Magnificent Guest Bathroom Ideas 41 With Additional Designing Home Inspiration with Guest Bathroom Ideas

Guest Bathroom Ideas

Some great hotels are still being developed around the world. From treetop hideaways to underwater hotels, new properties are indeed pushing the boundaries of what a common hotel experience must feel like. Experts emphasized though that no matter how hotels innovate, there are basic requirements that all properties must meet in order for experiences to become welcoming and comforting to guests.

8 Things A Hotel Must Offer

Cleanliness – Hotels must uphold the highest cleanliness standards. They must offer clean public spaces, amenities, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Although it is a crucial initiative, recycling must not result to poor hygiene.

Safety and Security – For most, a hotel is like a home away from home. It is for this reason that such property must provide personalized safety and security measures for various guest profiles like children, women, and the elderly. Technology will certainly play a very important role in giving better safety. Still, there are some guests that prefer human touch.

Comfortable beds – This must be a place for rest and relaxation; thus, beds must be of great quality, well-maintained, clean, and well-designed. Also, it needs to be well-positioned in the room in order to allow proper circulation.

Internet – Today, Internet service becomes a must, most especially for business hotels. They must offer the highest possible level of connectivity and flexibility. Free WiFi is a great idea.

Bathroom Plumbing – Hot water will certainly be of no use when it is just trickling down. Improper water flow from the toilet and sink is a definite burden and inconvenience to guests. Of course, guests must expect to have proper and continuous hot running water in the shower, no leaks, and flowing water in the toilet and sink.

Proper Lighting – This is often a huge issue in hotels as some do not offer ample lighting in bathrooms or bedrooms. Experts highly emphasized that improved lighting will serve to enhance the guestroom experience. Also, this will provide a great sense of security.

Aroma – The smell of the property will definitely have a huge impact on the first impressions of the guests. In fact, this can greatly influence the guest’s perception of the cleanliness and quality of the property.


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