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Bathroom Shower Designs

When choosing a bathroom shower design, factors to consider are style, technical features, finish and even where to position it.

Once conceived as a pure utility item, the modern shower designs have a special use in itself. Early morning use of the bathroom is a frantic affair and everybody is in a hurry. So things must be perfect to avoid wastage of time and a shower is perfect for it.

Definition of a shower

A shower is a device for washing, typically consisting of an enclosed area and an overhead nozzle.

Modern Designs

The various designs for showers available are :

o Modern 
o Elegant with Asian influence 
o Innovative Modern 
o English Country 
o Southwestern 
o Modern Loft 
o Neutral 
o Euro Panel

Commercial Shower

Commercial products cover a wide range of installation and specifications. Ranging from group control mixing valves to thermostatic showers and push button taps and electronic non touch taps, today’s shower designs are available in a variety.

No two installations are similar, though the common factor between them is safety, hygiene, reliability and economy.

Brand Names

o Barber Wilson 
o Danze Shower Valves 
o Lefroy Brooks 
o Boffi 
o Brizo

Choice of Showers

In a small bathroom, a fixed overhead shower is usually incorporated. A hand held shower or an adjustable one is also discreetly used. One should keep in mind the size of his bathroom to choose the appropriate shower design for himself. Today, many varieties are available in the market to choose from.

The various designs of shower should also be selected in a way so as to reflect the personality of the one using the shower and also compliment not only the bathroom designs and fixtures, but also the décor of the rest of the house.

Stylish showers create a whole new look to the existing bathroom. Children who create a fuss over taking a bath can be lured into the bathroom with exciting and attractive designs of showers with buttons and knobs that can interest them.

Similarly, when guests are over at one’s place, even the bathroom attracts them and makes them praise our design and décor.

Square showers, mixers, and even showers with water temperature control and music are also available today.

But whatever be the choice of the bathroom shower design, one must always keep in mind the budget and the kind of use that the shower will be exposed to. Choosing the perfect bathroom shower design is essential and gives a new look to the bathroom.

Suppose you just moved into a new home. It is the home of your dreams with one exception; the bathroom. It is time to start looking at bathroom shower designs so you begin a renovation to make it the bathroom of your dreams. There are lots of design ideas that are inexpensive and take very little time to implement such as curtains, rods, knobs, shower heads, a shower handle, fans and lighting. Although these things are relatively easy to repair, they make a big difference in both the appearance and functionality of the room.

When you begin planning your renovation, think about the size of your bathroom. Is there enough space available to install free-standing shower stalls or will you have to use enclosures to achieve your goal? Many older homes were designed with very small bathrooms. In order to install a shower you must use enclosures or at the least shower curtains. You should also think about the structure of the room. If there is room for free-standing stalls, is the structure of the room sound enough to accommodate the weight of the stalls? Some stalls can be very heavy and this could create problems when attaching it to an existing wall.

Floor and wall tiles are also great bathroom shower designs. Choosing contrasting wall and floor tiles will draw attention to the shower area. Remember to use unglazed tiles on the floor to prevent slipping hazards when the floor gets wet. Tile is one of the most popular choices for bathrooms because they are less likely to carry bacteria and if one tile gets damaged you can use one tile as a replacement instead of replacing the entire wall or floor. This even makes the repair of water lines easier because you simply remove the tiles necessary to get to the lines and replace them when you are finished.

Lighting and fans are huge design ideas. Newly built homes include lighting and fans however older homes did not. Installing exhaust fans with lighting packages can make your bathroom more comfortable and flattering because lighting is instrumental in how we see ourselves. Fans can help prevent moisture from building in the floors and walls of the bathroom while bathing. You can brighten your bathroom and keep it cool with a few well placed lights and fans. Shower doors can also make a difference in the way you view your bathroom.

Many bathroom shower designs include glass shower doors. If you have a small bathroom, doors with a mirrored panel could help to make your bathroom look larger. They come in many styles and designs so choose the ones that fit your needs. Whether you are doing a makeover on your bathroom or just doing a replacement on strategic items such as shower heads, curtains and curtain rods, shower handle or knobs, you can make a remarkable change in the looks and functionality of your bathroom. Using bathroom shower designs to makeover your bathroom can be fun as well as an investment in your home.

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