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Discount Bathroom Vanities

A discount bathroom vanity can save hundreds of dollars. Usually they are in top condition and of good materials.

Why Are They Discounted?

There are quite a few reasons why a bathroom vanity may be discounted. It may be that the bathroom vanity is of an older style or the style may have been discontinued and there is only a small supply left. The vanity might be the showroom model, or it could be that there is an ample supply with few takers. It may be that the style is very simplistic and somewhat undesirable to the majority of home owners, which does not mean that it is inferior it is just not in high demand and the vendor or the manufacturer needs to move it out.

Where to Purchase

A good place to purchase a discount bathroom vanity is through a manufacturer’s warehouse. Often a manufacturer will have a small showroom where they sell their wares. There are also manufacture direct stores that sell straight to the public and cut out that middle man. There are also plenty of retail outlets that sell reduce priced goods as part of their regular sales. Home improvement stores often will carry an array of discounted goods – specialty dealers that deal in bathroom vanities.


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