Awesome High End Bathroom 29 In Home Remodel Ideas with High End Bathroom

High End Bathroom

Decorating your own bathroom can be very rewarding as well as enjoyable. It is suggested that you take time to look at bathroom designs in magazines that have bathroom decor for ideas. Also, take notes and make a list of the items necessary to establish your own personalized design.

How to Choose Fabrics and Towels

One way to give your bathroom a high-end look is to spruce up the fabrics and decorative towels that are displayed. By choosing a constant pattern and/or a matching solid color for window curtains, shower curtains, as well as on the display towels, a very polished, custom look can be achieved. Layered shower curtains with multiple panels create a warm atmosphere and can be either draped or tied back. Also, instead of the usual cover for the toilet seat, a cover that matches the other fabric in the bathroom makes a unique accent. Ornamental and bejeweled clasps also add a touch of elegance to curtain ties and shower curtain ties.

How to Choose Vanities and Cabinets

The choice of the vanity and cabinets can change the whole atmosphere of the bathroom. It can be ultra-modern or distressed and rustic. Depending on your own personal tastes, the same style should be throughout the space. Eclectic items should blend well with one another even though they reflect different styles.

The amount of needed storage should also be considered when choosing a vanity and/or cabinet. 
Cabinets should match or blend well with the chosen vanity.

How to Choose Wall Treatments and Color

The wall color or tile color should blend well with all the accompanying fabrics.

Pictures displayed on the walls of the bathroom are very complimentary for more traditional bathrooms. The more modern styles are usually best accompanied by wall treatments with clean lines and geometric in style: such as wall sculpture.

If the ceiling is low in the bathroom, painting it white or a lighter color will open up the space and make it appear larger. If the ceiling is high, painting it the same color as the walls will not make the bathroom seem smaller.

Bathrooms used to be designed primarily for functionality and need. Designers used space saving techniques to allow extra room in other more frequented parts of the home like the kitchen and living areas. However, today the market demands a bathroom that is a spacious spa like retreat for the homeowner. People want their bathroom to compete with a four star hotel, which is why the details and fixtures are getting more and more extravagant. Innovative manufacturers are designing cutting edge appliances and fixtures we’ve only dreamed of until now. Completing a bathroom remodel has become just as popular as a kitchen remodel. In order to create a luxurious get away you must choose a generous floor plan, top of line appliances and high end fixtures for your bathroom.

The one high end item you will use daily in your bathroom, is the sink. The entire vanity area is functional, yet important part of the room. Vessel sinks are the premiere choice for a high end bathroom. They are available in many classic options including stone, copper, glass, wood and even conventional porcelain. Since you are increasing the quality of the items you install, you must also confirm that your plumber is using top of the line plumbing supplies to compliment those items.

Once you determine the specifics of the major pieces in your bathroom, you can focus on the finishing touches, like fixtures that will make the room complete. Every single fixture or accessory from the towel rack to the bath faucets should be a well thought decision. Paying attention to these details while you are in the planning process will give your bathroom an unmistakable sense of sophistication. Think about when you will spend the most time in the space. Let your imagination run wild as you consider the endless possibilities when it comes to your bathroom’s fixtures and accessories.

Today you will often find marble or granite counter tops in high end bathrooms, which adds elegance to the space. Custom sink and bath faucets can be ordered with granite or marble levers to match your counter top material, design and color. Drawer pulls and cabinet handles are also another area you can coordinate your counter top choice in other areas. Decorative fixtures that show your personal style will make you smile each time you admire them. Pulling together these accessories will continue the rich theme you desire throughout your bathroom.

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