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Bathroom Rugs

Throwing your bathroom rugs in the wash is a good idea, sometimes. But when you have company coming soon and you need to clean up quickly, there are other options for presenting clean and fresh looking and smelling bathroom rugs.

A little prep when you first buy your rugs, or after you’ve had time to do a good wash of them will save you time and effort later.

While the rugs are clean and dry, spray each rug with some static guard. This will help keep dust, lint, and debris from accumulating on your rugs and sticking to them.

Often, you’ll be able to quickly shake off most of the lint and other dirt easily, then just vacuum or sweep it up off the floor.

If that doesn’t work, grab your lint roller and give your rugs a quick treatment with it.

Vinegar and water, or a commercial scent remover, will freshen the smell of your rugs right up. However, don’t use the vinegar too close to when company is coming, because it will continue to smell like vinegar for as long as it isn’t dry.

Baking soda can remove odors too, but if you use it, your rugs need to be completely dry and you’ll need to vacuum it up for the next time your rug gets damp, you’ll have clumps and it will track onto your hard floors.

A vigorous shaking is the best way to get fresher looking rugs when you’re in a real hurry. It shakes out any dirt, while also shaking out the nap of the rugs.

However, vacuuming is the best option when you have enough time to get your vacuum out and put away before your company arrives. Use an upholstery or dusting hose attachment and have at it. The suction removes dust and dirt while the action of rubbing the attachment across the nap of the rug perks it up.

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