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Bathroom Towel Decor Ideas

Bathroom Towel Decor Ideas. The best way to approach bathroom decor is to begin by selecting a theme. Since bathrooms are relatively small areas, it’s best to stick with a single primary theme. Once you select a theme, you’ll want to choose wall art, a shower curtain, rugs, and storage items that coordinate with each other. Be sure to select items that blend with your existing wallpaper or paint color, unless you’re planning to change the walls when you update the decor.

Nautical Bathroom Decor

Those who live near the water or enjoy spending time on the water often choose to decorate their bathrooms using a nautical theme. If you like the idea of a nautical theme, you’ll be able to select among a variety of different types of bathroom accessories. Sailboats and tall ships are very popular nautical design elements, and are typically a combination of dark wood, navy blue, and tan colors. Be careful when choosing your blues to go on the wall of your bathroom as the room could end up feeling too cold and uninviting.

Seashell Bathroom Decor

Seashell theme decor is used in many bathrooms designs. Because most natural seashells are light in color, accessories based on this theme tend to be in light shades of beige, pearl, and a variety of pastes. You can incorporate a combination of real seashells and decorative elements that feature depictions of shells, such as wall art and towels, into your bathroom design scheme.

Fish Bathroom Decor

Bright, primary colors are commonly used in fish bathroom decor. This is a popular theme for children’s bathrooms. Kids love clear shower curtains stamped with bright, bold fish and walls painted with the coordinating bright shades. They’ll also enjoy drying off with bright towels covered in matching fish. This is a great way to make having a bath fun for the children. You could have toys that are similar to the colors and the styles and make it feel like their own special room.

Dolphin Bathroom Decor

Dolphins are a very popular collectible item throughout the home. Many people incorporate dolphins into their bedroom den, and bathroom decor. There are many different types and styles of dolphin bathroom accessories, including wall art, towels, shower curtains, trash cans, and much more. Many people chose to decorate the bathroom blue when using dolphin styles. You could also use a shade of white or cream and user the dolphins to give the room some extra color.

Angel Bathroom Decor

Another very popular theme for bathroom decor involves utilizing angels as a decorative element. There are many different styles of angel decor, ranging from Victorian era angels to cherubs. Regardless of the type of angel you prefer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of bathroom decor items that feature an angel theme.

So as you can see, there are many options available to you when you are choosing your bathroom decor. Choose wisely and you will have a room that the whole family will enjoy using.

Alex Hanson kicks up your bathroom decor theme by theme. Here are some easy tips to enhance or change the look in your bathroom and make it fun and festive, as well as lively for the spring and summer months. It’s actually nice to be nautical in the winter, too. Sometimes it just keeps us thinking a warm bath or shower and the steamy heat that rises and fills up the mirrors with mist are best shown in a nautical beach theme. For the kids bath it’s fun to have some just for kids rugs with scenes of the beach and boats.

If you have a home decorating idea but a small decorating budget to go along with it, do not despair! There are still plenty of ways you can choose bathroom accessories to create a fresh, new look and feel to your bathroom.

A good place to begin is by removing any clutter from your bathroom which includes on countertops and in drawers and medicine cabinets. It is time to get rid of things you don’t need or use. Investing in organizing tools for your drawers and cabinets is money well spent. Since you will now have more storage space, you are less likely to leave clutter on the countertops.

The next step is to use accessories that are stylish and useful at the same time.

Towel Racks and Rings

Use a small towel rack or towel ring next to the sink and use larger towel racks close to the shower or bathtub. There are many wonderful, decorative styles to choose from. You will have fun shopping for towel racks that add a special touch to the bathroom as well as reflecting your style and personality.

Throw Rugs

Throw rugs can add a splash of color as well as a touch of interest to the room. You might want a throw rug that is a contrasting color or one that blends with the color scheme in the room. Matching your rug colors with your towels helps in bringing a coordinated look to the room.

Decorative Handles

Putting decorative handles on the cabinets in the bathroom adds a distinctive touch to the room. They also add to the decorative style of the room. Handles are more functional and make opening drawers and cabinet doors much easier.

Decorative Hooks

Decorative hooks are very useful in a bathroom for towels and robes as well as a place for decorative items, such as a lace swag. Regular hooks can be added to the back of the bathroom door and serve a more functional but necessary role in the bathroom.

Color Change

Have you been living with the same color scheme in the bathroom for a long time? It is time to add a new coat of paint in a new color! You might also want to add border paper, stencil art, or faux painting on at least one wall. What a way to revitalize the bathroom with minimal cost!

With these inexpensive home decorating ideas, there are no more excuses for having an outdated as well as cluttered bathroom.

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