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Bathroom Signs

If looking to add a little humor to the mundane of everyday life consider sprucing up your bathroom by buying funny bathroom signs. The average person uses the bathroom four to six times a day, or about 120 to 180 times per month at an average time of thirty minutes per day. Let bathrooms every bathroom be a reminder to sprinkle some humor (and air freshener) into such a routine part of life.

Funny bathroom signs have been around for a long time. The first funny bathroom sign I remember seeing simply read, “The job isn’t finished until the paper work is done.” Bathroom signs can be quite tasteful and they certainly don’t need to be crude to be funny. If decorating your own bathroom, any slogan that makes you chuckle will do especially if it’s toiletry related. Some even serve as useful reminders, such as cartoon character looking dismayed at an empty roll of toilet paper with the simple slogan, “Be Prepared.”

While buying funny bathroom signs might not be a suitable option for corporate office spaces demanding professionalism, small business owners, restaurant and pub owners can all benefit from funny bathroom signs. Many small businesses especially restaurants reflect small aspects of the owner’s personality in the internal d├ęcor, or are decorated to a particular motif. Hence there are distinctively Irish pubs, Western steak houses, Southern buffets, Amish family style restaurants and Old World delis just to name a few examples. A bathroom sign just as unique as the rest of the building might not be inappropriate.


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