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Bathroom Vanity Grey

When getting ready to pick out the right bedroom or bathroom vanity, it is important to take into consideration the style and decor of your room. Your personal style says a lot about who you are and your furniture is simply an extension of you, another way for you to express yourself. The most popular styles are traditional, contemporary, and antique vanities. All three of these styles are great for creating a motif for your room. It is not impossible to mix and match different styles and genres if done properly. Remember there really are no rules when designing a room that is right for you; if you are happy then the room is a success. Your bathroom vanity should, but doesn’t have to complement your room; it is perfectly OK to use it as a stand alone piece.

Traditional styles are often considered the safe bet when it comes to designing a bathroom. The fact is traditional decor can be just as complex as any other. The handed down feel of the traditional styled room is one that makes any and everyone feel right at home when they experience it. The great thing about a traditionally styled room is that there are more options or “looks” you can go for; in other words there are not really any rules so long as you direct your design away from contemporary bathroom vanity. With the traditional room, the room should look as if it were handed down generation to generation but be careful not to make it too antiquated. Mixing the two styles is not always a bad idea, as the similarities of the antique vanity sets and the traditional style vanities are noticeable, however, if a true traditional room is what you are going for you will want to steer clear of your design coming across too archaic.

Contemporary styling is perhaps the most fun and costly to create in your bathroom. There are several approaches to the contemporary look. You can be bold, streamlined, and minimal; or you can be crazy, scattered, and random. The more “traditional” contemporary look usually deals with the motto “less is more” and tends to gear itself towards sharp, bold, solid colors such as blood red, black, white, grey etc. The flip side of a contemporary room would be bright, eclectic, and far out there; more like a modern art piece if you will. When picking a bathroom vanity for these contemporary rooms, you can go with the minimalist view and stick with either a wall mounted or freestanding piece that lacks color and is very basic; or if you decide to go the other route you can choose a wacky shape, bizarre design, in virtually any color; shock value is what you are looking for. Whether you choose to go with traditional” modern design, or contemporary modern design vanities, you are sure to grab the attention of any and everyone who enters the room.

Antique design is a fun way to get a blast from the past. According to U.S. Customs, in order to be an antique, the object must be one hundred years or older. This makes finding real artifacts or antique vanity sets much harder and extremely expensive. When designing an antique room, your best bet is to stick with replicated pieces, they save money, are more durable, and tend to hold up better with modern day requirements and wear and tear. An antique bathroom vanity is likely to be handcrafted and make from solid marble, granite, and wood. Any way you slice it, an antique room is likely to impress if done properly.

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