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Bathroom Shelves Over Toilet

Bathroom Shelves Over Toilet. Do you need spacesaver bathroom storage shelves to organize your bathroom accessories, but not sure how to do it on a budget? Have you ever cleaned out your closets or garage lately and found any old baskets? It seems as if so many baskets are just collected over the years, and maybe you put them up thinking that you could use them some other time, but never got around to it. The point is that you just couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of them. Well, now you don’t have to. You can actually re-purpose those old baskets for storage on shelves in your bathroom, with a little bit of creativity.

Do you have any old shelves lying around that you no longer use? Could you paint them and still use them for spacesaver bathroom storage? How about painting your old shelves and hanging them in your bathroom, and using the baskets to organize your bathroom accessories?

First you need to choose paint that will work for your shelves. Using shelves and baskets to organize your bathroom accessories is a great idea but the first step is to choose paint that can be washed easily. Bathrooms can get ugly and dirty, so when you can’t easily wash your shelves, then you might wind up with a big messy area. So, consider choosing paint which will wash easily.

As with every room in the house, the bathroom needs some sort of storage space. Whether that space is open, such as shelves, or enclosed such as cabinets, if you want to keep anything conveniently in the bathroom you do need it.

For small bathrooms in particular, space can be at a premium, so if you want an adequate amount of storage space you need to make use of every opportunity. One of those opportunities comes with the space over the toilet. If you are not using that space already, then you should consider over toilet storage as a priority.

If you have not yet looked into over toilet storage for the bathroom, then you should be aware that over toilet space savers and etageres come in a wide variety of designs, which are normally either wood or metal in construction. They come with shelves, cabinet, or a combination of shelves and cabinet. Some may even have two cabinets, although that is very unusual.

If you have a modern bathroom with a shiny, metal décor, then metal over toilet shelves and shelving racks are probably your only choice, as metal units usually have no cabinet. That is not to say they need be plain and unattractive, nor even cheap. The better quality metal toilet shelves can be attractive designs, with ornate metalwork that can combine contemporary and traditional appeal. These can be as expensive as the best quality solid wood toilet shelves and cabinets.

Wooden toilet space savers, like the metal counterparts, come in quite a quality, and thus price, range. The cheapest wood over toilet cabinets and shelving units will be made of lighter weight wood composites, and with these you do need to ensure they are strong and stable enough for what you intend to store. Most toilet space savers are on legs which straddle the toilet, so strength is critical. However, you will find that those from reputable retailers are good enough for the purpose intended.

Some of the more expensive solid wood over toilet storage units can make attractive items of bathroom furniture in their own right, as well as providing useful storage space. So too can those made of more expensive MDF and particle board. All depends on the design, and of course, your own personal tastes.

One of the neatest ways to provide extra storage in a bathroom is to use over toilet space savers. These are generally freestanding, and on legs which stand astride the toilet, which makes them an instant solution for small bathroom storage problems. You can find stainless steel or chrome space savers, or wooden alternatives in many designs and variations of wood quality.

Over toilet storage comes in a wide range of prices and styles, so finding something to match your bathroom is not normally an issue. It is especially easy to find something for a white themed bathroom, as many of the over toilet space savers are white or have a white color option. Whether your bathroom design is modern or traditional, you should be able to buy over toilet shelves or cabinets, or a combination of both, to go with a traditional or contemporary bathroom design.

Over toilet space savers may also come described as toilet etageres, or simply toilet shelves and cabinets. Their name scarcely matters, as whatever you call them they provide a very useful addition to both your bathroom décor and your available storage space.

From a décor point of view, the more expensive toilet shelves or cabinets are likely to fulfill your desire, as they are likely to be embellished with ornate artwork and design. That applies to both wood and metal. Solid wood examples of toilet space savers, or those with a quality veneer, come in designs that you might associate with other traditional wooden furniture, in oak, mahogany, cherry, pine or other wood. Bamboo and wicker are also available in some stores.

Metal toilet space savers are usually just shelves. Even so, the more expensive ones can be high quality chrome, brass, stainless steel and various powder coated finishes on stainless steel frames. It is the ornate artwork, in the traditions of wrought iron, that can make these metal shelves excellent décor items for a modern or traditional bathroom.

Whichever you choose, be sure to check that the legs are sturdy enough to take the weight you intend to place on them. Some of the very cheap over toilet shelves might not be very stable, but if you buy from a reputable retailer, then all should be well.

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