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His And Hers Bathroom Set

His And Hers Bathroom Set. There are so many design techniques you will be able to do throughout the world. We may not all be professional designers but we do have a lot of experience in home decorating. We have a lot of friends coming up asking us how to take his stuff and blend it in with her stuff. You know, this is a really good question and that is why we decided to write an article on it. We know that taking a living room where both a male and female live and blending it all together can be a big task. We are here in order to help you overcome those obstacles.

First of all, are you wondering why you would want to blend the stuff together? Well, as a general rule, pink dots on her side do not go with black, green and orange lines on his side. There are so many designs that could just clash together. For instance, if a male were to move into a female’s apartment and set up his stuff as well, how would this look? Obviously, it would not look too good. With that said, we believe you should read this article further.

Do you see that pink fluffy (or feathery) rug that is sitting on the floor in front of the television set? That may look good in the bathroom, but you have a guy in the house now and we are sure he despises it. Instead of having this rug, you should opt for a more unisex area rug. There are many different unisex area rugs that we know you will enjoy. Just because it is not pink or doesn’t have a sports emblem on it does not mean it is no good.

The truth is that you should never underestimate just how powerful color can be. When you blend in his and her colors, you are definitely going to be replenishing the room. For instance, having brown walls with neutral his/her backdrops is perfect. You could have a black chest (for him) and a white chair that creates that relaxing look (for her).

When it comes to styles, you should not be afraid to mix them too much. Yes, we know you will need to keep a balance, but it is not going to hurt you to mix in some styles. Add in small portions of his and her accessories as you are blending in. As an example, an iron candle stand for him and a white desk for her. You should continue this balance as you are redecorating the house. Some items that work for both sexes include pictures frames, mirrors, plants, books, artwork and even clocks.

If you are working on furniture upholstery that is not the right colors, then you will be able to add sofa slips on it in order to create the right color and design. Believe it or not, if you would like to give that furniture a fresh, new look, adding a slip cover on it will seal the deal.

The hustle and bustle of big city living should be left where it should belong, in the busy New York streets and commercial establishments and not at home. But if you’re early morning routine involves having to deal with traffic jam just to get into the master bath, then it may be high time to consider a bathroom remodeling that aims to accommodate his and hers facilities.

A common problem that most New York City homeowners share is limited space offered by their living units. The master bathroom, most of the time is unable to serve both masters at the same time, forcing couples to make arrangements on how they use the bath. But instead of making do with what it has to offer, why not undertake bathroom remodeling and create it into something perfectly fitting for both yours and your partner’s needs?

When remodeling your New York bathroom for two, the key to maximize space while enhancing functionality is knowing which can be shared and which is better provided for both. To help you create the most comfortable his and her space out of your master bathroom, here are several tips:


As the goal of your bathroom remodeling is to create a haven of comfort for both of you in one shared space, the two of you should have each, a say on styling matters. Colors, tastes, and preferences should be discussed beforehand. Be creative in finding harmony in individual choices like coordinating both your favorite colors. And as much as possible, every decision to be made must be tackled as a couple.


His and her bathroom vanity designs are increasingly becoming popular, especially for use in master bathrooms. In bathroom remodeling, this feature could be your best bet in creating a personal station for each. Other than being a source of appeal, vanities also promote organization. For your New York bath, choose a setup which already integrates built-in storage with the counter space and two sinks. Aside from saving on area, this liberates both of you in terms of keeping your own toiletries and other necessities.

Lights and Mirrors

Light and reflection work hand-in-hand in amplifying space, making any room much more spacious than it seems. For your bathroom remodeling project, choose lighting fixtures offering more brilliance. To maximize your use of natural light without sacrificing your privacy, having your windows with film treatment is a good idea. Other than this purpose, these elements are also most useful when it comes to grooming. When shopping for full length mirrors, look for the pivoting function which allows for adjustment depending on the height of the person looking into it. Another great tip, most useful for prepping up, is to have wall sconces over mirrors instead of overhead lighting to avoid unflattering shadows.

Shower or Tub

As your New York bath is limited in space, instead of having two showers or tubs, a shared one serves as a more intimate option. For either, choose a design that can accommodate two people. To spruce things up and make bathing more enjoyable avail of spa features like multiple spray settings with massaging showerhead or hydrotherapy experience.

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