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Bathroom Rack

Bathroom towel racks have been in use for more than twenty years. Also called towel warmers, heated bathroom racks were developed in order to solve some existing issues that towel users had. These issues border on existence of residual germs on towels from repeated use, formation of mildew on wet towels and the time it takes towels to dry completely using natural methods.

The use of heated bathroom towel racks will ensure that you have nice, dry and fluffy towels to use whenever you need them. You also deal with those annoying green or black stuff that grows on wet towels, wet clothes and stuff; what we call mildew but which really are the various species of a particular kind of fungus. You also get some heat treatment that kills some residual germs. All these are available from a maintenance-free and energy efficient system that is embodied in the heated racks.

Bathroom Rack. Heated bathroom towel racks are not just an item for warming towels. These days, they can be used to make a style statement. They come with various options; free-standing racks, wall-mounted ones, etc. You can even get a varied colour selection. It is not uncommon to see white bathroom towel racks. Indeed, there are various colour grades of white bathroom racks. It is not uncommon to see white racks for the bathroom that come in shades of crème white, grey white, etc. These white racks generally come at much cheaper prices than those that come in other colours.

So how do we use them? Many heated racks come with various designs and accessories that can help you get more than one towel warmed at a time. Get a heated bathroom towel rack that delivers on this, and make use of this feature by putting in more than one towel at a time. You should also note that the best results are obtained when towels are folded to double thickness, which usually helps to trap the heat in the fiber of the towel, delivering a more uniform and effective heating operation.

In many places, the heated bathroom towel racks can also be used as the source of heating for the bathroom or the laundry room. Talk about having something like a mini-sauna in your home, this is something that comes close to it.

The over the door towel rack style is a great method of utilizing space in the bathroom without all the clutter. It is advantageous for bigger families that may have trouble providing ample towel hanging space to everyone at home. It is great when guests are visiting. A lot of the bathroom clutter is normally from the used bath towels strewn on the floor or hanged any how. Over the door towel rack with bars and hooks to keep towels and other bathroom items organized is one surefire way to enable the bathroom to appear more decent.

Over the Door Towel Rack – Keeping Things Organized

It’s quite easy to set-up an over the door towel rack which comes with tiers will give you a great hiding place for your towels. When strategically placed, they can be easy to reach them while in the shower. The tiers on the rack enable a number of towels to drape in the same place. Everybody would like their visitors to find a neat bathroom since it is the number one place people tidy up when they get to know of an impending visit. The basin is wiped and the toilet scrubbed and all the towels in the room are cleared out of the way.

Free Up Space

For small bathrooms that are tight in space, an over the door towel bar or rack can do wonders. These racks can help us further the use of space, beyond what wall mounted racks can normally provide for. In addition, utilizing one standard bathroom rack does not provide enough space to hang all the towels for drying. A rack for towels over the door with tiers is a really efficient space conserver, although a single towel bar over the door will certainly help. With additional over the door space being utilized, this will allow you to delegate your wall’s space for other uses. These could be shelves that will store other bathroom amenities as the rack is hidden behind the door where nothing else would have been put.

Keep Towels Fresh

A tiered rack for towels over the door will give you a better option for draping your towels as opposed to keeping them on the floor or folded but damp. On many occasions, we throw towels on the floor, or fold them up even though they are still damp. This way of handling towels attracts mildew and wear on the towels. When you hang towels correctly for drying, it allows them to smell fresh and you will get optimum use of them. This also helps them to have a longer life as good care is accorded them. This will definitely ensure your bathroom smells clean as there will not be a heap of stuffy towels strewn all over.

All things considered, an over the door towel rack is a great way to keep the towels organized and free up bathroom space for smaller bathroom. They also keep towels smelling good and reduce their wear and tear. When shopping for the best rack, take a look at several options, such as single or multi-tier racks, as well as racks with a combination of towel bars and hooks. To find that ideal over the door towel rack, be sure to check out a few more articles and product descriptions before you decide.

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