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Bathroom Sconce

There are different kinds of lighting available today. Aside from the usual ceiling type variety that uses fluorescent or halogen technology, the designs also varies according to its general location. We have recessed lighting, desk lamps, and wall lamps. All of these are basic lighting styles of the modern home, but the sconce type stands out in the latest trend.

What Are Sconces?

Sconce is a kind of light fixture that is of the wall variety where the light is directed upwards. The light source is protected or covered with a bowl-like design which allows the light to be directed upward. This provides a low intensity, dim lighting suited for hallways, passageways, corridors, and so on. The sconce lighting is usually placed three-fourths of the distance between the wall and the ceiling for it to provide adequate lighting.

Sconces In The Bathroom

Modern archaic designs incorporate sconce lighting into bathrooms, due to its ability to provide enough lighting to set the proper mood. In truth, not all activities done in bathrooms require bright lighting fixtures. Either taking a relaxing shower or a restful soak in the tub, the dim lights would really make for a relaxing and peaceful mood.

Scone Lighting Design

The design and material used in your sconce lighting can vary depending on the motif that you plan to incorporate into your bathroom. For starters, wall sconce styles available are Art Deco, Asian, contemporary, country, crystal, early American, mission or religious, old world, retro (50’s or 60’s), rustic or lodge, southwester design, tiffany, traditional, tropical, Victorian, and the fun-filled whimsical style.

If you want a more dramatic and natural feel, then some sconces are hand-made with materials from ceramic and porcelain. These two materials can exude a natural ambience to your bathroom, as well as fit with most bathroom furniture and fixtures.

Traditional sconce designs direct the light upward, and the styles for this are usually medieval or Victorian. If you want to go for the modern touch, wall sconces can provide bi-directional lighting, upwards and downwards. Note, however, that this kind of designs provides more light quantity than the traditional ones.

It is true that scone lighting fixtures can indeed give your bathroom an elegant and luxurious quality, but this requires planning in advance so that you can maximize its style and designs to the fullest.

Decorating your bathroom can be a lot of fun. It is one of, if not the smallest room in the house, and with the right tools, you can decorate this room to display a lot of your personality. Many activities take place in the bathroom, most of which require a good amount of lighting. As a result proper lighting is very important in decorating your bathroom. Many magazines and catalogues along with various programs on television provide excellent tips on different ways to light up your bathroom in a fun and effective way. One of these fun and exciting ways is to use bathroom lighting sconces.

Sconces are very beautiful light fixtures which are designed to be attached to the wall without any base for support. Hence the only support for sconces is the wall itself. The many styles and designs of bathroom lighting sconces available will help to take your bathroom to another level. Whether you want a contemporary theme or probably a more ancient or just a bathroom that is relaxing and fun filled these bathroom sconces can help you to do just that.

Bathroom lighting sconces based on their design produce soft and simple light which tends to direct upwards, although sconces have been designed to reflect light downward or sideways. As a result not only can they be used to enhance the ambiance of your bathroom but they can be used to place emphasis on the focal point of the bathroom by directing the light in that direction. An excellent location to have sconces installed is around your bathroom mirror or in your vanity area. If you have a large mirror, you should consider having sconces installed on both sides. What this does is to allow the light to be evenly reflecting across you face removing shadows and providing you with excellent lighting to either put on some makeup or get rid of the sneakiest of hairs in your chin. If your mirror is small then you could just have one bathroom lighting sconce bright enough to provide the necessary light.

Bathroom lighting sconces are also available with shades, which further add to the beauty and overall decor of bathroom sconces. These may be made out of glass, metal or ceramic, with a beautiful finishing such as silver, bronze chrome and copper. You are sure to find a style that suits your needs as they can be found in contemporary, traditional, and antique styles along with many others. You can use bathroom sconces in addition to other lighting fixtures for even a better effect. As a result if you were to obtain sconces with darker shades these could be used to provide you with that smooth, dim relaxing light needed to set the mood for your Saturday evening soak, while your other bright lighting fixtures could be used to get you ready to face the world in the morning.

Whatever your lighting needs are for your bathroom, bathroom lighting sconces can definitely provide the solution.

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