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Bathroom Rules

Think New Sink!

Do you want to update your old, outdated, boring bathroom with something new? There are many styles of bathroom sinks, colors, and features from brand name manufacturers that will appeal to every lifestyle and budget. Here are some of the top choices in new bathroom sinks:

o Pedestal bathroom sinks: These bathroom sinks are mounted on a single column or legs and can be found in “traditional,” modern, or period styles.

o Wall-mount sink: All of the plumbing for these sinks is hidden behind a wall and is not visible at all outside of the wall.

o Vanity sink: This type of sink is probably the most commonly found. The sink has counter space all around it and a cabinet with storage space and plumbing underneath it.

o Contemporary sink: Little ornamentation or embellishments are found on these sinks which focus mainly on the shape and style of these bathroom sinks.

o Vessel bathroom sinks: A wash basin like bowl that has a tall faucet. These bathroom sinks often sit on the counter top.

Make and keep a mental or written list of what features you like and dislike about each of these types of bathroom sinks so that when you are shopping you will be able to prioritize your choices to those that will fit your bathroom the best.

Tips To Choosing The Best Sink For You

1. How much space do you have? Take measurements and keep them with you when you are shopping. You may not have space for that long vanity sink, but the pedestal style sinks may be just perfect.

2. Have you decided on a style for your bathroom? Rule out any sinks that do not fit in with your overall décor for the room as the sink will be a focal point.

3. What is your goal for storage space or floor space? If you want to increase the amount of floor space you might want to consider a wall mount. The vanity has hidden storage and pedestal bathroom sinks also have room underneath and around them for shelving, baskets, etc.

4. Have you chosen what material you want your sink to be made of? You can find bathroom sinks made of porcelain, marble, cast iron, stainless steel, etc. Again, make sure that the material fits in with your overall view of the décor. Also, think about keeping it cleaned and maintained.

5. How handy are you? Is it in your budget to hire a plumber or contractor? If you want to install the sink yourself, check with your local home improvement store for classes on installation.

Today’s sinks are more than just functional features in a room. They make a statement about the people who live in the home. Your bathroom can be a reflection of the style and décor of the rest of the home.

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