it will be exposed to the extreme elements of snow and sun and should be adaptable to the same.

Bathrooms are usually dark most of the time and one should consider the amount of lighting available for the plant. For example, if you intend to place a plant in a small enclosure such as a cloakroom suite you need to consider the lighting that will be different if the plant was to be in a full bathroom or in a shower enclosure. Some plants will thrive with low lighting and others will not.

You also need to take into consideration the humidity that is usually there around the bathroom. Plants in the bathroom have to adaptable to the humidity.

Type of plants that do well in the bathroom

The most common plants that thrive in the bathroom include bamboo varieties, aloe Vera plants, ferns, African violets and prayer plants. The Chinese evergreen is also one of the most preferred bathroom plants because it requires very little care and is very leafy as well as beautiful.

The African violets plants come in various colors but need a little more care than the Chinese evergreen. They also need a lot of lighting and will do well on ledges or you can buy additional lighting for the plant. They will flower throughout the year and they smell great.

Plants like the snake plant are like cacti. They are tough and can grow very tall. They do need a lot of sunlight and may not work well in very dark bathrooms.

Tendencies for minimalism and antiquity penetrate even into bathroom and toilet rooms.

The “antique” furniture.

Ecologically clean materials slowly, but really pick their way to the bathroom. If it is the furniture, it must be wooden and covered by moisture-proof lacquer. And if it is made from wood, it must look noble or “antique”. The cost of the matter: as a rule, such bathroom furniture is manufactured according to the individual order and is very expensive.

In the shower as if in a sauna.

If you selected the shower cabin, the fashionable shower is the shower with hydro-massage or the steam effect. Not cheap. But it is healthy, as in such shower cabins one can have acupuncture, spinal and leg massage by streams of water. As well as aroma and ozone therapy. The timers will control your stay there.

Stone bathtub – warm and inviting.

If you miss the cast-iron warm bath of your childhood, but want to have modern stylish new bathtub, order a bath from the artificial stone (polymeric resin, in which crushed stone (granite or noble onyx) is added).

A stone bathtub is lighter than the cast-iron one, can have any desired form, keeps the temperature well, needs no coverage (after casting the product is simply polished). It is robust and only a little less harder than the natural stone. The bathtubs are resistant to the household chemistry (one can wipe them even by acetone and nothing will happen).

Comfortable mini sinks.

The less space the sink occupies in the bathroom, the more timely and modern it is. Due to various forms it perfectly fits into corners and niches. Designers developed another innovation – on wide boards of the “mini sink” one can place a lot of jars and bottles.

Smart taps.

Touch-sensitive or thermostatic mixer taps will look ideal in a modern bathroom. But pay attention that in fashion now are smooth and rounded shapes. Touch-sensitive mixer taps are equipped with an infra-red device. The sensors switch on the water, when you put your hands close to the tap. Thermostatic mixer taps have two handles, one of which regulates the head of water, and the other has a scale, with the help of which you can set the required temperature. If the temperature of the incoming water changes, the water will flow slower from the tap, but the temperature, compensated by the sensor, will remain unchanged. If this or that flow of water is suddenly cut off, water will simply stop coming into the tap.

Lighting of the bathroom should be as intensive as possible and light in the proper way the individual standing in front of the mirror. Bathroom spot lighting will suit perfectly, if it is installed on both sides of the mirror or above it. The diffusers from clouded glass will have an auspicious effect on your health, saving your eyes from blinding light. Bathroom water prove spot lights are completely safe to use in your new stylish bathroom.

A flower greenhouse in the bathroom.

Various designs a bathroom plants make the bathroom a place for relaxation. But house plants are for some reasons rarely placed in bathrooms, despite the fact that these premises are in a dire need of softening the firm walls by the gentle verdure of plants. In fact, with the help of verdure you can make your bathroom a truly luxurious place. There are many variations of the bathroom design: from luxuriant verdure to several emphasized green spots.

A big window in the bathroom is the ideal chance for planting greenery. In the warm and moist climate of the bathroom it is best to keep plants, which came to us from tropical countries. A small bathroom window somewhat limits the choice of plants, but in this case more suitable for the bathroom will be more endurable plants. If there is no window in the bathroom, don’t be discouraged. There are ways to keep plants even in this case: you can buy special lamps for flowers, they are like small daylight lamps, but have a different radiated spectrum. If you illuminate the plants with this lamp in the bathroom without a window, the plants will feel comfortable.

In a big bathroom with a good window you can create something like a jungle or in extreme case, a small bathroom garden. Luxurious ferns, huge leaves of philodendrons, motley aglaonema will change your bathroom design so much that you will hardly recognize it. Sprawling arecas and chamaedoreas will help to soften the cold glitter of the tiles.

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