Wow Bathroom Vanity 30 Inch 57 With Additional Inspiration To Remodel Home with Bathroom Vanity 30 Inch

Bathroom Vanity 30 Inch

My husband and I are renovating our lower level bathroom in stages, an approach that is kind to our budget and kind to us. We are keeping the existing vanity because it is well built (it looks like furniture) and still stylish. What have we done so far?

A professional glass company removed and disposed of the dated mirror. We painted the walls a pale taupe and put new brushed nickel pulls on the vanity. Thanks to my handyman husband, the old vanity fixture (which looked like something from an actor’s dressing room) is gone. Now we are looking for a replacement.

You may be looking for new vanity lighting too. Check these features before you part with your hard-earned money.

Lighting distribution. According to “Vanity Lighting is Important,” an article on the Bathroom Vanity Ideas Website, the three things to avoid are shadows, dim light, and glare. Do you have a shower light, task light by the tub, or can lights in the ceiling? The placement of these lights affects your choice of vanity lighting.

Type. Your basic choices are sconces, light bars, can lights, and chandeliers, which are very popular right now. We are looking for a matching mirror and bar light. Sconces are our second choice, but they would involve some re-wiring. The American Lighting Association, in an article, “Bathroom Vanity Lighting,” recommends sconces because they “provide even lighting for both sides of your face.”


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