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Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom. Having guests in your home is a wonderful tradition this time of year, but can also create some anxiety as you prepare your home to accommodate them. When loved ones are visiting, one certainty is that your guest bathroom will be put to the test. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, working on a bathroom may be the last thing on your mind, but you can make your guest bathroom more inviting for guests with a few simple organization and decor updates.

Whether guests will be using a bathroom in the main living area, or their own dedicated bathroom near a guest bedroom, there are a couple of guest bathroom basics to keep in mind. One is the first impression guests will receive upon entering the bathroom, and the other is the accessibility of bathroom essentials.

Even without an expensive bathroom remodel, a few simple updates can make your bathroom look great. Creating a color scheme with a limited number of colors that carry throughout the bathroom creates a cohesive look. In a small space such as a bathroom, this can be accomplished with simple changes such as paint, hand towels and a rug. Accessories such as candles, wall art and any added storage that carries the same color scheme will make your bathroom look and feel inviting.

To ensure that the bathroom feels welcoming, of course it will need to be clean, but you may also want to consider the fragrance that fills the room. Give your guest bathroom a fresh aroma with a simple flower in a vase, a festive bowl of potpourri, candles or air freshener. Just be sure that the scent is not overwhelming, and be aware of the safety of the product you use for children if they will be using the room.

In a guest bathroom, making sure guests have easy access to anything they may need is important. Use simple organization tools to keep essentials accessible without adding clutter to the room. A decorative basket beside or on the back of the toilet creates storage for extra rolls of toilet tissue and keeps it visible and available to guests. Another option is a free standing toilet paper rod that holds extra rolls.

Having extra hand towels handy is also important in a guest bathroom. Decorative shelves such as box shadow shelves affixed to the wall create storage for rolled hand towels that doubles as stylish decor. Or, you may neatly organize hand towels in a basket with other bathroom essentials on the counter for a spa like impression. If guests are staying overnight, you may also want to make bath towels, shower toiletries, toothpaste and dental floss available.

With a few simple storage and decor updates, you can ensure your guest bathroom is inviting and functional while you enjoy spending time with your loved ones this holiday season!

Is it time to renovate your guest bathroom? Before doing anything else, you should decide on what to do about the bathroom paint. Is the bathroom inside of the guest bedroom, or is it off a hall outside of the guest bedroom? The reason for this question is that the location of the guest bathroom is a determining factor in how the room is decorated.

If the guest bathroom is located within the bedroom, then you need to extend the decoration theme of the bedroom into the bathroom. At least the themes should complement the theme of the bedroom.

If the guest bedroom has green walls, and its bathroom has white fixtures, then you could go with a lighter or darker shade of green for the guest bathroom paint. Another option would be to paint the walls a neutral color, and decorate the room with green linens, and possibly plants on the vanity, or hanging from the ceiling.

If the guest bathroom is off the hall outside the guest bedroom, it’s not as essential that the guest bathroom paint complement the colors of the guest bedroom. You wouldn’t want to go to a radically different color, but the color needn’t be exactly the same as the bedroom color.

If the hallway is a neutral color, then almost any color would work. The important thing is that the bathroom should be a comfortable color for both men and women. Green, blue, and some shades of yellow work quite well in this regard. If your fixtures are white and chrome, teal would make a nice color.

Usually, the bathroom used for guests is a smaller bathroom than other bathrooms in the house. Darker colors make the room seem even smaller, so it is better to go with lighter, neutral guest bathroom paint.

Yellow, gold, and tan are nice neutral colors. Of course you also need to consider the color of the floor. It’s probably better to stay away from brown, which is kind of boring.

It’s important to use colors that work together, but yet make a relaxing, delightful environment. Chose a selection of colors that you, as the host, will enjoy, but that are comfortable for both male and female guests. That way everyone should be happy. Enjoy!

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