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Double Vanity Bathroom

Double Vanity Bathroom. A double vanity for bathroom will only add up to the importance and utilities of a bathroom in a house. This design essentially comprises of two sinks/washbasins housed in a cabinet with shelves for storing bathroom/toiletry materials, probably plumbing tools too. Today the this model is becoming a must in most households. They add a modernized look to the place and make the place look spacious. It is especially important when there is only one bathroom and at least two people in the house want to use it at the same time, like for brushing and shaving.

Choosing the right sized double vanity for bathroom is essential in many houses in order to facilitate easy movement within the place. There are a variety of things one must look into before getting a double vanity installed. They are available in a whole lot of designs and also materials like granite, stainless steel, porcelain, marble etc. It is important that one choose the right design and material that goes well with the colors in the bathroom to induce a stylized look. A double vanity for bathroom shouldn’t be at too much of a height and the faucets too far away, which especially will make it difficult for children to reach it. In addition, it must not be too short to create difficulty in bending down for adults.

When fixing or buying a this product, it is important to select a material that is durable and strong. Stainless steel and granite are materials durable enough and also easy to clean. Materials like granite and porcelain, in the first place, don’t really get dirty. If you want to induce a classic touch in the vanity model, then you can buy the oak or walnut vanity unit for doing so.

It would be fitting to purchase this set only if there would be competitiveness or hurry among two or more people in using a vanity at the same time. It helps if you have a family of at least 5 to 6 people including kids, where you need to get ready early for office and your children, for school. Otherwise, it would be costly to bring in a double vanity for bathroom, because one person can afford to wait till the other uses the bathroom.

Why not? The only requirement here is whether or not you have the necessary space available to upgrade your existing vanity to a double sink bathroom vanity. Besides, a second sink can add much needed function and value to your bathroom and home. Double bathroom vanities are a big deal breaker for most home buyers today. More importantly, every master bathroom or single bathroom home should have a double sink. A double vanity upgrade is something you must do if you are planning to sell your home in the future. Most people do not realize that a double bathroom vanity does not have to necessarily cost more than a single vanity. The cost difference is basically going to boil down to the additional plumbing needed for the second sink.

Double bathroom vanities come in a wide selection of styles, colors, and materials. Styles include anything from antique to modern. Traditional pieces usually have the sinks mounted within the counter and cabinetry leaving more room on top of the counter and having ornate woodwork that looks more like furniture underneath. Modern pieces look more like artistic sculptures with floating shelves and bowls for sinks. The sinks look very much like kitchen accessories sitting on top of a counter and the faucets look more like waterfalls spilling over into the bowls. Regardless of the style you choose, double vanities can be found to fit just about any design scheme you are looking for. However, you should always keep functionality as a top of your priority list. For instance, if a vanity sink is too tall or the faucets are difficult to turn on and off then they will probably pose a problem for small children.

Countertops, mirrors, and lighting must also be taken into consideration when upgrading a vanity area. Countertops can make a major design statement in themselves. Granite, stainless steel, and marble are some of the most durable countertop materials on the market today. Again, depending on the style you are trying to reach, the countertop must be consistent with the rest of the d├ęcor. Mirrors can be purchased to match the vanity so you won’t have to do too much deciding in this area. Lighting on the other hand, is something you will need to consider carefully. Strip lights are most commonly used directly above a vanity area because overhead lighting is sometimes not sufficient enough for tasks like shaving or hairstyling. Sconces and pendant lights can be used but in pairs, one on each side of the vanity.

Storage is something most people forget when purchasing a new double sink bathroom vanity. The extra space underneath is ideal for adding more storage. Keep in mind that modern pieces are less bulky and furniture like so they don’t take as much advantage of all that extra space. Traditional pieces are larger and more like furniture so there will be plenty of space underneath. A bathroom vanity upgrade should leave your bathroom looking elegant, clean, and less cluttered so a vanity with storage is very wise especially if you need a home for all those extra bathroom supplies.

If you have a multi household, getting double vanities for bathrooms is the best solution to the delays in the mornings. That way two people can share the vanity when they need to brush and do other toiletries (like combing their hair etc) thus speeding up the whole morning rush. Not just in the mornings, choosing double vanities for bathrooms is useful every time you and your family (or household) are in a rush and need to get ready quickly. Additionally they also give increased storage and organization space and improve the look and feel of your bathroom.

So how do you go about choosing double vanities for bathrooms? They come in all varieties and styles so choosing the one that suits your bathroom best would require careful consideration. For example size. Double vanities’ width ranges between 55 inches and 78 inches. Choosing the largest or the smallest vanity may not be the best option always. Hence, the first thing you would need to do is take a measure of your bathroom and decide how large a vanity it can accommodate. Keep some room for moving about. You should not let the bathroom look too cluttered either.

Then you have to choose your style. You could get old fashioned or contemporary double vanities for bathrooms. Each has its own pluses and minuses. Old fashioned, antique, and rustic vanities would add old world charm to your bathrooms making them look warm and cozy. They would be usually bulkier and more decorative than your contemporary styles. Modern vanities would have sharp and clear features and would make your bathroom look uncluttered. Keep in mind that the style of your vanity should match that of your bathroom, unless you are completely remodeling your bathroom.

You have to then select the material for the vanity tops. You would find double vanities for bathrooms in materials as wide ranging as concrete (granite, marble et al), wood, metal, glass and ceramic. Concrete is heavy and may be susceptible to get wet and mildew and hence needs to be well maintained. Wood also has the same problem. However, both could go with contemporary styles as well as old styles. Metal and glass scratch easily but are otherwise durable. They are also more lightweight, especially metal. Ceramic is very durable but will have a hard time being contemporary.

You could browse around the net or go to local showrooms to shop for double vanities for bathrooms. You might find greater variety online. Just remember to read the full description since sometimes vanities do not come with the sinks and the faucets. Find out what is included and then make a decision.

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