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Grey Vanity Bathroom

Bathroom Wall Mirrors – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall which is the Fairest of You All?

Grey Vanity Bathroom. Bathroom wall mirrors are another home item that has changed from being a purely utilitarian personal grooming tool into a high fashion addition to your bathroom design ideas. I’ve chosen a selection of some of the latest style trends to show you what’s new:

This very exciting new bathroom wall mirror is designed for a highly contemporary room. It’s the Halogen Lighted Bathroom Hard-Wire mirror which you can buy from Lamps Plus online. It’s a large frameless mirror with eight halogen lights in two columns of four on each side of the mirror. The lights are embedded in the mirror and are flush with the surface which gives it an ultra-modern yet attractive appearance. With halogen bulbs you always get a very bright, white light and this mirror is ideal for shaving and applying make-up. The mirror is 23-1/2″ wide. You can buy this super bathroom mirror online and it costs $334.91 from Lamps Plus.

Another contemporary mirror which would fit in with any bathroom curtain style is the Oval Bathroom Wall Mirror from CoolBathrooms online. It is frameless with a beveled edge and the fittings are polished chrome. The mirror is fixed at a distance of 3″ from the wall and this allows you to tilt it to give you different viewing angles. The height is 29″ and the width is 21″ for the mirror plus 2″ for the chrome fittings. This elegant bathroom wall mirror costs $109.99.

Next is the petite and pretty Manhattan Oval Silver mirror. The frame is covered in silver leaf and the delicate oval shape of the mirror makes it look feminine and dainty. This mirror would match well with a small patterned old-style bathroom curtain fabric in cool colors to complement the silver frame. The dimensions are 31″ x 21″ x 1″ and you can buy the Manhattan Oval Silver bathroom wall mirror for $147 dollars from Irawoods online.

If you prefer something more lively in your bathroom design, how about some dolphins leaping about on your wall? The Leaping Dolphins Ocean Scene bathroom wall mirror comes from Mayaswholesale store on eBay. It’s a medium sized round mirror with hand-painted scene of dolphins leaping from the sea and generally having a good time playing together. This is the type of thing that both animal lovers and children enjoy having in their bathroom design and the happy expressions of the dolphins will always bring a smile to your face. It’s also very easy to buy bathroom shower curtains which also feature jumping dolphins to complete the ocean theme. The frame colors are blue and grey shades and the price for this charming bathroom wall mirror is $23.85.

If you already have some items from the Nicholas Westport Bay collection in your bathroom you can now finish off the look with a bathroom mirror to match. However, just by hanging this luxurious-looking mirror in your bathroom you’ll completely upgrade the whole look. This elegant mirror has a square wood frame with a rich cherry color and will be easy to match with your bathroom curtains. The dimensions are 26″ wide x 38″ height and you can buy this very attractive bathroom wall mirror from Sear’s online at the price of $294.58 reduced from the list price of $396.69, which is really a very good deal!

If your idea of a comfortable bathroom design includes a return to the luxury of the past, then you’ll love this Antique Vanity bathroom wall mirror from Home & Office online. It has a solid wood frame decorated with hand carving and the finish is a warm shade called Antique Cherry. It’s a very English Victorian style piece of furniture and will make a beautiful contribution to the overall quality and style of your room. The online price is $329 discounted from the list price of $509.

If you already have bathroom curtains and shower curtains that you love and just want to jazz things up a little. I’m sure that you’ll find the perfect bathroom wall mirror online to provide a useful and stylish enhancement to your own personal style!

Upgrade your bathroom by replacing the sink with a vanity. You may ask yourself, “But don’t they do the same thing?” Yes and no. Although both fixtures are equipped with a basin, a bathroom vanity has additional features and offers your space more convenience. Each vanity is equipped with a wooden cabinet below, often containing one shelf, a stone top, and a sink basin. Some sets, as well, have a matching mirror. Because bathrooms come in all sizes, so do vanities. A larger vanity, in most cases, provides more counter space or is designed with two sinks.

A bathroom vanity goes beyond a practical use and becomes a stylish piece for your space. As several styles are possible, you can find one that blends in with your existing décor. The wood cabinet and stone top have several style possibilities. Designed out of hardwood, the wooden cabinet can have a dark or light finish, with shades ranging from espresso to honey, or for an antique look, the cabinets may be painted white.

The stone, real or synthetic, may blend in or contrast with the finish of the wood. Granite and marble are two popular options, but while granite is consistently a dark color, marble ranges from white with light gray veins to patchwork, with a mottled grey and brown appearance. A white wooden cabinet and a light marble top, for example, give the vanity a uniform appearance. Pairing the white marble with espresso-finished wood gives a sharp contrast.

Aside from a unique appearance, a bathroom vanity is also a practical piece for your space. The wooden cabinet gives your bathroom more storage area. If the space is not equipped with a closet, store towels, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other items inside. Additionally, vanities are designed with one or two sinks. Double sink vanities are particularly helpful for a single-bathroom living space for three or more people.

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