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Diy Bathroom Remodel

Over the years, I’ve remodeled dozens of bathrooms. And the more I remodel, the more I see some important guidelines repeated over and over: the general rules for keeping costs down and getting the most bang for your buck. Now if money is no object, simply hire the best bathroom designer you can find and write them a blank check. For the rest of us, I offer the following tips.

Whenever possible, leave fixtures in their existing locations. Moving the plumbing lines for a bathtub, shower, toilet or sink can be expensive and messy. A better solution is to upgrade these fixtures for a new look or a new feature.

When selecting new fixtures for your bathroom, stick with white, off-white, bone or biscuit. Lighter-colored fixtures do a couple of things for you. First, white means clean. So white fixtures appear cleaner than colored fixtures. Second, white fixtures have less impact on the overall look of the room. As a general rule of thumb, they tend to make a small bathroom look bigger. Colored fixtures – especially black – tend to make a bathroom look smaller.

Light colors are also best for walls and floors – especially in small bathrooms – as these tend to make the room look larger. Dark colors give the appearance of a smaller bathroom. Leave the ceiling white. Period.


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