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Bathroom Shelf Over Toilet

There is little doubt that for people with a small bathroom one of the most effective, if not the most effective storage ideas, is over toilet storage. It is such an obvious choice to reduce clutter in the small bathroom the choice is not so much whether to have an over the toilet storage unit, but whether to have an over toilet cabinet on its own or with shelves, or simply to have shelves with no cabinet.

For most people the over toilet cabinet will be desirable as you can hide items which you do not want people to see behind doors, such as cleaning fluids, spare towels or things you want kept away from young children. Additional shelves may also be desired for other items which may look attractive or simply for display. All will depend on your needs, so it does pay to think carefully about what you want to store in your new over toilet cabinet before you go ahead and buy it, and of that what you want to be hidden from view.

If you opt for an over the toilet cabinet that will hide various bathroom items, then the chances are it will have to be wooden. Glass doors in over toilet units can be found but they hide nothing; they just help to keep things dust free and can look attractive. When looking for the cabinet, be sure to find one that matches your existing d├ęcor. If you are refurbishing a bathroom then look for a matching set of medicine cabinet, linen cabinet and over toilet cabinet could be a good idea.

Apart from the cabinet itself you can find over toilet cabinets with or without shelves. Only after you have thought through what you will use it for need you decide if extra shelves outside the cabinet would help. Everyone will be different. Do you want to hide towels or have them on an open shelf? Do you want to display a plant or two? These little things are very personal so have a good think about the perfect solution before actually buying.

In most new homes as well as a lot of older homes, it is very common to see some sort of over toilet cabinet. This is a very handy feature to have you can store just about anything inside one of these whether it be your towels, extra toilet tissue, your toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as about anything else. Some of them even come equipped with a toilet paper dispenser. Most of the time they are made from wood which you can choose your color on whether it be cherry wood or oak or maple, it’s entirely up to you. Whichever would match your bathroom decor the best. Another option is stainless steel or plastic. The plastic obviously will not last as long as the wood or the stainless steel

A lots of times it is very common to see a towel rack either on the side for a small hand towel or underneath is a great place to store your daily bath towels. Some people prefer to use these for storage while other people just like the way that they look. It it’s not uncommon to see a over toilet cabinet which is built-in side the wall. This is a great way to utilize the storage space behind the wall, as well as a handy place to store any extra belongings so that they do not clutter up your sink.

Another option would be to have a shelf on the lowest point of the over toilet cabinet. This is a great place to store anything in which you might store on top of the toilet tank, such as doilies, or any sort of decoration. This way if you need to get inside the toilet tank you won’t have much to clear off. If you do install your over the toilet cabinet yourself, it is a good idea to place it high enough so that it is not in your way should you need inside your toilet tank.

When it comes to the price range on such a decoration for your restroom, they can range from anywhere to $50 for a plastic one, up to $1000. It all depends on what you are willing to spend.

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